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  • Actress Ros' bario gangs piece moves from mean streets grim to the sunny beach wedding and back.

    Narration sketches in ruling Godfather Diego's Legion veterans and the blacks and Arabs murdering one another in the streets over dope. The boys rehearse their musical numbers and see young Fern√°ndez' dad in the group singing in the awful sixties film musical at the local picture house. The story takes on shape as Diego figures out that his authority is being challenged and sets up something better than the messy ending which eventuates.

    Striking faced cast don't look like movie actors and the oppressive Bario setting provides atmosphere.

    Molina's unspeaking morgue scene is a considerable set piece.A word for Stylish Quico Noizeux titles panning down from darkness to the menacing streets, with the credits lettered on the asphalt.