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  • In Santiago, Chile, the efficient architect Amanda (Bárbara Mori) finds that her boyfriend Pepe (Felipe Camiroaga) is cheating on her with her friend Fernanda (Paz Bascuñan). Amanda threats them both with a shotgun, but is arrested and loses her job. She travels to Valparaiso and decides to disguise as an ugly woman married with children to earn respect by the men. Amanda is hired by Max (Jaime Azócar) to work at his company with the chauvinist wolf Marcelo (Marcelo Mazzarello); the dedicated but limited family man Guillermo (Rodrigo Muñoz); and the ambitious just graduated architect Karen (Amaya Forch). Soon she proves to be very efficient and decides to give a lesson to Marcelo, seducing him posing as the sexy Helena. Meanwhile Marcelo gets closer to Amanda that becomes his best female friend and adviser. When Helena humiliates Marcelo, he changes his behavior and falls in love with Amanda. And she also falls for him, but she is behind the eight ball with the situation she has created. Meanwhile Karen hits on Marcelo that is emotionally vulnerable.

    "Pretendiendo" is a delightful romantic comedy with a different battle of the sexes. The movie works because of the performance and make-up of the sexy and hot Bárbara Mori. It is impressive the transformation of her characters. Marcelo Mazzarello is a common man and gives more credibility to his character. This is the first movie that I see a movie with Bárbara Mori and I am looking forward to see others. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "O Disfarce" ("The Disguise")
  • I was really impressed by many things in Pretendiendo. First: Barbara Mori's amazing transformation. I know it is not uncommon to see beautiful girls turn into not so beautiful ones with the help of some make up, but turning the real Amanda (Mori) into the not-so-even-gracious-Amanda, had to be quite a challenge. At some point you won't be able to relate the real Amanda with the transformed one. Then you have Marcelo (played by Marcelo Mazzarelo, Mori's counterpart), one would think he is the average casanova, but he's far from that, he's witty, funny, he has the best lines, and also the weirdest (and funniest) relationship theories, he keeps on making you laugh all through the movie. This movie offers talent: breathtaking Chilean landscapes in every take, great acting, great jokes, great direction and Barbara Mori "as you never seen her before".
  • urlilricanpapi2 February 2006
    wow this is a really nice movie....I'm Puerto Rican and its the first time i like a movie from Chile....i think Barbara Morie its a nice actress and hot woman...i like the way she acts ..shes so professional...and i hope she will get to Hollywood soon because shes hot..........i hope u people like this movie''pretending''because its really good and funny. i can imagine that....Barbara in a movie with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.....the 3 evil womens,

    anyone can watch this movie well some parts are for adults but its okay because almost the whole movie contents funny parts.

    Barbara its really cute and some people think shes just pretty but shes not just pretty.shes hot..cute..talent....
  • This great film stars two Latin American legends (Barbara Mori and Marcelo Mazzarello) and tells the story of a woman who seeks to be loved for her inner beauty. Mori's performance is especially captivating in her dual role as heartthrob and ugly duckling... the makeup is subtle, it's her acting which completely separates the two personas.

    Though it's got the makings of a typical American comedy, it's got none of the formulaic trappings. The result is a well written, brilliantly acted debut by Claudio Dabed.

    In a time when many of the films emerging from Latin America are weighed down by our struggles with social and political issues, it's refreshing to watch something that reflects some of our humor as well!
  • JohnSeal17 February 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    This Chilean take on the Ugly Betty meme features professional lingerie model Barbara Mori as Helena, an architect whose beauty and full figure mark her as a constant target for bird-dogging male chauvinist pigs. Tired of the relentless come-ons, Helena ups sticks from Santiago in favor of backwoods Valparaiso, where she disguises herself as plain-jane Amanda. Hired at a new firm on the basis of her skills alone, Amanda befriends colleague Marcelo (Marcelo Mazzarello), who proceeds to pour his heart out to his ugly duckling platonic gal pal. Will true love blossom on the drafting tables — or will things take a turn for the awkward should Marcelo discover boring Amanda is actually glamorous Helena? Pretendiendo ultimately can't break out of the strictures of the rom-com genre, but it makes a good effort, and is worth watching for the two leads, who both deliver excellent performances. It's now mooted for an English language remake-beware!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a shame to see Barbara Mori, one of Mexico's hottest new stars (even if she is not Mexican) to be in a very bad movie, like "Pretendiendo" (Pretending). The story is lame, and you can't believe what your eyes are seeing. Very bad cinematography and even worst direction. I know that is the first job as a director for Claudio Dabed, but everyone involved in this awful movie should be ashamed. Barbara is a very beautiful girl and in the parts of the movie where she represents "the girl everybody wants" she does not look pretty, because of the very bad cinematography. The leading man it's supposed to be a handsome guy, but this one wasn't. A very bad choice for everyone who worked in this project.
  • sarahecapone17 May 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, I hope this isn't the standard for South American romantic comedies. Amanda goes after her boyfriend and best friend with a shotgun for cheating and then ties her "love interest" to a bed in drag, threatens to cut off his man bits, and then calls the local reporters. Oh, then she gets the guy. Because apparently men like women who got off the deep end and try to maim them.

    There's simply no saving this movie. At least not from this girl's perspective. The leading lady is very beautiful and the transformation is less recognizable than most Hollywood movies but this is pretty bad. The leading guy really wasn't all that cute either. Maybe that's a matter of taste but some eye candy would have redeemed the film slightly.