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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hello!! I think that the commentary above is in certain way very amusing but the spoilers are not really spoilers. They just warn against certain type of humor that US residents may not understand. I wont give a description of what i think it's a spoiler. I don't want to argue so peace, it's just an opinion. Here you got some things i'm sure you didn't know about Alejo y Valentina:

    • "El viejo del baston" (old man with the stick)is virgin but he actually maintains relationships with "la vieja" in the fifth chapter(who is also a virgin).Therefore from this point forwards both of them are no more virgin.

    -If you look well in the second chapter (MC KING) the guy of MC king picks up crap from the cows to make the burgers this is probably a critic to MC DONALDS and it's hamburgers supposed to bring dangerous diseases for the people who eat them.

    -if you pay attention, in the main page below the menu section it's the guy of back to the future doing strange things if you click it you will enter to a secret section called "delitos" (crimes) where "el loco" (alejandro syzkula)names one by one all the jokes he stole from other people and that he put into "alejo y Valentina"'S chapters.

    Hope you enjoyed it be well

    *no smoking*
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, let me warn you I have been an Alejo y Valentina fan for a long time, so this comment is fully partial. Alejo y Valentina, as stated in the plot summary, is a series of flash animated chapters of crazy, absurd events dealing with a young couple living in Buenos Aires. This animated story will parody several movies like "Back to the future", "The Matrix", "Star Wars", "Independence Day", "It" in such an absurd and comical way you will literally fall of your chair from laughter. (There are so many movie references that it's impossible for me to drip them all in here). Unfortunately, no English subtitles are still available for this Flash Animated series, so you need to sharpen your Spanish understanding capabilities or, such as my case, live in a Spanish speaking country. It creator, Alejandro Szykula, have repeatedly stated he never took any flash animation courses and he has mostly done everything just by himself (including most of the voice impersonations and characterizations). Taking this into account, I would say this is a very impressive work to be done for almost only one person. It's humor is so absurd that I'll need give you some examples of what you would be able to see just for you to get an idea. (SPOILERS COMING)

    1) One of the main characters is always able to "float" at will (Carlitos) 2) The main characters always have sexual relations with their clothes on. The reason for it lies in them learning to do it watching a sex scene on TV where people were on the shower, so they thought they where naked just because of that. 3) There's is a 70 year old very horny virgin guy as one of the main characters (El Viejo) 4) Buildings tend to explode all of a sudden to finish chapters quickly. 5) When the main characters speak, they always seem to be just about to have a seizure.

    It's creator has recently signed contract with MTV Latin America, so we can hope to see a lot more about this overwhelmingly funny piece of work in the nearest future. Be prepared for Alejo y Valentina to take over MTV's Audience.
  • Una Serie Bastante Entretenida para Sacarte unas Buenas Carcajadas
  • Having started in the early 2000s as an internet flash-animated short series as one of its author's hobbies, Alejo y Valentina not only became a huge influence in Latin American internet youth culture. Some of its absurd random humor is still in the collective unconscious generation's mind. When MTV and the show's creator, Alejandro Szykula signed for seasons of exclusive all new episodes, Alejo y Valentina was not so less popular than it later became. Spanish is a must since it hasn't been translated to other languages, and it has lots of Argentinian culture related puns and jokes too. It is some sort of Happy Tree Friends meets Don Hertzfeld's "Rejected" with some sort of early South Parkish aesthetics. Totally worth watching.
  • dillan995 February 2015
    I discovered this series when one day I decided to watch MTV. I decided to stay, since it looked quiet interesting, and ironically, a couple of minutes had passed and nothing interesting happened. I watched this for a couple of weeks, so I could form myself an opinion, and had stopped since. The plot in "Alejo y Valentina" is the following: a couple and their friends live crazy adventures. It is a pretty basic plot, and it actually may work, but there is a problem, the story only moves because of the jokes, there is no rhyme or reason for the events, they just happen for the sake of trying to create laughter.

    The characters in this show are the following: a dumb one, a fat guy, an old perverted man, a magic guy (kind of), a grumpy one, an useless main character, and the girlfriend of the main character. They become annoying and uninteresting as time passes. Also, each one has its own catchphrase (that loses all "charm" and "comedic value" at the first 20 times they say it in a single chapter).

    The animation is sloppy and bad (probably on purpose), and you can see that each chapter can easily be finished in a single hour (probably exaggerating, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case), the voice acting is pretty annoying, but good considering that a single guy voices almost all the characters, and there is almost no music at all; so this show also fails in the presentation department.

    Well, since this is a comedy show, how do the author or authors try to make their audience laugh? Here is the answer: Toilet humor, dirty joke, intentional sloppy animation, annoying voice acting, and epic random events(xDDD) that only an edgy 10 year old kid would found laughable. That's the main problem I have with "Alejo y Valentina", it's not funny. The show tries so hard to make itself so epic and random, that it forgets to be funny. The jokes are cringeworhty, the catchphrases are annoying, everything sucks, etc. Just because it makes no sense doesn't mean it has to be funny.

    It is sad to think that someone actually makes money out of this poorly made product that any beginner could make. I would not recommend this show to anyone, only if you are an underage trying to show some edge.