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  • manny7558623 January 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show was awful on SO many levels. The characters were all bland clichés or offensive stereotypes (the gay friend)

    ::Poss Spoiler::

    Resorting to the "voice mail that they shouldn't have left and trying to stop them before they get it" plot in the first show was just embarrassing.

    That is to say nothing of the sub-after school special production values.

    In short, this show died a much deserved death. Heather Graham is too beautiful and too talented to waste either on projects like this.
  • Emily's Reasons Why Not:

    1) Very bad premise 2) Worse writing 3) Director and writer don't seem to understand the concept of what comedy is suppose to be 3 A-Has this person EVER directed comedy before? 4) Got commitment before showing network a script 4 A-What FOOL committed to 6 episodes? 4 B-No sanity check to stop this train wreck before it began 5) Heather Graham isn't able to pull off this comedy thing 6) Rest of cast didn't seem to know what was expected of them

    RESULT: Cancelled after one episode.

    It would be unfair to blame this all on Heather. I'm sure she was well compensated for jumping from film to TV. I think that she just didn't have her heart in this. Of course, as bad as this was (and I think that the producers should release a "Very Special Complete Series" DVD so we can see this continue downhill) there have been worse.

    The networks have lost all grip on how to produce good television and how to recognize what needs to be nurtured and what needs to never happen in the first place.

    Hopefully, someone lost a job over this; we can only hope that a lesson has been learned.
  • wow, this was bad. i can't understand how ms graham's agents did advice her to perform in this poorly written, boring show. not only were all the characters childish and cartoonish but the main character itself was so boring and stupid it really hurt to watch it. please, please cancel this junk fast, at least for ms graham's sake...

    and for all those people who compare it to sex and the city? have you even watch satc? while i'm not a big fan of it, sex and the city is cleverly written, has an edge, meaning and most importantly characters that are more complex than these bubble gum kindergarten of a show called emily's reasons why not (nice title, but awful, really awful show)
  • Too bad SNL still doesn't have David Spade's "Hollywood Minute"--this show is quite deserving of a rib or three...

    (1) "So, 'Emily's Reasons Why Not' Premiered on Monday. Hey, guys, y'know why they made 'Sex in the City'? So that you don't have to. It's called originality; look into it."

    (2) "Let's see: A neurotic professional woman with dating-problems, hung up on her last boyfriend, and constantly sparring with the Asian dragon-lady. I saw that show 10 years ago: it was called 'Ally McBeal'."

    (3) "You'll love this show if you loved "Ally McBeal"-- after it jumped the shark, I mean."


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  • Nglas15 January 2006
    This show may appear to be a rip-off of Sex and the City, but I think there are a lot of differences in the two shows. I think it is fair to call it a mix of Ally McBeal, Will and Grace, and Sex and the City. Heather Graham was born to play this role and it is a great career move, as it moves her away from the sex bombshell she is known for, and brings a more vulnerable light to her. True, her acting is not as cutting edge as Sarah Jessica Parker, but I see great potential, especially with this role. The show is fun, hip, and clever. I think if a little more cattiness is added we may have a great new hit on our hands. Well done, Heather!