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  • ashber-120 November 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    At first I thought this show was going to be another rip off of CSI, the nice thing is, it's not. The lead detective Jack Hale is interesting, to say the least. His Father is a serial killer. As if his life wasn't going good enough in this respect, his partner was murdered by a serial killer Hale failed to catch. A dark show with a talented cast, including Chi McBride, who doesn't fail as the captain who like's and help's his detectives catch the bad guys. Not your Typical cop show, its one I plan on keep watching as long as FOX will play it. With it being on FOX, that means about this season only. Catch it while you can.
  • OK, OK. So every bad thing everyone has written about this show is true. Stock characters, gruesome murders, etc. Criminal Minds treats the same subject with more class and intelligence. But you know what? Still want to watch it. Can't help myself. I know it's bad, conclusions are reached too easily, cops don't dress this well, the boss is so gruffly lovable, blah, blah, blah. I still have a season pass on the tivo. Messner is great. Not many people can pull off such a two dimensional character and make it fun. Can he act? Who knows? Will I weep when it gets canceled? Probably not. But til then, pass the popcorn!
  • Love this show!! OK so it's quite simplistic, some of it is really obvious, but that's what makes it great watching! i can watch and do something else, i don't need to think about how something meant something which related to a bit at the start which i wasn't really watching.

    messner is gravelly voiced (kinda cute), and very funny, the woman is also amusing, and McBride is a great boss.

    its refreshing to have a show that doesn't drown you in main characters (that i can never remember), and the first one where i don't hate a character in it! So disappointed now i hear that fox has cancelled it, to make it up to me could they release season one on DVD?!?!
  • There's a group of Fox TV executives sitting around a boardroom table wondering what new show to commission.

    'How about aiming for something like 24 or The West Wing?' says one of them, but they all agree it would be too expensive, and cheap TV is less likely to harm the station if it flops.

    'Well, how about getting together some great comedy writers and doing a quality sitcom?' offers another and is fired on the spot. 'Don't you know good writers cost lots of money!' the big chief barks. 'That's why we invented reality TV.'

    'We could do yet another crime drama...' suggests a man in a bland suit. 'I'm listening...' the boss replies, suddenly interested. 'People like CSI, so let's do another copy of that,' Blandman adds.

    'But there are already far too many CSI clones out there, what can we do to make ours stand out?' a naive junior enquires and is sacked instantly. 'Stand out! If we do that people may be confused! Let's give them more of what they already like!' the big chief screams.

    'Let's just add more violence and make it really grisly, we are Fox after all,' another suit suggests to a hearty reply of 'now you're getting it', from the big chief. 'We could make them the Deviant Crimes Unit,' he goes on to add, clearly on a roll.

    'By Jove, he's got it!' the big chief laughs, 'and the victims could be beautiful and vulnerable women who wear very little on screen.' 'Well that would certainly distract people from the average acting and poor scripts,' Blandman points out.

    'Then it's settled, we just need a name,' the big chief announces. 'We could call it Sex Cops Violence?'

    'Too literal, how about Killer Instinct…it conveys violence, but sounds a bit like Basic Instinct which had lots of sex.'

    'Puuurfect', the big chief replies and then they all slap each other on the back and go and cancel Arrested Development.
  • Killer Instinct is a really good show filled with a lot of suspense! But I hope this show lasts long even though FOX put the show on a tough night which is Friday. But I think this show might do well since some of the writers are the same writers who did some of the popular CSI shows! Killer Instinct is a bizarre, edge to your seat, thrilling cop show that centers around Detective Jack Hale (Johnny Messner) of the S.F.P.D's deviant crime unit. Hale has chosen to be on the front line of the city's toughest division after taking a hiatus from the force following the death of his partner, whom he had a personal relationship with in the line of duty. Intesnse and Private, Hale is haunted by his own personal demons and fights to save his sanity and career but continues to solve these crimes along with Detective Danielle Carter (Kristen Lehman) and Lt. Matt Cavanaugh (Chi McBride). This show premiered on FOX, September 2005.

    User Rating: 9/10

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know what most of the TV critics are saying about this show. That it's characters are wooden, the murders are too gruesome to be allowed on TV, and the plot is overall boring. But I have two questions for those critics. Why is Killer Instinct still around, months after it premiered? Or why is it improving the FOX Network's Friday night time slot? No need for a reply, I'll answer it for them. The reason is because the SHOW IS ACTUALLY GOOOOOOOD! The basis for the plot centers around a cop named Jack Hale (Johnny Messner), who in the pilot episode returned from a 6-month hiatus, after his partner/lover died at the hands of a mysterious serial killer.

    From there on, Jack battles the most twisted serial killers in San Francisco using the full means of the DCU (Deviant Crimes Unit). Along for the ride, is his NEW partner, Danielle Carter (Kristin Lehman); who unlike most of the cops in the SFPD, she thinks Jack is one the best in the department.

    The only other friend Jack has in the department is Lt. Matt Cavanaugh, played by the superb, Chi Mcbride. Now that all the storyline is out of the way, I can tell you what is good about the show.

    The best part about watching Killer Instinct is JACK, JACK, and more JACK! This is a hero you haven't seen on TV before. Jack doesn't just hate criminals, he despises them. This may be due from the fact that his dad is a Serial Killer.

    In the pilot episode, Jack was trying to catch a killer who murders his victims with poisonous spiders. When Jack finally does find the killer, he plants one of the spiders on him and lets it bite the killer. NOW THAT'S JUST COOL! Finally, a TV hero that isn't afraid to cross the line of right and wrong! Chi McBride is also a great addition to the cast, as he adds a certain gentle, yet hard dramatics to the show. much like he did on Boston Public. Kristin Lehman is smart and OH SO SEXY! Her and Johnny make an impeccable match.

    All and all, I say Killer Instinct is definitely a show that the TV critics missed on. Just look at the facts. A handsome, dark hero, matched with interesting and twisted murder mysteries. What more could you ask for? I mean look at how the show is thriving and improving FOX's Friday night ratings. Just shows how much the TV critics know about what the people like to watch.
  • I got really hooked on this show.........I thought the story line was great. I was just getting friends & family interested in it, when they canceled it. I think this is the best show since CSI started.....It is a completely dark,gruesome, but awesome show....The story line was very great......I wish they would bring it back...........They also could not have done any better with the casting. I actually bought Anacondas just because Johhny Messner was in it. It ended up being awesome too......He is the best looking man on T.V. If they won't bring it back, they should at least bring him back in another "bad-attitude" role like his......
  • dreambig2830 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just found out the show will not be coming back. I don't know if this is a "spoiler" or not because I read it on this site but it sure does spoil things for those of us who really enjoyed the show. I don't think that this show was given enough time to catch on. I do believe that given a chance it will get a good number of viewers to keep it going. It was not "just another cop show". It had a few new twists that are lacking on other shows that are still going strong. The cast worked well together and were believable,the stories fresh and the plot lines not so transparent that you could guess the whole show in the first five minutes (as in most other shows of this genre). I for one will truly miss this show and hope that it is given another chance!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Fox gives us Killer Instinct: a TV show which features some amazing twists we've never seen before: a male lead cop whose Mr. Lone Wolf in the field. The principal, I mean his lieutenant, airs his frustration at him playing cowboy but doesn't really try to reign him in. His hanger-on female partner does her best to give all that she's good for: following on the heels of Alpha Male's footsteps and tailing his car whenever he runs off to be Mr. Lone Wolf and catch the bad guy on his own.

    The pilot showcases a twist we've never seen before: a serial killer who sexually assaults and murders women who are single and live in apartment complexes.

    All in all Killer Instinct is just a few stock characters we've all seen on other more superior cop dramas thrown together by "deviant crimes" which is a cynical euphemism for Low-Budget Special Victim's Unit. In other words, Killer Instinct relies on the eye candy of snuff entertainment in order to hold onto what ratings it needs to stay on life support. Respectable cop shows have always had the common decency not to be so obvious in their glorifying sexual violence and victimization against helpless women, except in November, February and May.

    FOX canceled The Inside: a well-written show about abnormal gruesome crimes featuring a frigid, wooden female replace it with a hackneyed, run-of-the-mill, white bread drama about abnormally gruesome crimes and a glazed-over lead-faced male lead.
  • This show is fantastic it is better than all the CSI put together!!! it was canceled from channel five but it is BACK ON!!!!! YEY on Sundays at 11pm if anyone wants to know. I think Johnny Messner and Kristin Lehmans characters are the perfect match!!but Hale is still coping from the death of his partner but i love the flirting!!!. Well i think it should come out on DVD so all the killer instinct fans can watch it 24/7 which would be really mint my friends arnt really interested which i think sucks!! but me and my mum are. I missed the pilot and forget me not but i have watched the rest and i can watch them over and over again because this show does not get boring and i think everyone thinks so as well well i am off to WATCH IT KNOW!! bye
  • notxman11 December 2005
    The best thing I liked about Killer Instinct was its darkness, and is why I ditched ABC at 8:00PM Friday night. However, Johnny Messner can't act and seems to be too preoccupied about establishing and maintaining some macho image that is more harmful to him than beneficial because it's not's pseudo, false, and whether or not he realizes this the tactic is weighing him down. Nonetheless, Kristen Lehman and Chi McBride seemed to always save the show which is what I found most intriguing because they were just enough of the spice to overlook Messner's flaws; not yet strong enough to be the lead. The important thing about acting is to depict someone other than the celebrity, but the most important aspect of acting is to be comfortable with the camera and/or the audience. I'd welcome the return of the show simply for its darkness, which is indicative of the dark side of reality.
  • I really like the show. The cast is great and I love the chemistry between the characters. Maybe it's just because I'm European, but I think it all goes too fast. Sometimes it's difficult to follow. Instead of making a 60 min episode, why not 90 min or so? I think it's possible, and probably better. They could develop the characters more (Jack Hale, for example, is so interesting, I wish I knew more about him), show more of their private life, and show more of the investigations. The plots are great, but the murder cases seem to be solved in the blink of an eye. It's a good show, but it could have been excellent.
  • I keep telling my self: "It's just an era.. a fashion.. something that will not last forever. Because you know.. God is so merciful.. The most merciful.. and all of those shows will go away soon, and burn in hell!".

    That's simply because the spreading of the forensic medicine's shows like a pestilence, at all the channels, to the extent that every single time I sat to watch any one of them, I found myself ready to throw up, by their horrible scenes, bare violence, and the stupid painful performance!

    What did ever happen to the TV that I know, love and respect?!! In the 1970s, we had a lot of the detective shows, and after that era ended, all the people, mostly the next generation of viewers, said: "HEY, that is corny!". Then in the 1980s, we had the melodramatic soap operas, and after that era ended, another voices said: "HEY, that is corny!". My point is; when will it be the time to witness the end of THAT disgusting era, and had the opportunity to hear by my own ears a lot of people crying: "We had enough.. That became corny.. So corny!". Well, it's coming undoubtedly, and I pray for it.

    All of that fuss comes from that kind of producers who want more money, and the way to have it is by exploiting the success of whatever seems to have the best rating, to milk it like a cow. So you'll have lots of it, even if it repeated itself so many times, along with cloning it also. And so the creativity became poor during the years, with no enthusiasm for something new. Till that dumping, glutting and flooding drain all the good and bad ideas, and all the patience of the viewers too!

    Of course I'm talking about (The X Files) in particular, which had the distinct preeminence, and the huge successes, all over the 1990s, and I really love it. But the producers perverted it utterly. Firstly, by the extension of it, for more than its endurance, since they continued it for 9 seasons which nearly 3 of them were unnecessary. And secondly, they cloned it, in so many forms, using some of its own elements: one devoted male cop, one sincere female cop (not emotionally involved, or that what seems!), one helpful superior, a lot of bizarre horrific crimes, abnormal killers, physical terror and using the forensic medicine to solve the cases. So without the science fiction factor, nor the conspiracy theory, then you'll have (Bones) or (Killer Instinct), because those elements made another, not so far, formula: The forensic show!

    Hence, no wonder when you find half of (Killer Instinct)'s producers worked in (The X Files) before, using the very same elements to attract the audience to watch what's assured and contented for them (as producers!). Therefore, we've got at least a dozen of that kind which became too repulsive to watch, and too boring to stand!

    OH GOD! That was my comment after (Killer Instinct)'s promo. It's another corpses, blood, psycho serial killers, nasty series. But after watching the episodes, I must admit, the writing was above mediocre, and the mysteries were good unlike everything else; such as the acting which was so poor. (Johnny Messner) overacts. Just remember the scene when he met his father! And I think he can be used in the movies trailers, since he has the right VOICE to do such a work. There is no new nothing about (Kristin Lehman) character, so her performance. And as for (Chi McBride), let me tell you, he is doing all of what he already did in (Boston Public), with the very same sad presence, the very same upset face, and the very same baldness (every time I see his bald head, I fight this desire to grow a plant there!).

    And that laughable direction with all the too many sudden zoom-ins, like it's an old movie from Hong Kong or something!, plus that strange opening credits which present the heroes like there are the actual killers!!

    Who's to blame? I believe the producers firstly and mainly. So it's not killer instinct, No my dear friends, it's producer instinct which made such a repeated unoriginal show to have it canceled after 9 episodes. However, the other analogous CRIMES are still on, and THAT instinct is still loose.
  • stefan_tk12 June 2006
    I feel really sorry that this program stopped so suddenly.

    This program is from what everyone else says REALLY awesome and should have kept going, no one ever gave a good explanation to why they think it stopped.

    Lack of class is to me lack of expression from your side "mercutio_41". If you can't tell me what was wrong with it, your comment is quite useless. But since u are still watching it i wont hold grudge against you ;)

    Nevertheless; good show, get it back going and i will keep watching as i did from start.

    Good plot. Interesting characters. From what i understand a lot of people liked the show. why would people go and trash talk such a show..? Oh yeah, a sentence comes to mind; "people with lower than average intellect."
  • chucky4370024 December 2012
    well i really have no idea what kind of show this is. i am just aggravated that Microsoft who even though has purchased rareware. can not make a addition to one of there many classics. even though the name of the game has been heard of unlike this apparently horrible show has not. Microsoft's only hold back is this shows name killer instinct. If you ask me this show should not have even been named this if it has nothing to do with the original concept of killer instinct. the copyright of the name should be forfeit once again since the show is no longer in production. and considering that i never even heard of it. Microsoft should not have the problems that they are having to create a addition in the killer instinct video game series.