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  • I have just finished the second episode of "Ghost Whisperer," and I felt compelled to leave a comment. This is the best television show of the new season. Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) own an antique shop, has recently gotten married, and deals with everyday stress. But unlike anyone else, she has the ability to help ghosts finish their unfinished business and cross over to the other side. The first episode started off as horror, with some extremely disturbing visuals. But it turned into one of the most emotional stories I have ever watched, and the second episode follows in that tradition. I am a guy, and most people think that either this is a chick flick, or a teen horror show, but that's not the case. This drama shows that you should never take things for granted and that you should always do the best you can do! Because you never know if tomorrow will come. There are some people who don't believe in ghosts, and some that do. Either way, this show deserves a chance because it makes the phenomenon believable with convincing performances and story lines.

    I am glad to see "Ghost Whisperer" performed well in it's deathly time slot on a Friday night, and hope that it will continue. Jennifer Love Hewitt has always been one of my favorite actresses, but on this she really outdoes herself, playing a character more her age. She is all at once funny, sad, empathetic, scared, happy, angry, and peaceful all in a 45 minute range. She's really outdone herself with this show, and hopefully it will make people respect her as an actress even more than they already do. Please, no matter what you believe in, give this show a chance. It is worth the while!!
  • I liked Ghost Whisperer. I don't know how long it will last, but who can tell nowadays. (I figured Joan of Arcadia for a seven year run.)

    At least Jennifer Love Hewitt is back and she's not reprising Party of Five this time. She's chasing ghosts, which allows her to do everything she does well except sing. (She has a great voice. Started out singing in Texas at age 3. Maybe she'll meet a singing ghost somewhere along the way.)

    So it's Ghost Whisperer on CBS versus Medium on NBC and that may rankle Medium fans but Medium is on a different night and seems to be slowing down this season. I always tape Medium because it usually puts me to sleep in the last half-hour, despite the admirable talents of Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber and their wonderful TV kids Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark.

    It isn't Jennifer Love Hewitt versus Patricia Arquette in any case. These two actresses are as different as night and day in look, style and approach. Both total pros and completely capable of leading a series.

    I didn't like the Medium rip-off scene where a prophetic nightmare wakes Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in bed with her husband (David Conrad), but once you get past the obvious similarities GW goes way beyond Medium. Melinda doesn't depend on dreams. She sees ghosts everywhere, all the time. (The bedroom in Medium is that show's main set.)

    Ghost Whisperer is no Dead Zone and it's not jumping on the post-X-Files backlash bandwagon like Supernatural either. It's more Touched By An Angel (a similarity that Dead Zone exec producer Michael Piller specifically instructs his writers to avoid.)

    The Ghost Whisperer pilot did center entirely on Hewitt, but it's her show, after all. I wondered if they cut stuff out for time. References to what her husband does for a living were rather obviously thrown in as voiceovers until they briefly discussed his day as a paramedic, rather than showing him in action somewhere in the beginning to establish him.

    I liked that producer Hewitt pulled in character actors Eddie Jones (ex-Pa Kent from Lois & Clark, the Invisible Man's boss, etc) and Jon Polito and also Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break) as guest stars. (And was that June Lockhart as Melinda's grandma? Sure looked like her.) Wentworth Miller reminds me so much of Steve McQueen that I'm hooked on Prison Break, despite the limited nature of that plot line. And the scene where guest Balthazar Getty (as Michael Adams) told Melinda off was terrific.

    Anyway, there's no denying that Hewitt is beautiful and maturing as an actress. She has a great, expressive face. (I admit that the whole show could be shot in close ups and I'd probably still like it.) Modern former child actors like Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seth Green knock me out because they always seem to know exactly what they're doing. They don't just stand around waiting while other actors deliver their lines. They're always "on".

    But Hewitt is more than just a pretty face. (She could have been a Charmed One after Shannen Doherty left, but turned down the role.) I say let's see what happens with Ghost Whisperer. It may just be the surprise hit of the season.
  • Clifford045 December 2006
    I was a bit worried at first if Jennifer Love Hewitt could pull this off, not that she isn't gorgeous and talented, but the occult has an inherent mushy quality. Gladly I can say that my apprehensions turned to dust. She does pull it off, and the scripting is excellent and varied enough – although the medium will regularly encounter and save a ghost, which sets the form fairly rigidly. Despite this I find that a lot of work has gone into varying the simple theme, the acting is good and the supporting cast is up to standard and especially, 'Love' manages to impart humane qualities without appearing too soft or weak. Some fun also with her mother-in-law. Entertaining and sometimes moving and thought-provoking series. What do we do with our lives? I should also add that the photography is up to movie standards, not uncommon in these days (vide: Lost), but a sign that those are right who claim that TV is where it is happening. We need at least 5 seasons of this and hopefully more.
  • newage-master27 September 2005
    I loved it. I thought it was a great show. It was fun, exciting, and even touching. The way Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) would help those in need of answers from beyond the grave was one of the kindest things someone could do especially with her skill. The acting was believable and well maintained. And who can forget the cool outfits of the characters? I don't know why some people hated the opening credits so much. I'll admit the the theme song isn't the best but I thought that the presentation and the pictures were pretty cool too. I really hope this one doesn't get canceled I'd like to see what happens next in Melinda Gordon's life. I can't wait to see the next episode. I'll be tuning in.
  • If you want an edgy show on mediums, then watch Medium. Not that this show isn't edgy, instead I feel it fulfills a separate niche in the TV world - it's almost like comfort food. Ghost Whisperer completely surprised me. I thought it was going to be some dopey show that would be shown in reruns on Lifetime (ironically enough, they show reruns of Medium on Lifetime). Out of boredom one day I turned it on and was pleasantly delighted! Like I said before, it's not super edgy but it's cute, it's interesting, Jennifer Love Hewitt is very likable and her husband Jim is hot, to say the least. It keeps you interesting without layering on the sap. I even enjoy the small town and I am a complete city girl. Bottom line: it's one of those shows that you can curl up with a mug of tea or hot chocolate and a blanket and watch almost anytime - seriously it's like comfort food.
  • ALDP5725 September 2005
    The Ghost Whisperer is a really good show that has the potential to be great. The storyline for the pilot was very compelling and touching. I have watched Medium, but I prefer THe Ghost Whisperer primarily because of the fact that GW deals more with helping earthbound souls find their way to the other side and not about solving crimes. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a joy to watch and the rest of the cast seems to be well suited to their roles. The only problem I had was some of the dialog seemed too campy and a little rough around the edges, but that is common with pilots. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this one.
  • BuffySoprano25 September 2005
    I am not a sappy person, nor do i like chick flicks.

    Let me tell you, I REALLY liked this show. I cried 3 times from the touching scenes. Not TOUCHING scenes, emotional ones...what were you thinking? Give it a chance...J. Love is a decent actress who has had some stinker movies, but we've all got to pay the bills. Ladies, if ANYTHING watch it for the husband...

    I was surprised to see Aisha Tyler in this show, and for the tiny amount of time she was in it, I thought she was very good.

    The pilot was a little shallow in that they wanted to give you as much information as possible, but some areas need to be fleshed out. Give it a chance.
  • idbuyit226 November 2006
    For anyone who has ever lost a love one and wants to believe they went to a better place. This show helps us do that. Week after week. I laugh, I cry and most of all I feel better after watching it. Its definitely a must see. And don't get me started on David Conrad/Jim Clancy. Talk about sexy! The chemistry between he and J. Love is perfect! The kind of relationship we all want. Then there's the wardrobes and the jewelry! This is the first time I've actually purchased an entire first season and I have watched them over and over again. It's that good! I see something new every time. And then there's the plot twists you never see coming.
  • I have always enjoyed this type of story and have read and watched many of them. Ghost Whisperer has to be one of the best I've seen yet. Other than the news, I watch only two or three shows on TV. One of those is Medium which I thought was very good until Ghost Whisperer came on. Jennifer Hewitt is a pretty women but for me, her acting overshadows her beauty. In fact, all the acting is above the norm for TV. I hope that the writer will focus on David Conrad and Aisha Tyler to give them a chance to show their skills as well. Both play excellent supporting rolls and I suspect could enhance the show with a little more presence. With Medium, I'm disappointed with the rude kids, complaining husband and crybaby wife. The idea of the show is good but I don't expect it to last long because of the characters. Ghost Whisperer, on the other hand has everything going for it. May it live long and prosper!
  • I used to LOVE this show and i geniunly miss it. It was one of a kind and I enjoyed the aspect of her communicating with the dead. As a fan of horror grown up i always rmbr this show as one that i adored from the characters to the story. I wish it had gone on for longer!
  • Tigger_Trouble50125 November 2006
    Ghost Whisperer is an amazing show! To me, this is one of my favorite shows, along with CSI. Each episode is really good and it keeps me on the edge of my seat before each commercial, it leaves me wondering what it going to happen when the commericals are over. They are awesome and Jennifer is perfect for the role of Melinda. The plot of the show is really cool, because it's about someone that can talk to the dead, and most of us wish that we could talk to the dead, this show is awesome and there is no other way to describe it. If you love CSI and shows like that, then you'll love this show too!! I can't wait until Friday nights to sit down and put the fireplace on and watch ghost whisperer.
  • As an actual mystic, who has had a lot of these types of experiences, I have to say that this is the best show of it's kind and it is the most emotionally honest and truthful. I like "Medium" too, but Arquette is always so snotty. Believe me, people would stop listening to her damned quickly if she went around with that attitude in real life. "Medium" never moves me on the same emotional level as "the Ghost Whisperer" does.

    Hewitt is emotionally honest and very accurate to the behavior of a real mystic. Real mysticism has very little to do with ego, and Hewitt's humble and caring character is exactly the sort of person that she would need to be in order to speak to people on this deep of an emotional level.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    poor writing, terrible acting, and the pursuit of a paycheck, all you need to do is tune into this Jennifer Love Hewitt show called Ghost Whisperer (or Breast Whisperer by the people who know the show relies on Hewitt's only reliable quality).

    Watching earlier episodes, the show was more like 'Touched by an Angel' with Melinda Gordon working as a medium (Oops, the show's producers probably wouldn't want to hear that word or else viewers will quickly recognize a similar show had aired before Ghost Whisperer on NBC). As opposed to Medium, Hewitt, as well as the producers, were quick to differentiate their show as being a more positive look at the Earth bound spirits who simply needed to relay messages back to living ones. That premise lasted for less than a season before the show turned into a haunting Friday night scream fest. Probably a result of lazy creativity and the outright contempt for audience intelligence, the writers proceeded to change the show's theme into a darker setting. Now dealing with more dangerous plots, NBC's Medium producers can now watch Ghost Whisperer confident that their story lines have been lifted by CBS.

    In contrast to the frightening new plots, Jennifer Love Hewitt playing an overly cutie pie Melinda Gordon. Filled with obnoxious giggling and frequent cleavage displays, Hewitt's character dances, stalks, and meddles around her town searching for answers to ghosts, only to conveniently stumble on information between costume changes. Melinda Gordon must be a 'Rainbow over Texas' portrayal of Hewitt herself. How can a newlywed couple exist in real life, one a new small business owner and the other a EMT, with two brand new cars, their own well-furnished home and a closet with more clothes than a Sears warehouse? In addition, they seemingly needed to dumb down every other character in the cast to make Hewitt's character seem smarter. The husband is a emasculated doormat and her friend Delia chose to gave up her career to work in Melinda's antique store. Plus, Jay Mohr's character was originally a sceptic professor who begins to belief and take part in Melinda's adventures. Something tells me James Van Praagh (the show's lead inspiration) requested a character to zing real life sceptics who have read through his scamming. Also, why has it taken more than three seasons for Melinda Gordon supposed secret abilities got out? Finally, has anyone else noticed a major change with the Earth bound spirits? Early on the ghosts were mostly powerless and good-natured, gaining the attention of the living requiring Melinda to act as a third-party. However, as the show continued, ghosts become unlimitedly powerful and surprisingly bad tempered for no honest reason.

    This show is following the structure of the horror films they release weekly into theatres. Implant an overload of screaming and fright in hopes that the viewers will not take time to consider the logic of the storyline. Of course Ghost Whisperer is fictional but fiction needs to be plausible to its own world. In many cases, the Simpsons make about as much sense as Ghost Whisperer.
  • branners-15 December 2007
    I am convinced this show is about Jennifer Love Hewitt trying to set a record for the number of costume changes per TV episode. This seems like a Teenage Barbie version of Medium.

    I have seen a few episodes and that was my lot. Each show runs to the same formula which is...

    Strange going on, Wardrobe change, Scene in her shop, Wardrobe change Mortal peril, Wardrobe change, Husband's advice, Wardrobe change, Wardrobe change, Using the internet to find something, Wardrobe change, Get ghost to walk into the light, Wardrobe change, Tears well up in eyes, Wardrobe change

    Please take this off the screen and replace it with 60 minutes of staring at Cat vomit if need be.
  • How can this show be appreciated?

    I bought the first season to see if it was nice, but after only a few episodes, I was pretty sure it wasn't!

    Every episode is the same:

    1) You can see me? 2) Fix my stuff! 3) Bye bye into the light.

    And that's it.

    Personally I think series where you can skip 5 episodes and not miss anything are a little stupid. Except if they are meant to be funny, like Friends, you could watch any episode without any prior knowledge of any plot and still find it funny. But if the series is not meant to be funny sit-com style, there has to be a story going through episodes and seasons that you can remember and relate to.

    I agree that Jennifer is a pretty girl but that's all the positive information I can give about this series. The location is always the same old boring town, the co-actors are like high-school-play-actors like that co-worker in the antique shop and basically every 'ghost' in the episodes is like lost on camera. I have no idea why a pilot of this series would evolve into a season act. Maybe it's just because Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a semi-transparent night gown now and then and that makes the guys out there want to watch it. I can think of no other reason to watch this production of boredom.
  • My family has watched every episode of Ghost Whisperer. Since the show first aired.......until this season. It is just getting more and more bizarre.

    The first season was great. The second season less great. It was already a little over the top. The third? A REAL STINKER.

    I guess we can start going out for dinner on Friday nights again. We will just make sure we get home in time for Moonlight.

    I just erased all our TIVO'd Ghost Whisperer episodes, except the pilot, because the show has been absolutely ruined.

    We just want nothing to do with it anymore, ever. It's an insult to the audience.
  • Nice series with original idea by John Gray (creator) (107 episodes, 2005-2010) . It deals with Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt who produced some of the episodes and played 107) is a newlywed to a paramedic (David Conrad) who overcomes skepticism , as she inherited a special "gift" : the ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits from his mother (Anne Archer) , and she was coached in its use by her granny. Meanwhile , she is running an antique store helped by Andrea Marino (Aisha Tyler) , Melinda's shop is called "Same As It Never Was" , in a small town . Subsequently , Melinda and his husband have a son named Aidan, who is also sensitive to the paranormal. ¡ The dead are talking...and she is listening ¡ . ¡ In order for me to tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs ¡ . I don't have to love you... I choose to... ¡

    This is an enjoyable supernatural drama , plenty of emotion , thrills , human relationships and sensitive moments . Concerning about provoking issues of the recently deceased people and adding the important messages to the living and to allow the dead to pass on to the other side . Jennifer Love Hewitt gives a sensitive and sympathetic acting as the antiques seller who has the ability to see as well as talk with the spirits of dead people and she helps the ghosts wandering around who are trapped between worlds by helping them to resolve unfulfilled aspects of their previous existences .She is newly married to a paramedic well played by David Conrad who provides an agreeable interpretation . World-renowned psychic James Van Praagh served as a consultant during some episodes . The show is filmed entirely on the Universal Studios back lot in Hollywood. The town square is the same central place that was used in the Back to the Future trilogy by Robert Zemeckis , as well as other TV series as Gilmore Girls (2000), Pretty Little Liars (2010), Heart of Dixie (2011) and The Dukes of Hazzard (1979).

    Other regular actors appearing in this wonderful series are the following ones : Camryn Manheim as Delia Banks (84 episodes, 2006-2010) , Christoph Sanders as Ned Banks (49 episodes, 2008-2010) , Jamie Kennedy as Professor Eli James (45 episodes, 2008-2010) , Jay Mohr as Professor Rick Payne (33 episodes, 2006-2008) and Aisha Tyler . After 23 episodes , Aisha Tyler's decision to leave the show, due to doing multiple projects . Both Aisha and Jennifer Love Hewitt have starred as FBI profilers on Criminal Minds . Furthermore , several guest stars as Giancarlo Esposito and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad , Sisters Alexa PenaVega and Makenzie Vega ,Kyle Howard, Bruce Davison , Corin Memec , Marco Sanchez , Michael Landes , Michael O'Keefe , Robert LaSardo , Teri Polo , José Zúñiga , Thomas F. Wilson , Christina Baranski , Wendy Phillips , John Seda , Julian Sands , John Polito, Chris Ellis , Sônia Braga , Eugene Byrd , Tom Irwin , Dan Lauria , Estella Warren and many others . Being directed by notorious TV filmmakers as Ian Sander (16 episodes, 2005-2010) , Eric Laneuville (15 episodes, 2005-2010) , John Gray (14 episodes, 2005-2010) Peter Werner, Bill Norton , Kevin Hooks ,John Behring , Mark Rosman , Karen Gaviola , among others . Splendidly created and produced by the prestigious John Gray . He is a writer, director and producer, known for Reckless (2014) White Irish Drinkers (2010), Ghost Whisperer (2005), The Hunley (1999) Martin and Lewis, and Helter Skelter . This Ghost Whisperer has even a Spanish version titled : ¨El Don Del Alba¨with Patricia Montero as Alba Rivas (13 episodes, 2012-2013) , Martiño Rivas and Antonio Hortelano .
  • It's actually -10 (minus 10) !

    Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH) should seek psychiatric help for hers narcissistic ego-trips, instead torturing us. We are simple everyday audience, not shrinks.

    Since she is in love with herself, JLH decided to make this show as a tribute to herself and to her beauty. To accomplish this goal, she even produced and directed certain number of episodes, and probably invested money.

    Well, she certainly didn't invest any talents and acting skills, if she have any at all. Studio didn't invest any writing-directing-producing skills, neither.

    It is completely unwatchable and annoying TV experience! Terribly conceived (Medium knockoff, awful imitation) and executed drama that should suppose to be complex, with lots of characters, scary, etc., but at the end it's a 1D, one woman show.

    Awful one woman show!

    Changing costumes and hairstyles, sleeping with 2 inch long artificial eyelashes ... Oh, God, those eyelashes !!! ... And crying at the end of every episode, while talking to air - priceless! ;-)

    Jennifer, you eventually made a fool of yourself, and all that in a TV show that was suppose to make a glamorous presentation of you, a homage to your beauty and creativity as well as to your taste in fashion - what a cruel way to fail.
  • And so it ends, and what an ending. Melinda must deal with a veritable army of ghost children haunting the local hospital. The series finale was a shameless knockoff of the SILENT HILL movie, but for a G-rated show oriented to female viewers, it still worked. In its prime, GW was must-see TV. Some episodes were scary, some were creepy and some were downright weepy. For the most part, they worked. The show took a wrong turn, however, when Melinda's husband dies and is immediately resurrected in another man's body (what was that all about, a salary dispute, perhaps?). Then Jay Mohr as Melinda's college prof buddy left the show and was replaced by Jamie Kennedy, Hewitt's beau at the time. He was a poor substitute for Mohr, and the show then went from bad to worse with the introduction of a child actor playing Melinda's son. If you stick to the first two or three seasons, you will see GW at its best.
  • chris-3651824 June 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mildly entertaining. It definitely did not need 5 seasons, two would have been plenty. Crying in a show works for dramatic purposes but when you do it all the time then when it's needed for emphasis it doesn't work. She cries on every episode... sometimes more than once. So in the situations like when her husband dies or her son goes missing those are supposed to be very dramatic points but we are so used to her tears that it left a little to be desired. And whining... that grates on my nerves like nails on a chalk board does to some people. She didn't whine a whole lot but when she did it was very annoying.

    Then there were a few inconsistencies (or things that lacked explanation) in the show. One of the biggest is the situation regarding her husband when he stole the other guy's body. Here you have a body that has taken on sufficient damage enough to kill the guy but yet another soul can just move into his body? Is it too damaged for the original soul to move back in? Why could Jim not move back into his original body, if that's the case? Then, since he was a thief, they still used his original face throughout the rest of the show to throw the fans off that that was not Jim's body even though EVERY SINGLE PERSON supposedly saw the other guy's face. How about keeping it real and using the other guy since it is his body that was stolen.

    And Melinda the hypocrite. She tells everyone that they must move on because it isn't right for them to stay... well, except when it comes to her own relationship. How about she tell people, "look, you gotta move on or seal some guy's dead body like my husband did." At least give them the option like she and Jim took.

    Overall, the show was not bad but it wasn't really good either. I would say if 5 is average then this show would get a 4 - 4.5 rating. I am impressed at how easily Hewitt can cry on the spot. That's hard to do. If they could have toned down her crying to maybe once or twice a season it would have bumped my rating of the show up probably a whole additional point. It's like as if I ended every sentence on this review with an exclamation point. After a while it would probably go unnoticed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the first season, then the second was alright, the third was just stupid, the fourth awful, and the last, just painful.

    And what's with her clothes?! It looks like she walks around the town in lingerie! Even in front of her kid! She's been covered up once. Maybe.

    And, when they killed Jim and put his soul inside some ugly dudes body was completely pointless. They always use Jim for her husband still, anyways, so clearly they didn't do that because they couldn't keep the actor on the show. They just... wanted to be stupid I guess? Sorry if this review is confusing. So is the show! This could have been an amazing show that could still be going, had they been better writers.
  • galipopo23 November 2012
    As a movie translator, this is by far the most trashy series I've ever had to deal with. I could write a script like that with my left foot while playing Tetris in the middle of the drum'n'bass jam session. I would only watch this show if I wanted to make fun of all the mistakes they make.

    Boy, where do I start? The script writers and, I guess, nobody else, would check simple math, so the child that was conceived at the same time that the firm was started, ends up a year older than the firm itself (they added 9 months of pregnancy to his age instead of subtracting them). The guy that got himself in trouble blames and haunts his best friend and his family, and still gets sympathy. What the hell? The mother gets behind the wheel with her college student daughter in the car, knowing that she has brain cancer, blacks out and eventually gets them both killed; doesn't express remorse afterwards. The list goes on and on.

    The characters are shallow, their actions during the episode are not always connected to and justified by their story we find out at the end. No one besides Melinda herself are capable of making logical conclusions and are only revolving around her like planets around the sun. And our good old Melinda sleeps in full makeup, wakes up with perfect hairdo, fries pancakes in her pretty sparkling attire and mysteriously changing clothes 3 times a day (if you see a white dress on her - it means she is about to help a ghost cross over. *My personal observation). Who does that in real life?

    Stuff like that is not food for your brain, the viewer can't build a logical chain and deduct the truth from the given clues, because there is always another unpredictable vision at the end that turns tables around and the bad guys turn out to be the good guys and visa versa. It gets old, people! If you see someone evil at the beginning - he is sure to be a saint at the end, although he suffocates people, breaks stuff and is accompanied by sharp evil tunes all along the episode. If we are to watch TV, let's go back to Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and the Discovery Channel!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    GW suffered from what all one-premise series do: the eventual exhaustion of script ideas. The first two seasons were excellent, and even going into the third the writers and producers tried, by building on previous stories. But once it was necessary to bring in supernatural adversaries, a whole underground town, the death of the husband, the departure of the professor, quality could not be maintained.

    In short, the premise of a ghost-seer who helps the dead leave earth, gave way to more and more outlandish plots; episodes which even the protagonist's magnificent cleavage could not save.

    I'd endeavor to watch up to the "Bloody Mary" episode, and then pretty much forget about the rest.
  • I could not watch more than five minutes of this Medium KNOCKOFF. It sucks and Jennifer Love Hewitt does not even compare to the talent of Patricia Arquette.

    Further more I think one season is enough please don't waste the airwaves. Say for instance, you read a book. You love this book, but alas you are done and must go buy another. Would anybody like a book that is just the same only the story line sucks and the characters are blasé about all the major events that are happening around them? I did not think so. Would you not feel your time money and energy is wasted? I think my five minutes is time well better spent writing this. Awards Won...Nominations! Why?
  • RuthAkien14 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers dreadful. After seeing some adverts that made the show look fun and interesting, i gladly tuned in; Big mistake. The writing is predictable and 1D. Ghosts always just want to move on, none of them are angry or confused about what's happened. None of them provide any kind of moral dilemma to the main characters e.g. in the second episode i saw (yes i did give it another try- never again) JLH's husband (through negligence) causes the death of a criminal, after grieving for the guy for most of the episode he finds out the guy was actually criminal and MIGHT have posed a threat to his ex-wife. Having learnt this everything is miraculously fine for him. No worry about his negligence (or any possible future mistakes he might make). No worry about anyone who might have loved the person whose death he caused; kids, mother, brothers etc Would he have been able to forgive his own negligence so easily if the person who died had been a young child? His attitude seemed to be that some people deserve to die.

    This is an example of what is so wrong with this show; answers that are too neat and unimaginative.
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