Barney: Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro-I'm Broda!

Barney: It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary!

Barney: Haaaaave you met Ted?

Barney: It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

Ted: So, who are we picking up?

Barney: I dunno... her? Or maybe her...

Ted: Wait, so when you said we were going to pick someone up at the airport, you meant we were going to *pick someone up* at the airport?

Barney: Yeah...

Ted: You're kidding!

Barney: False!

Barney: Suit up!

Barney: Ted, tonight we're gonna go out. We're gonna meet some ladies, it's gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five!

[slaps cell-phone]

Barney: You didn't phone-five, did you?


Barney: I know when you don't phone-five Ted.

Lily: [Lily sees Barney hitting on Claudia] Oh, hell. No!

[grabs Barney by the ear and yanks him away from Claudia]

Lily: Claudia is getting married tomorrow and so help me God if I catch you even so much as breathing the same air as her I will take those peanuts you're trying to pass off as testicles and I will squeeze them so hard until your eyes pop out and then I'll feed them to you like grapes.

Barney: [confused] Wait... my eyes? Or my testicles?

Lily: [pause, thinks about it] One of each!

[repeated line]

Barney: Challenge accepted!

Ted: I'm gonna do what that guy couldn't, I'm gonna take the plunge... Well, I guess that's not a perfect metaphor since... for me it's falling in love and for him it's... death.

Barney: Actually, that is a perfect metaphor.

[repeated line]

Ranjit: Hello!

Marshall: I'm not a gay pirate, I have sex with my parrot all the time!

[there is an awkward silence]

Marshall: OK, that came out wrong.

Ted: You're not... Moby, are you?

Not Moby: Who?

Ted: The recording artist, Moby.

Not Moby: Oh, no.

Ted: Then why, when we said "Hey, Moby" did you come over here?

Not Moby: Oh, I thought you said Tony.

Ted: So your name's Tony?

Not Moby: No.

Barney: It's going to be legendary!

Ted: Don't say that! You're too liberal with the word "legendary".

[flashback to Barney standing at Ted's door in snow gear with a shovel]

Barney: We're building an igloo in Central Park! It's going to be legendary! Snow-suit up!

Barney: Moist.

[repeated during Barney's play to get back at Lily]

Barney: Ted, your problem is all you do is think, think, think. I'm teaching you how to do, do, do.

Marshall: Doo-doo!


Barney: [chuckles] Totally.

Marshall: I think we're going to wait on the baby thing. I mean I love babies. Babies rule. Pudgy arms and stuff. But, uh, they make you old. Kinda like this anchor weighing you down to one spot... forever.

Claire: I'm three months pregnant.

Marshall: [surprised] Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we don't let it be awkward.

[nervously smiles, then walks away]

[repeated line]

Ted: [whenever Marshall and Lily talk about having sex] Please don't.

[repeated line]

Lily: You son of a bitch!

Ted: Hey Barney, see that girl?

Barney: Ohhh yeah, you just know she likes it dirty!

Ted: Can we maybe scoop stuffing for a while?

Barney: You wanna scoop stuffing on your first day?

[sarcastically makes phone with his hands and holds it to his ear]

Barney: Hello, NFL, can I be quarterback next Sunday?

Lily: Hey, nice shirt, Ted. Is it yesterday already?

[repeated line throughout season 9]

Barney: Ring bear

Robin Scherbatsky: Ring bear-er

Barney: What's that? Self five? Nice! We out!

[repeated line]

Marshall: Lawyered!

[repeated line throughout season 9]

Lily: [Being handed a drink at the Farhampton Inn] Thank you, Linus.

Lily: You're playing hockey. With a basketball... and tennis rackets?

Marshall: It's BaskIceball, the greatest game ever. We invented it. it's Awesome!

Lily: Wait, BaskIceball? shouldn't it be Iceketball?

Marvin Eriksen Sr.: Ice... Ket... ball? that just sounds weird.

Marcus Eriksen: The game is BaskIceball. And I'm the best.

Lily: Well, maybe that's just cause you haven't seen *me* play.

[Lily throws the basketball to Marcus who throws it back to Marshall]

Marshall: Well, it's not exactly a sport for girls.

Lily: Well, that's funny cause your brother throws like a girl!

[Lily throws the ball back to Marcus]

Lily: [Marcus throws the ball hard and hits Lily in the face]

Barney: What's that left hand? Right hand suck? Word!

Ted: At least someone appreciates the fact that I am doing and not thinking.


Ted: And now, I don't think I won't not go to the bathroom.

[repeated line]

Ranjit: Pulling over

Barney: Elbert "Ickey" Woods, the Bengals were fools to cut you in '91. Your 1,525 rushing yards and 27 touchdowns will not be forgotten. So, Coach Dave Shula, screw you and your crappy steakhouse!

Barney: Was that chick at the end really a client?

Barney: True Story!

Barney: i request the highest of five!