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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hello everyone! I have to say that I really really love the series! Especially, I love the couple Barney-Robin so bad! I learnt a lot from the gang and I really love them. I cried with them, I laughed with them, spend every moment with them. Really, I cried a lot when Marshall's Dad died, and when Tracy died, I was broken :( and I had a quite tough day after. I used to think that the season ninth may be the season that I like the most, but turned out, I was wrong @@ The moment Robin said: "We got divorced" made me cry :(( I don't know if I'm a sensitive person, but I cried a lot. And then when Ted stood under Robin's apartment, holding the f**king blue French horn...I was totally speechless. I spent a whole day after cursing the directors, I really did that -.- All I can say is that I was totally disappointed by the end of the series. But after all, we can't forget the contain just because of the ending. So I decided to see the episode 22 is the end, or at least the last five minutes were just pretending. Anyway, thanks for reading this!
  • I love this show!! It's one of the best sitcoms on the air and one of the best CBS shows!!! I disagree with the other comment - Barney is the best character. He's the funniest person on the show. I love how the entire ensemble has chemistry together!! It actually feels like they're friends in real life. And I don't think they need new writers, they just need to grow a little more. This show gets better with time. I laugh so hard with the show that my sides hurt every time I watch. I recommend this show to anyone that has a great sense of humor and wants to laugh until their sides hurt. I hope that this show has a long run on the air.
  • I've enjoyed the first few episodes of this post "Friends" comedy. It really captures some of the humorous albeit awkward situations that late twenty-somethings are finding themselves in these days.

    Alyson Hannigan once again presents her hilarious, quirky sense of style and humor. Along with her boyfriend, Marshall, they are an excellent representation of the couple who are trying to figure out an identity in the "not still partying like college kids, but trying not to be all grown up" stage of life.

    The lead character, Ted, provides great entertainment. Audiences will be drawn in by his sensitivity and likability. He's not desperate to get married, but merely ready to find the One, tired of game playing.

    Overall, I think this is a half-hour well spent. The humor is edgy, unpredictable, and you will find yourself reminiscing about those first few years after you graduated from college and struggled to find yourself out in the "Real World."
  • I don't know if I have enough to say to fill up ten lines. I basically wanted to say that I think this is a funny show, and I hope the network keeps it. I especially like the twists and sense of mystery.

    I've liked Alyson Hannigan for quite a while, and I think she's doing a great job in the first adult role I've seen her in (I can't believe she's already 31). I also think Doogie, I mean Neil Patrick Harris, plays his character really well. If you haven't seen him in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", you should. Josh Radnor also does a very good job in his first leading role.

    I agree that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I think this show has a lot of elements that make a good series: good plot, good writing, good acting, and attractive cast). I think previous series like "Friends" have raised the bar very high for new sitcoms, but I hope that even if a series isn't destined to become the next "Friends," it can still be recognized as a good and worthwhile sitcom.
  • emilyswope27 October 2005
    Watched the show, thought "Hm, I haven't decided if it'll stay or not". But then the next day, my husband and I are quoting it and want to watch it again.

    We try again the next week, again with the quoting. I haven't watched a show where there are lines that stick with me like this for a very long time. The show wouldn't be anywhere without "Barney", but somehow none of its faults matter because I enjoy it just too darn much. Every episode there's a new line, haven't been disappointed so far, hoping it continues and gets even better.

    I mean come on, with lines like: "Suit up!" "Phone Five!" "Not awkward guys, its only awkward if we make it awkward"

    And the numerous variations of "suit up" are a hoot "Snow suit up!" "Flight suit up" I gotta say, I just enjoy it.

    There isn't great philosophy, it has a laugh track, but I don't miss it and end up watching the episode a couple times because its the only things worth watching sometimes.
  • How I Met Your Mother is so worth watching! What great characters and amazing writing! This show is a Hit! Finally something to tune in to on Monday nights. Not since Friends have the characters on a sit com bonded like this. I love that there are 3 guys and 2 girls..The writing is fresh and in control and productive.....I particularly enjoy the Ted with the shirt episode - what a unique story line and all the characters just seem to work so well together. I love the added suspense of "who is Ted going to end up with". The character of Ted does an amazing job! He has such a cuteness and innocence about him that makes the whole premise of "How I Met Your Mother" really work and keeps the audience so tuned in to find out what is going to happen next! You have accumulated such a great staff of writers!!! Amazing new show! Our office is taking turns staging Monday night soirees to watch! This premise really works! Keep us the good work! Keep Monday night TV rolling along! Yeah!! Hilarious!
  • What can I say about this show? The cast is awesome. The writers rock. The show is great. My favorite character is Barney. He is probably the main person I watch the show for. He is funny and brings a certain "something' to TV that it needs. It is totally the best new comedy in awhile. While it does have a laugh track - it isn't needed. Bob Sagget is right at home on this show playing the Dad. I think it is very fitting for him to be playing that role. The rest of the cast is great also. The guy who plays Ted is great at being the 'every day' guy and Marshall and his soon to be wife, Lilly are perfect together. As for Robin, well she is Robin and there is nothing wrong with her. I think everyone on this show including the regular cab driver are great. This show has everything and I hope everyone gives it a chance. I love it. It is legendary. Till next week Barney.
  • Excellent series to waste some time. Perfect for the romantic souls! The story is about five friends and their love adventures, mixed up with tons of funny stories. Ted is a lonely guy, who wants to make a family, but the girl he loves does not want a serious relationship and keeps cutting off his attempts to win her heart. Marshal and Lilly are Ted's best friends they are together for 9 years and are planning a wedding with all the consequences coming from that. Barny is the Casanova of the company. He's funny and arrogant in a very humouristic way. The director's method's are different and will keep your attention in these cute series.
  • gidget2347 November 2005
    When "How I Met Your Mother" first appeared on the small screen, I refused to watch it. But then I watched an episode (I think it was Episode 5 when they went to a club) and a thought it was pretty funny. I must admit that the new show isn't laugh-out-loud, slap-your-knee HILARIOUS...but it has potential to be great! Every character in the CBS show (5 in total) are likable but I must give extra kudos to the characters played by Alyson Hannigan (Lily), and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney). I may be biased towards my liking of Alyson Hannigan's Lily (due to her previous comedic roles: American Pie Series, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but she brings a charm and charismatic flair to the show. Also Neil Patrick Harris' Barney is GREAT!!! He basically plays a creep which I'm sure everyone is familiar with (because I know I sure am!). I find Barney hilarious!!! He IS that creepy guy at the club but that's what makes him lovable.

    All in all this show has potential! As long as the stories, acting and writing keep up then I am definitely going to tune in! I think once people start getting to know the characters better, they'll start tuning in as well. Everyone always compares this show to "Friends" which didn't really get popular until after the first season. Hopefully, this show will continue to be funny and exceed our expectations. But WATCH IT!
  • nametaken2711 November 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    well. if you just look at the title, its most likely you would think its some crappy show that will probably be cancelled the first season for being extremely lame and incredibly boring. honestly, i felt this way about this show when i saw what it was going to be called.."How I Met Your Mother". Come on. thats what most people would expect.

    well, if people gave it a chance, its actually a really cute and hilarious sitcom about the main character Ted pondering on his love life and looking for "the one". Josh Radnor I've never heard of before, but i really do like his humor in the show. it's a strange kind of humor to me though, almost dry humor. The supporting characters give great comedy to the show, esp. Neil Patrick Harris' character Barney. (who's my favorite character in the show). Man, his character cracked me up in the pilot. I laughed continuously when everyone kept on dismissing his ideal of them all wearing suits. Its great that Doogie finally comes back to television in a great new series. Their are other great characters i feel give great comedy to the show such as the couple Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segal) who make a great team. They have those romantic, but hilarious scenes together where you have those laugh out loud moments. Then you finally have Robin (Cobie Smulders) who is seen as "the one" at first, but turns out to not actually be Ted's future wife. She has her funny moments, but i don't really see her as funny as the rest of the characters.

    Thats basically what people need to know about this show. Most of the actors we have never heard of and haven't seen in movies or shows in awhile, but this is great stardom for them. It's a great show for everyone to watch for it has great comedy and writing to it. It's nothing really what i expected though when i saw the previews for the pilot. Just give this show a chance, you won't be disappointed. It def. has a potential to last some more seasons.
  • I don't have much in the way of a review other than to say that based on the pilot, I think this show has a lot of potential to be a really good show. The cast is funny and endearing and the premise is fun. It might not be the most original idea for the show (think Wonder Years) but it has it's own little twist that should make for some interesting episodes. Hopefully next weeks episode will be just as watchable and entertaining. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend that you do. Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris are the perfect complements to the show. The rest of the cast is somewhat unfamiliar to me though I must admit. I recall seeing Jason Segel in Freaks and Geeks, but I haven't really seen him in anything as impressive since so hopefully he'll bring the same originality he showed as Nick to his new character, Marshall. Josh Radnor is the newcomer in the bunch and he is just perfect for the part. He's cute yet dorky, with a lovable charm that will certainly endear him to many female viewers. I see only good things on the horizon for this show and I hope it finds a permanent home at CBS.
  • This review will fall into two pieces, inspired by the latest 2 episodes ( seriously guys, what the f... is going on with the musical bits and ridiculous rhyming).

    Until season 5, somewhere mid-season 6: some of the best comedy I have ever seen. Hilarious, right on the spot, with great one-liners and characters. Absolutely wonderful.

    Anything after that: what the f... went wrong? Lame jokes, terrible musical bits, awful dialogue, just plain awful TV. And yet somehow, I am still watching, just to see the last episode. Com' on guys, this should have finished 3-4 seasons ago: on your epic legendary peakness.

    Thanks for all the wonderful laughs, but wow, you really overstayed your stay!!
  • Don't get me wrong, I do love sitcoms. I love Frasier, I love Friends, I love Cheers, I love Black Adder, I love Last of the Summer Wine(mostly) and I love Fawlty Towers. But I just can't get into How I Met your Mother. At first it was alright, there were some good ideas, some of the situations were at least fun. But as the show has progressed, in my personal opinion it is running out of ideas and it feels more dull and laboured by the minute. I do like the production values, and there is one good character Barney, wonderfully played by Neil Patrick Harris. The other characters I don't care for, in general I find them stupid and unlikeable, while the writing and jokes are forced and predictable now that the show lacks a good pace and freshness and some of the situations are not at all funny, more inane if anything. The acting also feels forced and over-compensated, as if the actors know their characters and writing are lacking and they're trying to make it work. Harris in my opinion is the one exception who doesn't suffer, that's because he's that good an actor, he has had some bad material but he always gives his all to elevate it. All in all, I do like sitcoms and comedies when they're good, but How I Met Your Mother is an example of one I can't get into. 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How can I say it respectfully? hmm.... It's disgustingly boring and insultingly illogical.

    I admit that season 1 and 2 were extremely well made. Maybe it is the reason why I am now extremely disappointed. The writers only uses tricks of "sudden turns of events" to generate funny moments. Having watched many episodes of this show, all I see is that characters constantly changing their beliefs, decisions, and actions back and forth without any logical reasons: we two must break up, no, we must get back together, no, that's just impulse, we should still break up, no, that's true love, we must get back together, no, it's true love because we wanted it to be, we should break up......

    The show is not making too much sense now. The five figures in the show don't have consistent characters any more. You can not ask such questions: "how could this person possibly do such a thing?" Because you won't have any logical answers. Maybe this is exactly what American shows are about: like fast food, you don't need to enjoy it, just swallow what is given to you. Sometimes, you stop and think "wait a minute, this doesn't make sense, doesn't XX just did something exactly the opposite a minute ago?" No, you can't. The writers just throw to you another contradictory joke and you are moving on.

    I feel deeply insulted watching the show. I feel that the writers assume that audience never think deeper than the superficial meaning of the jokes while watching shows, which is not true.

    Deeply disappointed.
  • One of the greatest mysteries of this universe is How this show got sooo popular. People who love this show act as if F.R.I.E.N.D.S never existed. This show is a terrible rip-off of 'FRIENDS' and I am insulting FRIENDS by comparing HIMYM with it. I mean c'mon.... the jokes are predictable and lame, the situations are kiddish, the characters live in a world of their own,the story NEVER seems to move on, they give stupid names to each and everything, the way 7-year olds do... (eg. Lets pull out the 'mosby', I've won the 'three way belt' etc. etc.) I've watched each and every episode of the show till date and have not laughed even once, smiled maybe but never laughed... whereas in shows like there Big Bang Theory, Friends, Seinfeld... I fall off my chair laughing at least once even if it is the nth time i am watching the episode....

    The only good thing about the show is Barney aka Neil Patrick Harris, probably the only reason I did watch every episode... otherwise the show is totally LAME....

    I give it 1/10 only because of him.
  • Yikes this show is bad. It is a true testament to how far our society has fallen when How I Met Your Mother, 2 1/2 Men, and 2 broke girls are considered funny. The laugh track sitcom died when Seinfeld, everybody loves Raymond, and king of queens left television. Now all writing revolves around childish sexual innuendos. It caters to today's retarded generation of teenage boys and girls; that is the same group who believe that Dane Cook is hysterical. Sitcoms belong to the funny stand up comedian, not Neil Patrick Harris, Ashton Kutcher, and that ugly girl from the 40 year old virgin. Other genres of comedy have been taking over. Parks and Recreation is the funniest show on TV by far. Those comedies are alive and well; however, the laugh track sitcom is dead.
  • nardo_9512 September 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    When i first heard of this show i was like "hmm, this could be interesting" , but no, it sucks. I first saw it in my girlfriends house, and thought "wow, this is actually pretty entertaining" but then i began to think about the jokes, the characters... and the only thing that came into my mind was "Friends". "OMG, this is a copy of friends!!!" i thought, and i was right, it's the exact same thing, the jokes the scenario the characters attitude and their friendship, it's all there!! Now tell me, why would they make a reboot of the 90's show? Because it sells, so why watch it? Just to prove my point i made a list of things that we have seen in "Friends" and that are similar in "How i met your mother" :

    MacLaren's Pub / Central Perk.

    Monica & Chandler/Lily & Marshall

    Rachel & Ross date / Robin & Ted date

    Rachel & Joey date / Robin&Barney date

    Joey's a womanizer / Barney is a womanizer.

    Barney and Phoebe don't know who their dad is. Both have been lied by their mother/grandmother respectively.

    Ross & Ted both end up as professors.

    Emily didn't want Rachel to be around Ross / Stella with Robin..

    And the list goes on...

    So that's that, "How i met you're mother" is like a show made for kids, it has stupid/childish jokes, it has loving/clichéd characters, and it has a moral in the end of every episode, to give us that worm feeling that everything is going to be alright... Man this show is the basic form of a US comedy, it always has been this way, and it will stay this way until people realize that sh*t like this is boring, repetitive and simple has hell, kinda like pop music these days, but that's another story...
  • I had heard from several people that this show was "amazing," "funny," and any number of other wonderful adjectives. So, why had I never heard of it? It has been running since 2005 after all, and this is 7 years later. Well, Netflix supplied the answer with 5 episodes of the most recycled, predictable garbage I have ever seen on television. I didn't laugh a single time, accurately predicting almost every encounter in the first few seconds and staring at the screen in baffled wonderment. How is this show popular?! This show is essentially THE prime example of our American pursuit of laziness. We don't dare watch a show that challenges our thinking or is interesting in any way, we just want to watch the same crap that has been on TV since the first fart joke debuted.

    I digress... This show was trashy, boring, insulting to the intelligence of a kindergartner, and poorly executed at that. In short, an epic piece of utter trash that I will avoid at all costs in the future. Others are of course entitled to their opinions, but for those unsure if they'd like to take a chance on it, don't! I would sincerely rather watch an infomercial; it would be funnier.
  • Broadcast television has offered some wonderful sitcoms over the years - some of which like I LOVE LUCY, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, MARY TYLER MOORE, TAXI and CHEERS are still in reruns years or decades after their network runs. They are truly classics but HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER definitely is not.

    I see nothing funny going on here. Most amazing to me is that anybody buys openly gay Neil Patrick Harris as a suave, sex-crazed womanizer. GMAB.

    None of the characters is appealing or likable - they're even less appealing than the one dimensional, self-centered bunch on SEINFELD or FRIENDS.

    Complete waste of airtime.
  • I don't know how the show became so popular. I watched only one season and i didn't laugh once. I smiled few times though. ( I watched it only because I downloaded it after hearing about it) The comedy is so childish and felt like they are imposing the comedy on the viewers. The story never moves... There is no life in the characters, and it looks very fictional. Barney is the amateur version of joy in friends, Stella is the worst form of Rachel, the husband (dont even remember his name) is a stone sculpture of Chandler, and Tobby wants to be Ross.. Each characters are based on Friends in its worst form.

    Just watch one episode and please come and rate it in IMDb to have a proper review score.
  • One of most horrible shows of all time. I do not even understand how this show got 8.6 rating. Does not deserve a 5. The characters are totally confused. And how many times Robin will jump from Barney to Ted. Since 7 years the characters have not grown even a single bit. I am bored to death seeing every episode having flashback shots. Marshal and Lily are utterly boring couple (though they are good for each other but such a couple should definitely not be the center characters of a sitcom. Barney's cool character has started to bore me since season 5. and there are so many loopholes and unnecessary twists that I can just - How I met this F***** Up Show.
  • 9 Seasons??? Really??? What a total waste of time... Seriously why does it still air...?? Hell, even "joey" was better than this piece of crap... Actors act like ten year old children in a school play... Dull sceneries... Please tell me whom I have to blame for approving the pilot episode??? A show about a guy who informs his children of how he met their mother by telling them about his irrelevant relationships, long enough to see his own kids going to retirement by the time he finishes his story... Whats the point here...??? - "Hey dad, how did you met our mother???" - "Well... I had about 100 relationships that ended bad but don't worry I ll tell you everything about them..." That lame character is supposed to be an architect when he cant even answer a simple question? Its like asking how many are 2 plus 2 oranges??? And the answer is.... Well... First it was space, then the planets, then... then there were seeds initially, then they grow to trees... and going on and on until his kids die of boredom or lack on food on the same chair. Finally the worst part of all... - Eh, no that wasn't actually what happened... its... , Oh no I don't remember... oh I do now... Or was it the other way around??? Its a really bad copy of FRIENDS without a sign of humor... I do believe and hope that people are smart enough to see that... Please do humanity a favor and stop that thing from airing... PLEASE!!! I am begging you...
  • There was a time when i considered HIMYM as the best ever sitcom..even above friends..but season 7 and now season 8 have proved to be great disappointments. After the dismal season 7 I was hoping the worst was over but here we are in season 8 and things don't seem to be improving. Few things that i have noticed: 1. Most of the stories are in flashback (so that makes the show flashback-in-flashback) 2. Stories have become more and more distant from reality and hence any attempt to induce laughter seems superficial. 3. Characters seem old and droopy. 4. Setup seems overcrowded and overstuffed, specially Lily and Marshall's apartment. It is kinda irritating. What exactly is happening to HIMYM? Honestly I don't care anymore who the mother is!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the beginning this show WAS really entertaining, funny, good jokes and everything was in place. But it turned out like bad friends. I guess they decided to prolong finding "Mother" just because of popularity. Everybody sleeps with everybody and that's normal and they are "friends" after all no matter they slept each other. Seems like only Marshall and Lilly are normal in this. I really hated when Ted decided to leave Victoria because of Robin. Should we abandon our partners because of dumb friends? So immature.

    Also, forced jokes in last two seasons (7/8) are so bad I won't watch this anymore, just the last episode to see who that perfect women is. Shame, it had potential but failed HARD!
  • quargelbrot5 February 2011
    Nothing more to say. Covered by some "cool" characters a puritanic, old-school morale gets transported, and the people like this waste of time.

    It's like "Friends" in the 2010's, but without any message nor any real funny moment.

    If you like this "the real love is beautiful and worth to wait for" soft-washed stuff, do this. But it's material for the people who don't like thinking, sorry.

    Not worth any comparison to intelligent shows like "The Big Bang Theory".
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