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  • At first glance, this show seems like it's going to be just another eye-candy extravaganza. However, it's MUCH more. I haven't missed an episode and I thoroughly enjoy the sidesplitting humor.

    I hadn't seen Busy Philipps before now, and she's quite the humorist and actress! Ms Gomez Preston's quippy brilliance is uncanny. Holly Robinson Peete is awesome as usual. Vince Veiluf's "interpretation of everyman" is really good. This show has plenty of potential - they meet new people constantly and their interoffice encounters are insightful, with many possibilities for depth. So far, they haven't gone with cheap humor and I appreciate that. P.S. Ion Overman?? WOW!! Angels walk on the earth.
  • I love Holly Robinson Peete, and that's what initially attracted me to this show. However, the stand-out characters here are Fran (Reagan Gomez-Preston of "The Parent 'Hood") and Barry (Vince Vieluf).

    I think that the show is pretty funny. Not laugh-out-loud hilarious like its lead-in, "Everybody Hates Chris," but it's pretty good.

    Although I find the laughs entertaining and enjoyable, I wonder where a show like this could possibly go. What can they do to make the show better? Even "The Cosby Show" got better as the years progressed. What will the writers be able to do to keep viewers coming back? You can't just punch-line your way to into the classic series hall of fame. Sure, the punch lines are great, but there has to be more.

    Basically, I like the show (not love, as I do "Everybody Hates Chris"), but I don't think that it has any potential.
  • I can't understand why t.v. execs didn't have patience with this sitcom; it was funny, had it's moments, had some interesting plots (all dealt with dating), and wacky characters.

    This was a different sitcom from many others that came out at the time. The situations to be honest were not "very" creative but at least made us wonder how such a silly job could work in a decadent society. The truth is that dating was something really funny through the eyes of our characters.

    Busy Phillips was very sexy and funny while the rest of the cast was well just fine. The guy who plays Barry is one funny man.

    I don't know if time would gave this sitcom the reason but something for sure is that it was canceled in an unfair mode.

    Still I can recommend it for those who like to watch re.runs. Watch it on American Network and Latinos can watch it on Sony Entertainment Television.
  • pglen11114 October 2005
    This show is awful and the jokes are flat and I really don't see any potential for it progressing. I don't know what's going on with these networks-maybe they need better writers or something, but most of the so called sitcoms on UPN or boring and lack humor. I like Holly Robinson-Pete, but I am just so surprised to see her in something like this. Of course, I hope the show will improve but for now it appears like their is no room for hope. The characters all appear like they don't have " life" they are all just so flat and lack energy. Everybody hates Chris is pretty funny which is a lead for love, inc, however, without it, I don't think it would have survived as long as it did.
  • This show is really funny and truly interesting in terms of the mix of people. They really touch on all kinds of subjects and manage to stay funny without ever being cruel.. I think it's adorable.. and I love Ion Overman and Holly!! Can't wait to see if Busy ever gets a decent date! The writing gets fresher and cuter all the time. "Everyone Loves Chris" is a good lead-in - but this show really appeals to adults too.. and all races and creeds. It's so sad that people don't give new shows a chance to develop. I mean Even the great hits were not perfect the first few months.. they grow on you and "Love, Inc." is really growing on me. i laugh out loud every week, and that almost never happens. cutvelvet
  • Do the writers that conjure up these type of "comedies" have such empty lives that they have to embody them in tragic shows like this?.

    Why the talented and gorgeous Busy Phillips is amongst this trash is beyond me,I cannot stand the Hispanic girl whose accent sounds very fake and is so unfunny and annoying as is the other African-American girl with the shrill voice.

    The jokes are often stupid, the Jewish guy yells a lot and the show never goes anywhere, one particular episode with the solider looking for love was just terrible.

    I don't believe there would be that many working in a looking for love office and only one man? Of course all of the Woman are in tight fitting tops and tons of make up to make up for their lack of talent.

    I actually found Holly funny in her older shows and I have always admired Busy but this show is dumb, empty and had nothing going for it.
  • Network: UPN; Genre: Sitcom; Content Rating: TV-PG (for language and adult content); Perspective: Classic (star range: 1 - 4);

    Seasons Reviewed: 1 season

    To be honest, when I watch a TV show, I certainly don't sit there critiquing the acting, story logic and visual symbolism. What fun would that be? I get a feeling about what I'm watching, and from that feeling comes an effort to describe it and break the show down in ways that others may understand it. I say that because a show like "Love, In." is a train-wreck of such horror it cannot be described in listing of technical failings, but in the general feeling that it injects in you. A great show gives me an inspired, excited, mildly euphoric feeling. "Love, Inc." is a virtually unwatchable mess that sounds like nails on a chalkboard and the feeling: it's more like Morgellon's Disease.

    Loosely plotted, played as loudly and broadly as possible and not the slightest bit funny, the characters of "Love" all work at a dating service where they help the romantically impaired find someone who will have them. Naturally, they can't heal their own hearts In other words, it is just about the most worthless job on the planet. They must have a day job. This can't pay the bills.

    There is no relationship insight here. None of their advice or techniques seems particularly innovative and all of their clients are pathetic misfits with enough of a good heart so we will root for them in the end. "Love" blatantly carries out the TV mandate to put forth the idea that everybody should get together and those that don't are "lonely and miserable". I can't fault "Love" too much for its single-minded almost propaganda-like attitude toward bashing single people, most of TV does it and because single people aren't a politically protected minority group, nobody ever says a word.

    But there is an attempt at audience manipulation going on here that is more insulting than the average sitcom. Holly Robinson Peete stars is the head of the business (down to Earth with her co-workers, but often succumbing to romantic flights of fancy on her own time) and the heart is Busey Phillips as the love-faithful believer. I'm going to give Phillips a pass here because she looks good as a brunette and all "Freaks and Geeks" alumni get a kind of diplomatic immunity for any future TV mis-step. It seems that Peete has staffed the business up with one eye on the quotas and another trying to make her co-workers as obnoxious as possible. From the greasy, goofy white guy (Vince Vieluf) to the loud, feisty Latina (Ion Overman, "The L Word"), nobody shuts up and all have been transparently designed to drag in the largest, multi-cultural demographic as possible. "Love" spreads itself so thin trying to appeal to everybody that the final produce is a completely diluted mess.

    One good idea is the episode titles, which reference other TV shows: from "Arrested Development" to "Bossom Buddies". Since "Love, inc." isn't about TV at all, I'm making a leap to say that this too is a bit of audience manipulation to lure the TV fans into a show that isn't a fraction as clever as the use of the titles. "Love, Inc." isn't worth the time it takes to tell you that it isn't worth your time.

    ½ / 4