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  • This is exactly what UPN needed to breath life into its lineup. Very creative work. With strong marketing, and a decent time slot, this show would quickly establish itself. My DVR is on record! The cast seem well suited for the roles they portray, not sure why guys from Brooklyn didn't have the right accent, but about midway through the first show that didn't matter. I think first shows are always tough, introducing new characters, plots and generating interest. Although I was initially unsure, I became more interested as the plot unraveled. I like the work of Philip Levens on Superman, he has done a masterful job in his previous works as a writer. I am sure he will be a break through producer and writer.., exactly what UPN needs to get market share. Let's see where the show takes us!
  • This show is so awful, it makes the other south beach show look good, the acting is terrible, the storyline is completely confused, the writing is bad and I Was wondering how the catering truck is horrible with this project. I Don't Hate all Shows based on Miami, Miami Vice & CSI: Miami had beautiful style, flashy looks and beautiful image, this one has none of that, just boring dialogue, idiotic looks and pathetic production. Thankfully you won't see don Johnson & Phillip Michael Thomas appear on this thing, this is a failure and it will be a failure for decades to come, this is An Early candidate on my list of the worst TV shows of 2006.

    Want an TV Show set in Miami, go rent Miami Vice on DVD.
  • Set in South Florida's world of models, pools, beaches, drugs, gangsters and nightclubs this is another stab at copying the success of Baywatch, but adding some sub-Miami Vice elements for that prime-time soap measure.

    It's also executive-produced by Jennifer Lopez, which explains why it looks like nothing more than one of her music videos. But despite virtually everyone on screen being stunningly good looking it's all fur coat and no knickers. Everyone is a hunk or a babe ready to flash the flesh, but nobody gets involved in anything remotely resembling a decent plot and the dialogue is flimsier than the thong bikinis some of the women wear. If that's all you need then tune in, but when it first aired in America, few did, and it ranked 152nd out of the 156 original series produced for network television in the 2005-06 season – and was then dropped after eight episodes.

    In LA last year I found myself on the beach where Baywatch was once filmed. It was 10am and few others were about so I ran along the sand in slow motion, just like 'The Hoff' used to do. Then I noticed that coming the other way was someone else doing exactly the same thing. We laughed, and (slowly) carried on our way. Baywatch might have been corny but it was a guilty pleasure loved by millions because it was light-hearted fun. South Beach will only have people running for the remote control, and almost certainly not in slow motion.
  • Just because each episode doesn't have a happy ending doesn't mean it's bad. It shows the reality of what the rich and fabulous live up to. In a lot of shows all the airs are just unrealistic things, whereas in "South Beach," the actors portray their characters greatly and make it seem very real. The story line for every week pulls the audience into the TV, and the people can't get out of it. There are also a lot of attractive characters. The part about the three characters being from Brooklyn and being successful is sometimes a little unrealistic, but for the rest of the show, it is the rich and fabulous facing some interesting things. This show rocks !
  • I can't believe you could say such cruel things about this show! I absolutely love it and hope that the first season comes out on DVD! It's been the best show I have seen in a while...Some people may not like it but some really do so please don't cancel it! The acting is great and the story line is awesome! The last episode, when Alex goes to the graveyard made me cry. It's a great dramatized show and I also know others who really like it too! If you don't like it, you could always watch another show...I will try and do whatever I can to get South Beach's first season on DVD...By the way, I think that you should add a good comment about the show on the front too...if it's just a bad comment, that's encouraging people not to watch it and I think that both sides should have a say in it
  • All I can say is that the writing is atrocious, the main actors are TERRIBLE - especially Marcus Coloma - I am insulted that he was cast in a lead role for a TV series - he should NOT be acting. The guy who plays "Alex" is pretty bad also. The way the production represents South Beach is cheesy, stereotyped, watered down crap. The sound design is also crap, as well as the directing. Its like watching a bunch of kids in an acting class and a film school throwing together a bad soap opera.

    The only redeeming qualities about the show is that the music is O.K. and the actress who plays "Ariel" - Odette Yustman - is not only GORGEOUS and STUNNING, but also a decent actress (and it also helps her stand out that she's acting with possibly the WORST cast ever assembled for television).

    Anyway, that's my two cents - Don't watch the show - its CRAP!!!
  • Apparently this show has virtually a little bit of everything: It's "The OC", "The Sopranos", "Scarface", "Las Vegas" and "Desperate Housewives"-all mixed up in one show. The best part of it-It stars the Sexiest Woman Alive-Vanessa L. Williams. Vanessa plays Elizabeth, The den mother to Matt & Vince-The show's central characters. Elizabeth has her own child, Alex-from an interracial marriage.I think it's up to some tough competition-From "Idol" & "Lost". Thank heaven for TiVo, because This Show will become a major catastrophe when CBS and Warner Bros. will form a new TV network that will Replace the existing, yet soon to be departed UPN and The WB.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    South Beach may not be Desperate Housewives, but it is actually enjoyable and engaging. Centering around the lives of young adults trying make it in the model business and generally South Beach. There's the two guys from Brooklyn who gets caught up in the life quite quickly. There's Ariel(Odette Yustman), showing pretty good acting qualities and the chemistry between her and Matt(Marcus Coloma) is believable. Most importantly the show's two veteran actors Vanessa Willliams playing Elizabeth, and Giancarlo Esposito playing mob boss Fuentes, display fine charisma and actually breathe life into their roles. It is quite worth it to see Elizabeth poke fun at her son for not being responsible enough, but at the same time being strong and resourceful in the keeping things running smoothly at the hotel. And can she dance! Catch her salsa-ing in Episode 4! On a whole, South Beach is worth the 60 minutes! Highly recommended to viewers who like soaps/drama/action/sopranos/the OC/!
  • The pilot episode almost made me not want to watch the second episode but the cast (Vincent and Matt) are good looking so I figured why not give it a chance. There is a lot of half naked girls though, I think if they want to target girls and guys they need to tone down the amount of models they have on and focus on just a few instead. Tonight's episode was good so I'm thinking it's going to get better with every episode. The story line seems to need a chance to build up and I think that will come with a few more episodes. I'm hooked enough to watch next week. It is kind of like an evening soap opera, with a twist. I think they did a good job casting and I hope they add a few more steady characters to add some spice to it. I'll keep watching and see where it goes, beats watching reality TV!
  • For many weeks, I awaited the premier of South Beach.

    The show was moderate in tempo, had an okay plot, but what pitched my attention and in my opinion, was the highlight of the show, was when the guy with the tattoos was shot.

    Never before did I ever feel sorry for the bad guy!

    This young actor's performance was so believable--- so powerful, not only was his facial expressions and body language so realistic and by the way, on the money, but he is also hot looking. Handsome! Handsome! Handsome!

    Gals pay attention!

    I hope the production casts him in the next episode and lets us know what happened to him as it was unclear in the show. His character seemed to disappear after he was shot.

    South Beach producers are you listening! The guy with the tattoos is truly a keeper and his performance is worthy of an entire season!

  • i loved south beach it's the best it kill all other shows out there is there only 8 episode? bring it back i loved it nd Matt is so fr-kn hot they have so much hot actors in the show its the best show I've seen by far nothing compares to it. i can't believe they cut it were are all you people out there you should be watching it it's the best show ever and you don't know what use are missing out on, i guess they did'nt advertise the show enough cause if they did then it would've been right up there with the o.c to be truthful south beach is way more better than o.c thought i liked o.c south beach kills it by far i don't think i've watch a series like it.
  • alexdrischel11 September 2006
    the main character Alex is my favorite TV character he is so cool and i like his attitude and we both do martial arts. my friend Brian wheeler also likes this show but he think that Alex's girlfriend is hot.he thinks she looks like Nicole Richards. south beach is also very cool place to live. the show really puts it in perspective and shows how th rich and famous live and hang out in south beach. i also liked how they portrayed the models. this movie is a lot better than Americas next top model by a long shot. it has more plot. this show was cut short where i live because of the mediocre and strange Americas next top model. to me this show was excellent and should come back on the air.

    sincerely, a concerned fan
  • I think the show was great! I absolutely loved it, and I watched it every week it came on. I really hope it returns to t.v. Not only did i enjoy it but my grandmother, mother, and brother enjoyed the show as well. I think that says a lot.You can say that it is a family show. The mixture of danger, fashion, music, and lust surrounding Miami beach was perfect. It's the kind of show that keeps you coming back for more. A first you watch it and its just like everything else. But then you realize that there is more to it that meets the eye. I think the cast was good. I mean Vanessa Williams is a great actress. Not to mention I think Lee Thompson Young is sexy and I'm a huge fan of his. ~Dri~
  • I initially started watching South Beach when I heard that Vanessa Williams would be one of the stars. From day one, I was hooked. My husband even started watching it with me! I haven't given a shot to any new shows on UPN since it's cancellation in 1999 of the amazing show, Legacy (starring Sharon Leal, Grayson McCouch, Jeremy Garrett, Lea Moreno). It is REALLY hard to get over a show when they just cut you off like that, and you have absolutely no closure. BTW...still trying to get a copy of Legacy on tape or DVD...if you know where I could obtain that...PLEASE contact me!

    South Beach brings out the good and the bad, the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects of life in South Florida. I personally love Miami, so the setting is terrific. I think that the cast has done a fabulous job. Lee Thompson Young has portrayed his character well, as a young man who is desperately trying to make a name and build a career for himself and come from beneath his mother's shadow. The scripts I have found to be very interesting, and I haven't enjoyed an evening soap this much since the days of Melrose Place.

    I really had hoped that UPN saw the value in this show. However, I've noticed that it hasn't been on since February, and is on hiatus for an undetermined time period. I suppose that means that the new CW will unfortunately drop the show. If this happens, many disappointed fans will be the result. Personally, I will not give a second chance to any new show that the CW creates should this occur. It is frustrating to get into a show that is good, and then have it just disappear. I hope the cast knows though how much the show entertained, and that there are fans who support keeping this show alive - AND this is despite the fact that it is associated with the infamous Miss JLo...