General Backler: In your world, do you not kneel before your king?

Farmer Daimon: In my world, the king's army is expected to protect the kingdom, not just the castle.

[from trailer]

Gallian: Burn it to the ground!

Norick: So this is where we pay for our sins?

Solana: No. This is where we pay for our virtues. Sins are more than welcome here.

[first lines]

Muriella: I knew you'd come.

Gallian: I told you I would.

Muriella: I mean, I felt it. I felt it before you came.

Gallian: You are developing your powers well, Muriella. Our time together is paying off!

Norick: [after Farmer crosses the bridge] I'm going next.

Bastian: You're a brave old guy.

Norick: No, I just don't want you weakening the rope before I have my turn.

Zeph: Why do you call daddy "Farmer?" Doesn't he have a name?

Solana: Your father believes people become what they do.

Solana: Tell me something nice. Tell me how you love me.

Farmer Daimon: You know.

[last lines]

Farmer Daimon: [to Solana] There's something I've always wanted to tell you. I love you.


[from trailer]

Duke Farrow: I am your king!

[from trailer]

Farmer Daimon: People say God watches over the innocent.

Farmer Daimon: I will have my vengeance.

[from trailer]

Merick: The king has been poisoned!

[from trailer]

Gallian: Life... has never been more exciting!

King Konreid: Wisdom... is our hammer.

King Konreid: What the hell does that mean?

Gallian: You have no idea... how powerful madness can be.

Merick: Sacrilage! This is madness, Gallian! You go too far!

Merick: The king has a special interest in this one.

Commander Tarish: I know nothing of this.

Merick: Neither does the king.

Gallian: In my kingdom there will be no word for 'madness.' We will simply call it 'power.'

Duke Farrow: Tarish! Prepare your troops to ride! Hordes of Krug are ransacking the land! Oh, the sun is blistering my skin.

Commander Tarish: What is this nonsense you speak?

Duke Farrow: Just do as you're commanded.

Commander Tarish: I listen only to the king.

Duke Farrow: It might behoove you to learn a little respect!

Commander Tarish: [Walks away] Respect is earned.

Duke Farrow: [chuckles] You are mistaken! Respect is my BIRTH RIGHT!

Farmer Daimon: [Seeing a Krug commander controlled by Gallian holding Solona's parents by the necks] Let them go!

Gallian: [laughs] You already killed me once today! Yet, here we are again!

Duke Farrow: [confronting Muriella in the forest] We are no longer in a castle. There are no rules here!

[He and his men are ambushed and captured by Elora and some of her followers]

Muriella: There are rules everywhere, my Duke. Your talent for breaking them has failed you at last.

Bastian: [contemplating zip line] Alright, let's go, come on.

Norick: You were more concerned about your horse.

Bastian: My horse I like. It's you I'm not so sure about.

Norick: Well, wait til you get to know me better.

Muriella: Gallian... Must you always appear so suddenly from nowhere?

Gallian: I don't. I appear so suddenly from somewhere.

Gallian: What manner of vengeance are you enjoying, Farmer? The vengeance of a father? The vengeance of a husband?

Solana: [from behind him] You forget the vengeance of a mother!

Gallian: Tell me, Duke. What do you know of a man they call 'Farmer'?

Elora: Those who you fight, we will help you fight them.

Solana: [At dinner] Norick, this is a pleasant surprise. You should stop by more often.

Norick: Well, I figured Farmer saw enough of this and thought he could use a little break.

Zeph: Norick thinks father should give up farming and join the king's army.

[Solana gasps]

Norick: Now hold on Zeph, I didn't say that exactly!

Zeph: He says that the soldiers make alot of money.

Solana: [to Farmer] Now you are not considering this, are you?

Farmer Daimon: You're my family! I would never leave you. Does that answer your question, Norick?

Norick: Well, we were just talking, thank you very much, just talking.

Farmer Daimon: Everyone has their talents. "Just talking" seems to be yours.

[Zeph chuckles]

Norick: [to Zeph] Just ratting on his friend seems to be YOURS!


Norick: Now give me the chicken.

Solana: [laughing] Don't give him the chicken.

Norick: Give me the chicken!

[Holds chicken making chomping noises]

Norick: Arf! Arf! Arf!

Solana: If you can bleed, you can die.

Gallian: Perhaps I can.


Gallian: But I won't. I have too much work to do.

Farmer Daimon: [to Gallian] You gonna fight? Or talk me to death...