Bruno Kirby's final film.

Val Kilmer declined having a trailer to help the production save money.

Val Kilmer talks to his mother on a cell phone while remaining in character when she accidentally called him during the filming of a scene in a car. The director liked Kilmer's improvisation so much the scene was kept.

This movie was an experimental production and with a modest budget of only $338,000 was not intended as a commercial theatrical vehicle despite it being released on the theatrical film festival circuit.

Val Kilmer's participation was while on break from the London theater production of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" and during the promotion of _Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (2005)_ at the Cannes Film Festival.

Originally intended to be a short feature.

The director sometimes filmed without a crew after hours to maintain a modest budget.

Many of the actors including Vinnie Jones, Gabriel Byrne, Bruno Kirby, Anthony LaPaglia, and Val Kilmer all worked for a significantly discounted salary for this production.

Test screenings were held in the United Kingdom in 2006, with the final version of the film then determined for theatrical release.

Mick Rossi noted that about 80% of the film's dialogue was improvised.