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  • dcntguy_2915 April 2007
    I happen to see this movie last week in a screening in North Hollywood. I honestly quiet liked the movie. The way the story has drawn parallel between Gandhi's life and Protagonist's life is pretty clever. No extremes in the story and yet a very simple, straightforward and cute love story. The film has great music and sound. Comic character of RAJ seems like true life character. I think the crew and cast has done amazing job considering the fact that it is a small budget movie but the look on 35mm print is pretty good. It doesn't look like a video reel , which I am sorry , happens with lots of independent movies. I would say the filmmaker is pretty daring to hit the issue of Indian Sterotyping in a very direct manner. Performance of Bollywood Actor, Alok Nath who has done movies with Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and other Bollywood superstars is no surprise. Great performance of Alok Nath is much anticipated rather. My best wishes to the whole crew and cast members.