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3 December 2015 | lor_
Poorly made porn by Spinelli fils
Anthony Spinelli is perhaps the finest porn director in the medium's 45-year history, but his son Mitch is another story. "Dirty Weekend" is a random M.S. title I watched and though I survived unscathed I have nothing to show for it.

Reason is that the video is sloppily constructed and merely a forerunner of today's mindless porn. Various stars hump outside by a pool or indoors, and their relationships and incipient jealousies remain murky, as Mitch's screenplay is not worth the powder to blow it to hell.

Typical of the video's shortcomings is that its best players are given throwaway roles, the opposite of a star vehicle. So my being drawn to the screen by the listing of Raylene and Asia Carrera went unrewarded -they have sex scenes but zero characterization. Main protagonists are host couple Sindee Coxx and Steve Hatcher, with the various guests intertwining for a requisite five sex scenes, and despite a bit of fake dramatic flare-ups hardly anything happens.

Like most one or two-day wonders, everything of interest is sacrificed on the altar of getting a usable quantity of explicit footage in the can. It's what I term "lifestyle porn" - watching professional stars hump in sometimes glamorous surroundings in which real-life does not intrude, and the subliminal message is usually: wow, what big mansions these successful pornographers must have! Mitch's version of this looks cheap and unimpressive, unlike say a Jules Jordan shoot in the 21st Century reeking of opulence.

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