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  • I was blown away by the production value and performances of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Unlike most Lifetime movies, this one actually hits the viewer between the eyes with its raw, unflinching telling of various women's stories of trafficking across international borders for sex slave labour.

    Loosely inspired by actual victims' stories, the women range from 12 years old to late thirties. They are tourists, single moms, women in bad relationships that need help, even a young girl looking for fame and fortune in the modeling industry.

    The formula for the traffickers is simple: recruit women and girls that are desperate to get out of their current living situations, desperate to get a better paying job, desperate to go to the U.S. for a better life; make them believe the traffickers can deliver this promise, and submit their passports and papers to them. Once the traffickers have the girls and their documents, they can do anything they want to them. Some get moved around Europe, others end up in the U.S. all as sex slaves.

    Robert Carlyle gives a riveting performance as Sergei Karpovich, the kingpin of the trafficking business. He's ruthless and cruel, yet intriguing to watch at the same time. He sets up his "businesses" to look like legitimate ventures, while operating a sex ring behind the scenes.

    One thing that makes the character interesting is his smoothness when dealing with his doctor and the I.C.E. agents, while showing a sadistic evil side towards his employees and slaves. Definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Mira Sorvino also gives a gritty performance as Kate Morozov, the I.C.E. agent that pursues Karpovich relentlessly as he builds his sex empire. Sorvino's conviction in getting these people caught and tried almost pushes her over the edge of sanity.

    The scenes are gritty and unflinching. The material is difficult to view at times, but is well worth it in the end; in order to understand the universe in which these people operate, and the despair the victims face each day of their lives in captivity.

    The film also addresses the problem of the market for these traffickers: they are doctors, lawyers, neighbours, relatives. Regular white-collar people that pay for these slaves' services. As long as there is a market, there will be sex slave traffickers.

    See this film in its entirety at least once. It is unlike any Lifetime movie you have ever seen.

    I only wish it was theatrically released for more exposure, so those who don't have access to CATV or Lifetime TV can also see it.

    John Kotynek
  • The statistics are shocking. The story is grim. And the biggest market for women and children sex slaves is the United States, much to our shame. Every person should see this movie. I hope ABC, CBS, or NBC will pick it up and show it so all can see it, not just ones who have cable. Keep in mind, the type of person who can afford to do this are primarily upper middle class professional men who have nefarious appetites to do the worst possible acts of mankind. The last few minutes are the most important of the entire film where Mira Sorvino's character states clearly the facts and why this is allowed to go on, because there is a market for it particularly here in the United States. God have mercy on humankind.
  • Kudos to Mira Sorvino (who has become a crusader on this), Lifetime, and producers for making this important expose of this vicious crime. The 4 hour opus charts a single Russian mobster as he kidnaps, rapes, and transports girls into America and around the world. Of course Mira and Donald Sutherland as ICE agents heroically chase the villains, but in reality very little is done to control these vicious predators- police are usually the problem, since they have no understanding or sympathy for the plight of captive "whores", whom they punish and bully for their supposed crimes.

    I was a reporter for over 2 years in Russia, and have seen the monstrosity of these criminals and awesome beauty, sweetness, romanticism, and eroticism of the girls there- who are brought up to defer to and please men. In a place where people would make $20 a month, girls would jump at any Western job, which could give them a real life. Lured by an imaginary secretarial or maid job in Europe, they would have documents taken and quickly be raped and broken into total submission. Huge numbers are sent to Israel, where the government ignores problem. But all over the world, Russian girls are wanted by traffickers and johns for their great beauty, literacy, and skills.

    An incredible NPR report explained how young girls are shipped to filthy Mexican nightmare brothels where they have to service 30-50 clients a day, then smuggled into America, where they are handed off to other pimps at Disneyland. By this time they are so terrorized and shattered that they don't even try to get away.

    A Russian father improbably joins the traffickers to find and rescue his daughter.

    If anything this docudrama soft-peddles the horrors- but TV couldn't take the unvarnished truth. It should be mandatory viewing for every American, especially all law enforcement. This hideous crime should be treated as seriously as genocide, since it is. As Sorvino says in the end, the shelve life of these girls before they are used up, killed, or diseased is 4 years, and some 800,000 are trafficked every year- several Darfurs, Bosnias, Kosovos, Iraqs put together.
  • I found the movie very compelling as it followed several different story lines, exposing many different facets to the sex trafficking industry. The fact that all these story lines were linked to one king pin running an international organization was pure Hollywood, but it allowed for drama and suspense as he was tracked by the feds. The wrap up and conclusion was also too easy, but again the mission of this film was to educate and spotlight abuse in an entertaining forum. This movie delivered.

    On top of this, I especially appreciated the way the graphic scenes were composed. It was hard to watch, ugly, and grotesque. It wasn't played for sex appeal, or lurid fascination. It was ugly. Completely appropriate to the reality of the women, children, and victims of this abuse.
  • Hardly ever do movies make me cry but this one definitely did. All I hear on the TV is how police are trying to catch pedophiles and other sick people who abuse women and children sexually. Unfortunately, rarely do we hear about arresting people in so called 'high society" who can afford to buy "pleasures" (I guess that's what they feel which makes me sick). This movie gave me mixed feelings about life and sense of believing in good in this world...less good and more wrong? I think everyone should see this movie and get a view of what's going on in a real life: how an innocent sign up for a modeling agency can be actually a ticket to hell and how much can a mother sacrifice to see her child.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a surprisingly well orchestrated little show of horrors. The movie does not bring new knowledge to the table but it reminds us, in an utmost graphic way, the most disgusting form of human exploitation: sex slaves.

    The movie presents the path of four different young girls to this horrible fate and it will keep your consciousness wriggling in pain knowing that as we speak, these sex crimes are being perpetrated in our cities. A scary film that will make you want to hold your children tightly by your side.

    The actors play is good and the performance by Remy Girard accurately pictures the suffering of a parent that has lost a child.

    A gruesome yet necessary exposure to the facts of our society. A definite must-see, preferably not alone.
  • I am so glad I seen this movie. As much as it sickened me it also made me realize just how bad this problem is because I never knew. It saddens me a lot that we protect our country from terrorists and they are always in the news, but we do not seem to be doing nearly enough to stop human trafficking and never hear of it in the media, my thanks to Lifetime for opening our eyes. If we are going to fight the war on terrorism then we should also be fighting the war on human trafficking. Our own daughters and friends and teachers are being taken from their lives and being forced to be sex slaves to men that we thought we could trust: Doctors, lawyers,etc. It is our duty in this country to protect our citizens! So why aren't we? I pray that these women and children from our country and all over the world will be rescued from this hell on earth and that these pigs causing this hell will be brought to justice! And a final word advise, whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT try to find love on the internet, it could cost you your freedom!
  • losachi2 April 2007
    This movie has left me shaken and sad - but most importantly, it left me more aware and more inclined to take action in the fight to end human trafficking. I think everyone should see it. As a woman, watching this movie was especially horrifying and makes me sick to fathom that right now, another woman is being raped, abused, humiliated in one of these trafficking brothels. I don't think I could survive what these women experience. I see a lot posts on this thread about how "every woman" and "every teenage girl" needs to watch this about every man? In the film, whenever I saw a scene with a "client," I thought, "Doesn't this man know he's raping this woman? Does he know she's a slave? Does he care? Who are all these 'clients' anyway?" It's sickening. The good men out there need to see this film to be aware of what women and children face in the world. As for men like those in this film, well, they need to see this to know the world is waking up and won't put up with this forever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have always known in the back of my mind, the issue of Human Trafficking especially from news stories about girls disappearing in the Caribbean but it wasn't until I saw this movie recently that it simply blew my mind and awoke me to something completely different. This film is made for entertainment purposes but also done in such a way that you will forever be mindful of the issue that they are putting forth in this movie. The film is disturbing and lengthy in details without being too gratuitous with the content keeping it clean enough to not capitalize on the crime but vivid enough to bring home the point in a jolting manner. The story focuses on two victims in particular but also all the other victims around them and the people who perpetrate this crime. It also focuses very much on the North America side of this trade and how close to home it can be. While the film isn't perfect and has moments you just can't believe would be the way things would happen, for the most part its one of the smartest and moving films I have seen in a long time. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Oscar winner Mira Sorvino headlines the cast as a Government agent who becomes obsessed with the cases revolving around human trafficking. Sorvino is kind of a low point in the cast. Sometimes she does alright and other times she seems almost campy in her performance and this film is far too serious for that to happen. She looks lovely and very young in this film but doesn't give the best performance. Emmy nominated for his role in this film Donald Sutherland is the class of the cast. I honestly didn't think he showed anything truly outstanding but he does a decent job and definitely improves the cast just by being part of it. He also seems to get the most out of Sorvino's performance. Also nominated for an Emmy for this film is Robert Carlyle who plays viscous head of the trafficking crew Sergei Karpovich. Carlyle is one of the truly brilliant performances. I've seen him in roles that are the complete opposite of this and he really does scare you to the very core. He is sleazy and despicable and perfect for the villain role. Laurence Leboeuf is excellent in her disturbing role as the kidnapped and violated Nadia Tagarov who becomes something of a mother figure to the other kidnapped girls. Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse is the young American girl caught in all this. For a young actress she does a truly amazing job of showing strength and a tiny ray of hope in this horrible circumstance. Rémy Girard is Nadia's father who goes to no end to under cover and find his daughter and bring her home. He is more subtle in his performance and not quite as stand out as the girls but still a great character and a hero.

    Canadian director Christian Duguay had a huge project on his hands here. He had to rely on creating something watchable, entertaining but not disgusting or offensive and still get his powerful message home and he does exactly that on a TV Mini-Series budget. There are still plenty of really disturbing things happening but done in a tasteful way if that is possible. Regardless of how they did it the film makes an impact by creating those characters both bad and good that you won't soon forget and it honestly changed my life. Now I feel as though I want to involve myself in this cause and I think its something pretty spectacular when a film can make you feel that way. I encourage anyone to see this film, because it has a powerful message with some really terrific performances. 9/10
  • Cypressk26 October 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie on Lifetime, and was completely devastated! It was a terrible movie, and what I mean by terrible was that it was such an emotional train of events. It was really hard to watch, especially being a female. I am not sure how any person, people, trafficking business can go is so disgusting, but this world is filled with so much hate and disgust. The sad thing is, what this movie portrays is happening right now this very minute, anywhere, possibly even in a house near me, which is extremely hard to fathom.

    As i watched this movie, my heart broke for Nadia (well it broke for every girl involved in this hateful crime) but for Nadia specifically. It was hard to watch a young girl at the age of 16 wish for so much expectations in her life, only to have them completely stripped away. Watching her father and her re-unite was one of the hardest things, it was so sad and unconsciously you try to put yourself in that situation and you just can't, i can't imagine any parent having to go through with that, not to mention I don't know how these girls feel having to live with this every day, my heart goes out to them.

    Thanks to this movie, the public should have a much better understanding and awareness of what is truly going on in the reality of this world which we live day by day in.

    *Kelly Hannagan -N.H.*
  • It is great that Lifetime is allowing the presentation of what is going on through out the entire world and very little is mentioned in our local newspapers. However, we do hear about an occasional girl or boy that is missing and is never heard from and I can imagine the police files must be over flowing with plenty of Cold Cases. This film clearly depicts the horrible PIGS and Sex Offenders who thrive on young innocent children. These poor human beings with a spiritual soul are required to perform degrading services, which hurts their chances to live normal lives or even want to be married to any man in their future lives !

    I applaud the showing of this type of material, but making this a regular program with all these type of cases is more than my stomach can handle. Enough is Enough !
  • KrazyKaz70819 May 2006
    i watched this movie last night and feel compelled to give my opinion. having read and watched numerous documentaries on the subject of the human sex slave trade, i thought the movie was spot on, it was distressing in its content, but the truth usually is very confronting, but turning a blind eye to these things only makes it easier for these scummy criminals to keep doing what they're doing, they have absolutely no compassion or regard for human life at all. and the fact that even small children arouse not an ounce of feeling in these people just compounds the fact that they are beyond redemption in anyway shape or form, and they should be punished with the same lack of compassion they show to those poor kids..any person that finds something sexually arousing in a child, are just totally depraved and disgusting, and those that act upon it deserve NOTHING from society or the legal profession, and the traders that deliver people to them are just as bad, i don't care if they don't actually sexually abuse the people or children they steal, they knowingly deliver them to there captors in full knowledge of whats about to take place, i hope they all get they're just deserts, and i hope everyone watches movies like this to create more awareness,,
  • In Prague, Czech Republic, the single mother Helena (Isabelle Blais) is seduced by a successful handsome man and travels with him to spend a weekend in Vienna, Austria; in Kiev, Ukraine, the sixteen-year-old Nadia (Laurence Leboeuf) is selected by a model agency and travels to the United States with the other selected candidates; in Manila, Philippines, the twelve-year-old American tourist Annie Gray (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) is abducted in front of her parents. In common, the girls become victims of a powerful international network of sex traffickers leaded by the powerful Sergei Karpovich (Robert Carlyle). In New York, after the third death of young Eastern European prostitutes, the obstinate Russian-American NYPD agent Kate Morozov (Mira Sorvino) convinces the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief Bill Meehan (Donald Sutherland) to hire her, promising him that she would fight against this type of crime and that he would not regret.

    "Human Trafficking" is the third great movie that I have watched about this sad reality. "Lilja 4-ever" and "Anjos do Sol" are extremely pessimist and realistic, but focused in the life of only one character. "Human Trafficking" gives a big picture how these gangs operate, following the drama of three lead characters. Mira Sorvino is wonderful, as usual, and her final speech about this profitable slavery of the Twentieth-First Century and the sexual tourism is very realistic and touching. The direction is excellent, the screenplay is very well written and the whole cast deserves to be congratulated for their magnificent performances. My vote is nine.

    Title (Brazil): "Tráfico Humano" ("Human Traficking")
  • Unfortunately I could not rate a 10, the word excellent thru me off. From about the first ten minutes in, this movie made me sick, sad, terrified and left me feeling helpless. I never could have imagined what I was about to see...or feel. My mind went for days and I could not sleep for more than twenty mins. at a time the night after I watched the first part. I waited two days to watch the 2nd, knowing that I needed to be undisturbed and aware of how I would feel while watching. It's true that I would have never thought this to be a TV movie, as I have never felt so much sickness. This movie is an eye opener as well as a my attempt to learn even more, I had to check out the actresses and actors of this film to see them out of character, of course to make myself feel better to go to sleep in my safe little bed. But, to serve the purpose of rating the movie, it was more than I think I have ever "had." It hit real hard in every way possible, and I am thankful at least for the knowledge. But so sad. The crew did a great job, acting, directing, etc. The truth, alone, is horrific.
  • This movie was more disturbing then anything I've ever watched...HOWEVER... the fact that it is a true story makes it a must see!! People need to see what is happening right under our noses! If this movie makes one girl more aware and saves her life, get the point. I think all teenage girls should watch this. They all think they are untouchable and the mall, movies, sneaking out at night and walking on streets, and above all on the internet chatting...this would change their views for sure. I also think parents of girls should watch this. I am buying this movie and getting everyone I know to watch it. Hopefully it will help someone one day. Very graphic, yes!!! But it needs to be. It's fact. I can't imagine what these poor girls went through and it is sort of honoring them to bear it and watch it so their stories are used for awareness! Some parts are too graphic for those under 13 though.
  • i watched it and i was scared for the rest of the week. now you know that anyone could be watching you or selling you even your own father or husband. i am so scared. how you guys feel about this movie? i felt terrified and i broke up with my boyfriend and i even came out of the modeling thing i was about to do. i was going to go to Spain this summer but now i change my mind. it can happen anywhere. oh my god. so freaked. and ya it was so emotional and everything and it is so easy for those "pimps" to catch girls that fall into their traps. they also have porn sites and stuff like that and real rape. if that was me, i would have committed suicide from the beginning. all those girls must have had aids and hives and std. everything. can you imagine what life would be like for them. and not only them, also the girls and boys that were so little and getting raped and having to go through that stuff at that age. they must have had nightmares and stuff. also, these are real stories right?
  • ladymap0427 December 2005
    Human Trafficking was a great movie, but not because it has imagination. THis movie lets Americans know what kind of reality that really goes on. It lets viewers know how far greed can get you.

    I have a child. When I watched this movie, I kept asking myself a question: What would happen if my child was taken,like Annie Grey was? What would the police do? Like the movie stated, they pay the police to forget where the houses are.

    In America, we just ignore the problem and I wish that law enforcement and other agencies cared enough to seek and destroy people that use sex trafficking in this country.

    Even if you just watch this movie once, I believe we owe it to our children to know about all types of dangers. Human Trafficking is a major danger that all parents needs to watch out for. We are suppose to protect our children. Please take the four hours to watch this movie. You will not regret it.
  • If you want to learn how horrific it is for many children/teens living in slavery then this is the best movie you can watch. When I saw it I was horrifyingly stunned, this movie does have some very offending scenes so I don't think you should watch it before you know what you are getting yourself into. However, when you do watch this movie try to sett yourself in as one of those small children and try to understand how painful it must be. But as I said, this is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen, and this is because it all seems so real, and for all we know, this can be happening all over the world right now. I urge you to watch this! but please know that you need a very strong tummy to watch it.
  • This miniseries is one of the worst things I've seen! Made like a soap opera with very unfortunate things that occur. Mira Sirvino and Donald Sutherland are the only great actors in this Human Trafficking series. It's pretty twisted that people actually abduct child's or adults for money or their amusement; I don't know what to think except I hate the way it was filmed! Really not my cup of tea, sorry to say.
  • It's not that frequent to face a film that really can't let you sleep. I love horror films. Yesterday I watched Alex Aja's "Mirrors". He says that his most terrible scenes and the flick as a whole will stay with you forever and you won't be able to sleep. I slept like an angel. Today, I simply can't. I'm numbed. I'm scared. And I'm feeling terrible. Human Trafficking may be "just" a miniseries for Canadian TV. Well. This may be one of the best TV films I've ever seen. And you must try to endure it in its whole. It's difficult to watch and you may be outraged by what you'll see. It goes all the way through one of those issues "we simply ignore". A reality that may be much worse than what is depicted here. The "Modern Slavery". Be warned: it's brutal to the extreme. If you can't stand it, just scrub to the last five minutes. You'll learn the reason why this film was made and why it was made in Canada. Sometimes, the truth is the hardest to swallow. And I will say no more: watch it, please. You'll never regret it.
  • This LMN movie deserves credit for the subject matter, as does Mira Sorvino, for furthering a cause. Interesting, in the United States we do not always receive information like this on the evening news. It needs to be researched.

    There are several peripheral stories here, and not for the faint of heart. Filmed graphically, the stories in particular of Helena, Nadia and ICE agent (well-portrayed by Mira Sorvino) are juxtaposed here for maximum effect.

    The manner in which, throughout Eastern Europe,Mexico, Asia, and other areas, young women are collected, via the internet, dating or various other websites is interesting and frightening. Sergei ( well-portrayed by James Bond villain) Kaparov is effectively odious and powerful, the international black-market owner of brothels, shill corporations and websites to further his human trafficking profits, up to $250,000.00 per month as told by one victim, Helena.

    While this is a fictional account, upon research make no mistake that this story is but the tip of the iceberg. As Sorvino mentions, a twelve year old child can be sold on the black market for up to $1,000.000 per day, the most profitable criminal activity after drug-running and ammunition. Stark and sad, the story does not sugar-coat. Granted some of the ending violence is a bit clichéd, but the overall story is important and indelible.

    Performances by actress portraying Nadia, her father, Helena as well as Sorvino and Donald Sutherland and worth noting in this graphic film. Highly recommended. 9/10.
  • I saw this work and it is as moving story, hard to be told and specially to be lived by any person or related... The actress that performe Samantha Gray is well worked by actor director but in some details make remember Nat Portman in here first movie Leon, it is a good start for Labrosse. The other performe that must be referred is Nadia Tagarov by Leboeuf, deep. The story is very powerful and the Writers make the work well because they show the horror, and Director make it just, no much hide. Other powerful stories must be told... maybe one day a special one can be seen in the screen as a feature and performed by good actors and well directed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I bought this hoping a heroic gangster movie. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    Robert Carlyle plays a notorious Russian human traffickers whose network runs from America to East Asia. Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland play agents who are looking to bring Carlyle down from his untouchable position. There are other stories inter-wined, a thirteen year old American girl is kidnapped in the Phillapines and a father joins the human traffickers in order to rescue his daughter; this is beautifully written, directed and acted. The characters have their stories and pain to share. Carlyle is perfect as the crime boss and Sorvino brings some light into this dark world, while Doanld is superb as the ageing crime fighter. I've watched films were there are heroes depicted in the world of Human trafficking. But the truth is you can never be a hero when you sell someone for sexual gratification. Some scenes are very hard to watch, especially the rape of children; a hard hitting film which is not for the faint hearted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was not enjoyable - that is not to say that the acting or the directing was poor. It was not enjoyable because it certainly is not a pleasant topic of discussion. But just because something is unpleasant it does not mean we can ignore it. That is what I walked away with after watching "Human Trafficking". We all know it's happening but it is so easy to dismiss it because it does not affect us directly. I have watched a few documentaries which dealt with this issue, but this movie/drama series certainly showed it like it is.

    There were no direct sex/rape scenes and I was grateful for that, as I don't know how I would have taken it (most probably I'd throw up, as Nadia's father did when he saw his daughter's video). However the movie was still very hard to watch because I felt the same fear these girls felt simply from the look in their eyes. And it was a frightening feeling. That feeling stayed with me and affected me so much. I couldn't even focus properly the next day at work…

    The director did an excellent job of raising the awareness of sex slavery and child prostitution. However I did not like the ending - death was too good for Karpovich. Life time imprisonment where he could get raped day and night by 50+ "clients" is exactly what he deserved. Personally, I would have much rather the ending of "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" be applied on Karpovich, where the victims take turns to stab and torture him...
  • Human Trafficking is an important tale about an important subject. Too often ignored, because it's easier to live in an illusory world than face the awful truth. This was a necessary series, and a well-thought out premise... the execution doesn't live entirely up to it, but it comes pretty darn close. The main problem is cinematography... very much in the spirit of Paul Greengrass, much(luckily, not all) of the filming is done with hand-held cameras. Apparently believed to raise intensity, it more often than not has the viewer blinking at the screen to avoid the effects of on-the-spot focus adjusting(blurring the image and then readjusting it, for the uninitiated) and struggling to figure out what's going on, as the image is poorly framed and basically looks like they just ran the scene through a few times while a few half-cooked camera-men ran around with a hand-held camera each, and just pieced it together from the best footage(which, I can tell you now, is often less than great). I wonder what happened to quality filming? What happened to setting up difficult shots, attention to detail and careful planning? Hitchcock and Kubrick must be turning in their graves. Another problem is acting... Yes, Sorvino does better than what we've really seen her do before(one should pause and wonder if that really is saying all that much, though), but she still spends an awful lot of time reverting to the deer-caught-in-headlights glare that she became famous for. She does, however, do something that impressed me and caught me by surprise, near the end of the series. Anyone who watches(or who already has) will recognize it almost instantly; pay close attention to when she is asked to "change/fix her eyes". That was an unexpected, and very positive, surprise. Sutherland does good, as usual, but it would be a lie to claim that this character is all that different from what he mostly plays. Carlyle was rather great. One has to wonder, though, with all the actors available... they had to cast a Scotsman(I know, we think of him as British, but check his profile) as a Russian? And a French-Canadian(Girard)? However, going back to the positive... this was a truly astounding piece of infotainment. The writing is excellent. Dramatic moments, while plentiful and played for effect, are never really sappy or overly sentimental. The series has heart, contains cynicism, as well. This mix makes for a very realistic yet not hopeless product... as if this is saying to us: "Yes, human trafficking exists, and it's awful... but we can fight it. We can beat it." And somehow... with the lack of Hollywood stereotypes and the ever-present realism... we believe that it's true. I recommend this to anyone who wants to know the truth and are not afraid to have it told to them, with little to no censorship provided to soften the blow. 8/10
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