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  • I cannot understand this and I am a woman who just recently got married.

    Why is there a percentage of women who think getting married is equivalent to being knighted by the Queen of England? Are these women serious? Wait, a more logical question would be: Are these MEN serious? How could anyone want to marry these selfish, rude, narcissistic women who just blow money around as if it grew on trees? They don't appreciate anything or anyone. I could never sit there and witness such horrible behavior. I'm amazed how many people on the show tolerated their attitudes. I would definitely not be one of them.

    I love how all of these women explain in the beginning that they are "Queens" and/or "Princesses" and that the day they get married it has to be absolutely perfect. Why?!?!?! Because this will be recorded in history books?! Don't they know that the average guest at a wedding won't even remember what food they ate or where the reception was located? They don't care! The only thing they remember is if they had a good time or not.

    Oh and I love the crying these Bridezilla's do. Like, this:

    **Tears flooding the face and puffy, red eyes** "I--I can't believe **sniff** that, um... **sniff sniff** that, you know, my flowers were-- oh my god-- **sniff/sob** Ruby Red and not **breathes deeply** Rose Red. I mean... how could they do that to me? **takes Kleenex to the nose and take a dab** I mean, everyone will notice!!! They did it on purpose! My wedding is RUINED! Absolutely RUINED!! I'm gonna kill someone!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

    I'm not even exaggerating here for those who've yet to watch an episode. These women are INSANE! And then they ask some of their Bridesmaids to lose weight so the pictures and dresses look better. Half the time the Brides are the size of hippos. And, who cares if someone is overweight! They are just shallow! Your pictures aren't going to be on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Also, some of these Brides make physical and verbal threats to vendors or friends. I don't care if you're a woman that crosses the line right there. If you threaten me you won't make it to your wedding day. Just because you're getting married doesn't mean you suddenly have super strength.

    You know, these women need jobs because I can't believe how special they feel when a man puts a ring on their finger. Not to mention all of the overwhelming amount of energy and emotion they put into the planning. We should deploy them to Iraq. With their b*tchy attitudes and perseverance they could eradicate our enemies.

    And just so people understand when I got married, it wasn't even near the Bridezilla level. My mom had cancer and was on her deathbed when the hospice nurses told me she wouldn't make it to my wedding date, which was 6 months away. I knew my mom really wanted to see her daughter get married so, my husband and I called family and friends and had our ceremony by her bedside a few days later. I wore a $50 Macy's dress, bought a cake at a bakery the day of the ceremony, picked up flowers at the supermarket and used my computer playlist to for wedding music. My mom got to be there to witness our wedding vows and it made her so happy. She died 2 weeks later, so, YES, these Bridezilla's p*ss me off because it's more than just materialistic things. It's about marrying someone you love and being around people you love. I know it sounds sappy but that's what it is. These women need a reality check.

    I'm not saying that weddings should be cheap and boring. I'm also not saying that I'm a Saint for having such a non-materialistic wedding. My situation was different. Of course, you should have fun and do cute things, but you don't have to turn into a she-demon, put down others and expect to be treated like a God. Just have a good time. Weddings can be pretty fun.
  • gremma3 August 2012
    I have never watched this show before EVER. Just seeing the ads for it while watching a movie is enough. I hope and pray there are not really women acting this on the day they are to exchange vows with the man they love. This is just actors isn't it? God I hope so, a woman really acting like this is too selfish to be a wife or mother. Love is a gift, that two people are lucky enough to find one-another in this crazy world. A woman more concerned about appearance than vows of love should do a nice guy a favor and leave him alone. When ads for this come on I can't change the channel fast enough, I don't want to see any of these self centered, selfish, self important, spoiled people, in fact, they should be put down, otherwise they will pass these excellent values onto their children IF they are not too selfish to have children. This is an awful show, in fact the only time I watch your network at all is if you have a decent movie on. Have we really sunk so low that the common denominator are temper tantrums? An awful, awful display on human behavior.
  • Bridezillas was one of the most surreal shows I've ever watched in my entire life. Everything about it was completely different than what I anticipated it would be which was quite a disappointment to say the least. I had a hard time going through the episodes without getting irritated with the way everyone was acting. The bride would usually have anger outbursts, wouldn't stop cussing, rude and self-centred. The three brides that were in the two episodes had a hard time controlling their emotions and although they wanted everything to be perfect with the way they planned and envisioned their dream, we all have to understand that not everything in life goes the way we planned. Regardless, this shouldn't mean that we would blame everything on everyone around who is trying to help instead of being attacked (lots of familial problems). Another point, was the extra emphasis on materialism where the brides' focus isn't on perfecting the vows and walking down the aisle with her loved one, but instead with how expensive everything should be and how the dress should look like. One of the brides said that if the dress didn't fit her there would be no wedding and was serious about it (the wedding was two days away). One of the few good points about this show was the proper body representation of the brides and that the focus wasn't about creating an ideal body image. The brides would show their struggles in dealing with their body weight and fear that the dress might not fit the way they imagined it would. In my opinion, this show could've been a big hit and could've excelled all the other wedding shows if slight improvements were made. The brides can prevent the cussing and try to control themselves if a problem occurs instead of having mental breakdowns. Also, showing some respect to those people around them can certainly be another tip.