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  • This show is at its heart a series about the relationship between two girls: Ashley and Spencer. The actresses who play the roles have a strong chemistry and that holds the show together. It doesn't hurt that they are surrounded by other engaging characters. The show is very well written, and a realistic example of high school in LA.

    All the characters interact with one another and build believable relationships. Ashley and Spencer meet and instantly click, we can believe they're best friends. We can also believe the dorky Clay can become friends with cool smart guy Sean. Though Glen and Aiden are both big, dumb jocks we can accept that they don't like each other very much because certain girls coming between them: Glen's sister Spencer and Aiden's ex, Madison.

    At the focus, Aiden's other ex, Ashley, is drawn to Spencer, the new girl questioning her sexuality. Ashley is openly gay. It's interesting to see where the stories go each week.
  • nat006b111 September 2006
    "South of Nowhere" airs on The-N, a fairly new channel that from 6am to 6pm is mainly aimed at small children. Who would think they would ever pick this kind of show, right? Let me inform you that even though SON is not perfect in any way.. it makes up for in storyline and content. Never before a TV show has featured its main character, especially a teenage girl, coming to terms with her sexuality and that being one of the main points of the show. It's more than just a kiss between 2 girls for ratings... rather than just showing the physical stuff... the focus is on the story itself and Spencer's journey in finding out who she really is...more about character development... especially with the two main characters... I'm so excited to have this show, I see myself in Spencer 3 years ago... her struggle to find out who she is and accepting it, but still afraid of rejection from her family as well as everyone else... all this while falling in love for the first time. Gabrielle Christian (Spencer) and Mandy Musgrave (Ashley) have made these characters their own... and they both share an amazing chemistry together, which makes the story more believable. Just to have this kind of show on TV is an amazing thing... I just wish more people knew about it... but slowly the show is getting more and more attention... already about to premiere its second season, Sept. 29th and we just found out it has been renewed for a third season... so more Spashley!!! I would highly recommend this show to anyone... very cute story, real, groundbreaking...
  • My first impression with this series was that it was going to be angst ridden and full of stupid lines about how being a teen dealing with sexuality was difficult. The hardships of sexuality is dealt with but it really travels beyond that. It deals with trying to be accepted at a new school in a new world and trying to find yourself in the process. It deals with many different character trials and really gets to the point. There are many story lines going on at once and it gives a well-roundedness that is very much needed in television. To the untrained eye it is a boring soap that is just another drama for teens. But it's much more than that. It's true to life and how people react to situations.

    Being a white straight girl I found I could still relate with every character and everything they went through. All in all, very good series.
  • The-N has developed a reputation for being a network aimed toward Teens that is not afraid to push the envelope in telling their stories the way life is. Degrassi, the network's most popular show, is another example of this type of truth in storytelling. It has never sugar coated the truths that some teens live, no matter what the subject may be. And because of that, it has won awards.

    Following in this tradition, we now have South of Nowhere. It is a story of a family uprooted to Los Angeles. The three brothers and sisters now have to deal with a life that is far different from what they were used to.

    So far, the show has dealt with racism, questioning sexuality, and fitting in. And no, it is not afraid to deal with these subjects honestly.

    So far it has been very careful to offer both sides of a story where two opinions exist. The sibling's parents come from both sides of the spectrum, one being very liberal, the other conservative.

    I don't believe it is the producer's intent to push a specific agenda for teens, as much as it is to provide them with an honest look at the typical teenage existence, which from what I remember, is not as cut and dry as some would like it to be.
  • This show is truly amazing. I started watching it when it first came out last year, I was hooked from the beginning, It brings real issues that teens face everyday to the worlds knowledge. The heartbreak, drugs,sexual relationships and sexual identity. The acting is top notch, and the way the story has been written for the characters couldn't be any better. Personally I love the relationship between Spencer and Ashley, The beginning for them was rough, but from the time you were introduced to the characters you see the spark. Ashley is totally open with her sexuality, but Spencer was having a tough time telling her parents, Which is a major issue today with teens being afraid of who they are because of what someone will think or say, This show touches a spot in everyone and I love it, and would recommend it to anyone, Whether your looking to get something out of it or maybe you just need a break from the pointless TV shows today....Give it a shot, you'll love it. A 10/10 NO DOUBT!
  • i started watching SON when it aired its 5th episode. i found out about the show through i was looking for an article to prove Angelina Jolie was bi and found an interview of Gabrielle Christian (Spencer) i read it and was instantly hooked. then i read recaps for every episode i missed and got all caught up. i think the show is absolutely amazing. its a great teen show and has something in it for every viewer. the relationship between Spencer and Ashley is handled very tastefully. its good that the show has story lines involving race, drugs, and sexual identity. the actresses and actors are really good and the story lines are written perfectly. Spencer and Ashley start as friends but viewers can tell right away from the first episode that they have great chemistry and will end up having a relationship as they did. the first season ended leaving viewers with the question, did they or didn't they have sex with each other that night. it was a great way to end and keep viewers hooked and next season will have to deal with the answer to that question and the next question, will the relationship last. Ashley has difficulties with relationships and has admitted to hooking up with random girls for no reason. on the flip side shes in love with Spencer and has never felt that before for any girl and is worried Spencer might be the one to brake her heart. Spencer has also never had these feelings before. Ashley is the first girl that Spencer has cared for that way and has been that close to and is ready to try the relationship out. these two both have strong feelings for each other and i hope it all works out in the next season and their love gets as strong as ever, they make a great couple and the chemistry is undeniable!
  • This show is so well written. South of Nowhere is by far one of the best I have ever seen because of not only great writing but the acting is stunning. The main characters Ashley (played by Mandy Musgrave) and Spencer (played by Gabrielle Christian) nail the parts. Through flawless dialogue, amazing chemistry, both physical and facial expressions you fall in love right along with both of them. The show deals not only with sexuality but race, fame, loss, divorce, drugs, so many issues and is so realistic you get totally engaged. It is so important to see a show that speaks realistically to the audience. Watching this show catch fire warms my heart. They are bringing so much needed understanding to not only their age group but to many others. I first became aware of this show because of the L Word boards where the girls were raving about it. From the first show I saw I was hooked. From what I have read of the second season it looks to be as cutting edge as the first. Another amazing thing to see is how well loved these actresses are outside of these roles by their fans. How kind they are to them, that surely makes watching the career of these talented ladies even more special. I would keep an eye out for these two and the rest of the cast you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Certainly this is entertainment with a message.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm going to start with the negatives first. But stay right here, there really are positives coming after wards! Spoilers ahead.

    1. Character development and writing- With some characters there is a believable arc, such as Spencer's mother's growing acceptance of her daughter's sexuality. But some of the characters and the writing really can be inconsistent.

    2. Aiden is not a likable character - Whether its the way he's played or the way he's written, Aiden does not make an interesting part of a love triangle nor even a good addition to the show. I would have much preferred a guy like Glen as Aidan.

    3. Losing its focus - While the show started out centered around Spencer's family, I think it lost some of that in the drama and other characters. If there were more seasons, a return would be nice.

    4. Cheese factor - I'm sorry but this has to be included. This can be an extremely cheesy show. The girl's apologize to each other more than I've apologized in my lifetime.

    Now for the good things about this show. Because I do enjoy it.

    1. Chemistry - Mandy and Gaby have so much chemistry as Spencer and Ashley that they really bring the roles alive and make you root for them as a couple.

    2. Season 1 - Its fantastic. The flirting is great. The best of the 3 seasons by far.

    3. Funny - This show can pack a few one liners. I can generally count on Ashley to make me laugh.

    4. The issues - You have to give it points for having a show that revolves around a gay couple and tackling other teen issues.

    Is this show perfection personified? No. But its worth a watch. I warn you; its addictive!
  • Caveat--I'm gay, and I immensely enjoy watching a show where coming out is about going on dates with hot girls, not contemplating slitting your wrists. Really, because that's what it should be about. It's just as exciting/nervewracking for queer girls to discover girls as it is for straight girls to discover boys.

    That said, it's not exactly the best writing on TV. The acting's not bad--especially from the female lead and her will-they-won't-they best friend--but all the actors are done in the by the over-the-top dialog and unrealistic plot lines. Unlike Degrassi, I don't think I'd tune in without the gay plot line to keep me interested.

    On the other hand, the entire cast is made up of pretty/handsome young things a la the OC. And there's nothing wrong with a little eye candy.
  • OK, first let me start by saying, I am a 17 year old teen in Los Angeles, California. Most public schools in CA are the same, over crowed, there's always one dumb kid in the AP classes, and there is always some 'hidden genius'. I love this show because it truly pushes the envelop and explores sexuality and racism. I attend a school that's 75 percent African American and about 24 percent hispanic, with 1 percent other. The divisions within the show between the black the black and white families, could easily be seen on TV with black and hispanic families.

    I love the family completely because the mom and dad have built a home on love trust and faith, and even though each has been tested since moving to CA, they still remain sane, which isn't what I can say for my family. Also--props to the writer that wanted one of the adopted kids to be black, the show gets an extra point for that-there I said it! (it was brave, and they tackle the issue very nice, I might add) I love Ashley and Spencer because they place two characters on television that I have never seen before, Ashley an open lesbian, and Spencer, a girl questioning her sexuality. Adian is just there, he's okay.

    CLay and his friend are truly moving characters. The show may me happy when they portrayed their geniuses in a positive light.

    Madison! She's the best because I have the same type of cheerleaders at my show, only they're black.
  • Hazelxeyez7813 September 2006
    I used to watch Degrassi on The-N almost everyday. I just began watching it again and i noticed that in season 5 Paige turns gay. It left me with an "OMG" expression on my face because well, she's probably the person you'd least expect. Then a friend of mine told me about South of Nowhere. I watched 1 episode and fell in love instantly. Not just with Spencer/Ashely but with the whole idea. I stayed up all night and watched the whole first season. People say I wouldn't even get the show because I'm only 12. But i understand it fully and I must say I am very impressed. It's nothing like I thought it would be. If you haven't seen it, then you should. Second season starts on September 29th and, they are already shooting season 3.
  • I didn't watch South of Nowhere from the very beginning, but while I was looking through channels I noticed South of Nowhere was on and it was the scene from Girls Guide to Dating when Ashley tells Spencer the girls guide to dating girls. I was very intrigued by both girls and thought they would be good in a relationship. South of Nowhere to me has gone further than the seven seasons of Degrassi with the story lines especially when it comes to sexual orientations, teen issues such as identity, homophobia, pregnancy, school shooting, etc. The-n canceling the show would be the biggest mistake on their part for letting Spashley fade when their story is far from over.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm so glad that the The-N channel brought back "South of Nowhere" for another season this is just a show that I cheer for! A great story you have the Carlin family who move from a small Ohio town all the way to Los Angeles to start a new life, only to find as always new challenges and problems await, like the overcrowded public school system. Gabrielle Christian a teenage girl who is ambitious, free-spirited and sexy, questioning her own sexuality all the way.

    I can also say, that this show seems misplaced on The-N channel. Yes, I know Degrassi is similar to this (maybe even a little bit more risky). It does deal with a mother and father, and their teenagers in their new life, and the concern for safety and love in the city of angels, but there are some touchy situations this show touches base with, such as sexuality. I have no problem with a single part of this show, but the surprise is the channel it airs. Not many people have The-N and I would have liked if it got more exposure. I know it would seem fairly normal on a regular cable TV channel, but The-N is a bit risky. I didn't completely believe it myself, but it's true. The Carlin family meet people who take drugs, lesbians, teenagers who have sex.

    I must say I was sick of these television shows set in Los Angeles in an all-white, not overcrowded public school. That's not how it really is! I am all for risk, and to that I can say I hope to see more of this show around. It's a fun show to watch and portrays Los Angeles accurately.
  • sophiaXOXO10 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    South of Nowhere is one of my favorite shows. there are many different things going on for different characters, which makes it really good. it is a lot like some other shows, like Degrassi, One tree hill, and Beyond the break. it is basically about Spencer Carlin, a girl who just decided that she is gay, and she is going out with Ashley. s.o.n shows the struggles in their relationship and that Ashley may be involved with Aiden. Spencer and her family have just moved to LA from a small town. she has two brothers who are about her age, Glen and Clay (Clay is adopted and black, and the show also deals with him struggling with his identity, and his feelings about being reunited with his birth mother). Spencers mom is very conservative and disapproves of Spencer being gay. I totally love this show, it is realistic about what many teens go though. i was hooked the first episode i saw.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ever since I have started to watch SON, I have hooked on this show. I love this show!! I have watched it again and again. The show talks about every major life issue in today's teens lives- sexual orientation, drugs, gangsters, violence, race, and most importantly, love and friendships. The 2 main characters, Gaby and Mandy, have GREAT chemistry, which holds up the show entirely and keeps me so interested for always wanting to watch more. They are sooooo cute together. It would have been great if they were a couple in real life. These two started off as friends then lovers, then they went thru a nasty break up, and then back together to face the future. These 2 actresses are so young and talented. They are AMAZING. The other supporting characters are quite good, too. I can not believe the show will be cancelled after season 3B. In today's TV shows, there are really not too many shows around and SON is really one of the few. I really wish the show can continue on for another season or 2. One always wonders what happens after Spencer gets into college and Ashley gets into the entertainment business. Can their relationship hold up against the challenges that life and society bring to them?? Now that will always be a question since the show will be cancelled.
  • Tom Lynch mentioned in one of the 'behind the scenes' clips, that he got the inspiration to start the show because one of his close friends, just had their son come out as gay. And so he started South of Nowhere which tells the tale of Spencer, who had just moved to LA, and Ashley - a presumed bisexual high school student.

    The short-lived television series managed to tell the story of Spashley from start to finish, while not just LBGT viewers, but everyone took away some sort life lesson. The show has helped me, and so many other people from the LGBT community feel normal, and feel like there are others like us, and it does get better. South of Nowhere took you through the step by step journey of the bi-curious high school girl, to coming out, and dealing with it after wards. South of Nowhere has succeeded in helping the lives of young teenagers who may not have it very easy. The coming out story of Spencer portrayed the cold, harsh reality of someone coming out to their friends and family members... And it was extremely accurate! Watching this show made me feel as if I wasn't alone out there and that eventually, with time, you will gain acceptance and people will realize that sexual orientation doesn't change you.

    South of Nowhere definitely deserves 10 stars, as short-lived as it was, it could not have done a better job at showing the reality of the 'pre-coming out, coming out and post-coming out' stages. I recommend this show to anyone, not only to those part of the LGBT community.
  • i am OBBSESSED with this show, and i hate it. i seriously think i should find a new TV show to love. but for now this is def my favorite show, very real. Mandy Musgrave and Gabriel Christian are great together. They would make a cute real life couple. I'm straight and you definitely do not have to be gay or lesbian to watch this show. Anyone can relate too it. Real problems that real teenagers go through. But if you are homophobic i don't think that this is a good show for you. Once again, i love this show more then life and i really wish that the seasons weren't so far apart. If i could meet any actress in the world it would be Mandy Musgrave. I've never been jealous of any girl before until i saw her, she is geourgus.
  • billburris-123 January 2006
    What a fireball!!! She obviously has some insecurity issues.

    They picked the perfect actress to play her, she is someone that you love to hate.

    I hope they increase her part 'cause I can't get enough of her. Beautiful and talented.

    I met her in person (Valery Ortiz) and she is the sweetest person, unlike her character and totally cool. Really family oriented and down to earth.

    I can't wait to see her in "The Date Movie". Does she have anything else out?