Ann: There's no food left. Only the dogs. And Mrs. Hillman is refusing to clean unless I pay her what I apparently owe her. Like all poor people, she's obsessed with money.

Laing: You know, Toby, when I was your age, I was always covered in something. Mud, jam, failure... My father never associated himself with anything dirty. Or real.

Toby: My father's up there.

Laing: You mean, in heaven?

Toby: Heaven isn't real, stupid.

[last lines]

Anthony Royal: How dare you JUDGE ME!

[last lines]

Richard Wilder: You just sit there... and think about what you've done

Ann: Right, which one of you bastards is going to fuck me up the arse?

Laing: [on the building] Prone to bouts of mania, narcissism and power failure.

[repeated line]

Simmons: You won't be needing that

Simmons: [when told he's fired] I don't WORK for YOU... I WORK for the BUILDING

Laing: [on Wilder] He's probably the sanest man in the building.

Richard Wilder: Doesn't it seem odd, Laing? That a man can fall from the thirty-ninth floor, and not one police car turn up? Where's the investigation, Laing? I mean, where's the sirens? Laing!

Charlotte: You know, you look much better without your clothes on. You're lucky. Not many people do.

Nathan Steele: Looks like the rot's set in

Pangbourne: [about to throw someone off the high rise] Time for your flying lesson

Cosgrove: You'll never work in television again

Ann: [laughing after Royal has hit her] That's the first time he's touched me in over six months!

Laing: It's my paint!