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  • I first bought MGS3: Snake eater after renting it about forty times because I loved it so much. Than for my birthday last year I bought Subsistance and fell even more in love. The only thing that ever bothered me about Snake Eater was the camera but I got used to it. Then Subsistance made it the best ever. This game had one of the greatest stories of any game ever and the best replay value by far. Plus the different ways to take on a situation keep the game play fresh. The boss battle are creative with several different strategies to take them out. (Unless your one of those speed gamers who just rushes through them) With magnificent graphics,(I have an Xbox 360 and this game still impressesme) and amazing action/stealth game play, this game is truly unique. The game designers clearly worked hard to study how the guns work because there only a few errors in total. Nothing beats the feeling of taking out 8 guards with your Colt M1911A1 and get eight head shots without alerting anyone. This game is so amazing, that I can't imagine how good MGS4 will be. I'd give this game a 100/10!!!! As many say that "The Godfather" is the movie to end all movies, This game is the game to end all games.....Bravo Hideo Kojima, another masterpiece.
  • gabzstorey0730 December 2006
    I recently got subsistence as a Christmas present and i just had to comment on how good this game is!! a long time ago i played metal gear solid 1 and it changed my life, and the way i view films or games. it was amazing and when MGS 2 came out it was also very good but didn't leave me feeling quite as astounded with its extremely complex story and half the game you had too play with a certain raiden guy. But i hadnt played Snake eater then and it really did live up to my expectations, fantastic gameplay great graphics and gripping storyline. i was right until the end i looked back and thought what a bloody good game and then headed onto the online game which is also fantastic.any1 out there who hasn't played it go to the shop right now! especially if you haven't played the original mgs 3
  • mikko8522 October 2006
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    Warning: Spoilers
    Because I'm a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, I just had to get this version of Snake Eater that was released in 2005 here in Europe, so I could get my hands on the MG-MSX games that came out in -87 and -90 that are included in Subsistence. I'm a little disappointed that those games (at least Metal Gear 1) were altered; a good part of the beginning of MG1 was chopped off so you don't start it all in the jungle but from the military base you're supposed to infiltrate later in the game. I can't help to wonder why. Unlikely that it didn't all fit into the disc because you could've dropped one of the Secret Theater-vids off(which were hilarious for the most part). Graphics were altered too in MG1, although it's not too much of a problem.

    That they also added an online mode to Subsistence looks to work really great. Solid. This feature makes you think it'd be a really good idea to purchase an adapter for multiplayer fun. If you already have it, it's only good for you.

    The new camera angle for the real core game of Subsistence where you can rotate the view 360 degrees around Snake, works too and deepens the experience to the point of intense, I think. Though, I was left wanting the camera to be a little more far away from Snake, but it does its work fine anyway. It's great for them to allow changing back to the original camera view by pressing R3, because in a few points in the game the original works better. Other than that the game's the same ol' immense stealth action package with a cool, greatly written script, where you'll find new things the more you play it (currently playing to catch Japanese model picture posters on camera.. <_<).

    There's also a rare limited release available. In it, there's a third disc which houses a movie adaptation of the game with re-shot scenes. It's nothing that special compared to the standard two disc version, but they say if one couldn't finish Snake Eater and would've still liked to see the story to the end; or if your friend is interested in the game's storyline but isn't that interested in seeing it played, this is the chance for that.

    So, in short, an expanded and better version of an already recognized masterpiece.