[first lines]

Miss Kane, the Tutor: All right, ladies. Today I'm going to read you something by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It's one of my favorite poems and I think you will both enjoy this.

Miss Kane, the Tutor: Some people have learning disorders and Taylor is obviously one of those people... and I have a way of working with people like this.

[scene cuts to Taylor stripped naked and tied to a chair]

Taylor: What are you doing? This is ridiculous.

Miss Kane, the Tutor: Taylor, you see sometimes people don't understand my methods, but in the long run you'll be thankful when you get straight A's in literature. Now, we're going to have to gag that mouth of yours. You'll be much more susceptible to learning after I work my magic with you.

[Taylor brags about her knowledge of British poetry]

Miss Kane, the Tutor: So you think you're so smart.

Taylor: I know I'm so smart.

Stacy: There are no pictures in the book, so I doubt it.

Miss Kane, the Tutor: [to Taylor] Read. Let's read that lovely piece of poetry I just read - with the same inflections - with the gag on! It will help your speaking voice.