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  • This standard issue all-sexer from Sin City's substandard Mayhem label is the usual junk: five vignettes of infidelity on the half shell. The catchy title is unrelated to the content.

    With Trina Michaels easily winning breast in show honors, not much of interest occurs. I was able to correctly guess the anonymous auteur as Francois Clousot, given the time frame here and his credit of merely "Francois". He is identifiable visually in the BTS short subject, manning the camera and instructing the talent on what to do.

    Some attempts at style are wasted (FC should have saved them for a feature assignment), as each vignette is introduced by split-screen showing the actres naked with various body parts spotlighted, and the brief set-up "acting" portion of each scene starting with the cast in almost rictus shit-eating-grin mode, before unfreezing to limn their paper-thin characters. Two attractive French imports: Nomi (striking blonde of many a Dorcel picture) and Pamela Princess brighten up the show.