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  • I can talk very well about Tadeo Jones. Basically because i have produced it :-) Our goal was to make a high quality 35 mm animation shortcut, with home based computers.

    Tadeo began like a parody of Indiana Jones, but screenplay after screenplay began to develop its own personality and became a visual comic. We made 9 versions of the screenplay.

    Tadeo lasts 9 minutes 17 seconds, which took us almost a whole year to produce. It is made at a 2k Resolution and needs 85 GB of Hardisk space without sound.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Tadeo Jones" is a 9-minute animated movie from Spain. No spoken language in here, so you won't need subtitles. The director and one of the writers is Enrique Gato and for him this the beginning of the Tadeo universe. A second short film followed and there is also a full feature film out there I believe. But this one here does not get me curious about these I must say. Animation is mediocre at best, the story is also forgettable and relies entirely on the plot twist at the very end and that is just not enough, not even for this short duration. Also I personally did not really like the ending because it somewhat took away from the idea that you can have true adventures even these days. And well yes, the film is definitely an attempt to cash in with the popularity of Indiana Jones, so not really too original and you see it early on. Overall, it is somewhat fitting that one of the film's producers posted a 10/10 review here because you really need to be attached to the film to love it that much. It's really nothing special at all. Don't watch.
  • bob10095720 September 2005
    Description says language is Spanish, but as I cant remember any dialogue don't let this put you off whatever your native tongue. The "Jones" in the title may give some clue as to the nature of this brilliant little animated piece that has the rare quality of appealing both to youngsters and adults but on different levels. It started like an adventure drama but soon had me chuckling all the way to the end. The last few scenes are accurately portrayed and funny, even funnier for cynics who've "been there".

    I know very little about the production team but with a finished product as good as this you could be forgiven for thinking that it came from a Hollywood biggie!