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  • This is an average but still of course perfectly watchable German animated production of the well known story of the fictive characters Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, by German author Karl May. An author who wrote several stories about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, who are a rail road constructor and chief of the Apaches, who become blood brothers after saving each others life at several occasions.

    To me it seemed that this production was mostly inspired by the Disney movie "Pocahontas", which also is about Indians. Several characters show some resemblances, most notably the comical sidekicks.

    The comedy however mostly feels awkward and just isn't very funny but that's because this is a German production. Germans just aren't widely known for having the best sense of humor. It doesn't make this the most fun animated production to watch but the story is interesting and likable enough to keep the movie worthwhile, even though it has some very weak aspects in it and ridicules improbabilities. Most young children shall probably be bored pretty soon while watching this.

    It's animations are really typically looking. You known, it's the kind of animated movie that uses zoom and camera-movements without that the drawings are really accustomed for it. There isn't spend too time on backgrounds or complicated movements. In some cases sequences even make sudden jumps and cuts, to avoid animations from ever becoming too complicated or time-consuming for the animators. Also the overall style is kept at all times simple.

    I'm sure that there are some better 'Winnetou and Old Shatterhand' productions around, nevertheless this production still remains a watchable one, if you really have nothing else to do.