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  • This movie was truly a disappointment. I absolutely loved the first one, and would definitely give it 10 stars! When I heard that there was a second one, I was really happy, and thought that I might enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed the first one. Well, I definitely did not!! Maybe if you just decided to watch this one and not the first one, you might like it, but to have watched the first one, and then this one, this should be a disappointment! First off they basically just copy lines and scenes from the first one, which makes it even worse, because the scenes aren't good in this movie. I have many other reasons, but to make it easier, it just wasn't good!! I mean I'm a girl who watches a lot of chick flicks, even bad ones and actually enjoy some of them! This one was horrible; so please, if your interested in this type of movie watch the first one, it is way better, funnier, and I promise you that you will enjoy it a lot more than you would enjoy this one!
  • Lu-2124 February 2006
    The movie is an updated retelling of The Cutting Edge. This time showcasing the daughter of Kate Mosley and Doug Dorsey named Jackie. Forget about the original as you sit down to watch this movie. This is a stand alone movie with its own storyline that does not keep the daughter in the shadow of her own parents. She makes her own success and failures. She is the perfect blend of her parents best and worst attitudes.

    It shows the struggle entailed when you need to get back on your feet in a totally different world than what you are used to. It's always nice to have a companion when going down a new road. Specially when you are both new to that world (pair skating) and have to learn to become one. It also helps when Jackie's companion (Alex) turns out to be the best friend and enemy she can have as he mirrors her own strengths and weaknesses. Alex forces Jackie to realize that she can't do everything alone and yeah, it's okay to show your emotions. Without Alex, Jackie had all but forgotten that "It's not worth winning if you don't fight for it."

    It is nice to see the characters as less rigid than their original counterparts. With the love story taking place both on and off the ice. It shows that athletes are human as well and enjoy the occasional time off to celebrate and just kick back and relax. With Jackie's parents being supportive all the way and allowing her room to make mistakes and correct them with their love, support and guidance.

    The movie is a good companion piece to The Cutting Edge. It caters to a whole new generation of fans and is destined to become a classic on its own eventually. A+++ for good clean fun.
  • jnewlun17 March 2006
    I thought the film was very good and it was great to observe the interaction with the skaters and the parents. It was similar to the first film; however had enough of it's own story to keep one's interest. I was wondering why Mrs. Dorsey is not listed in your credits. I felt that Stepfanie Kramer did an outstanding job as the mother and she even looks enough like Christy to convince the viewer they are related. I would hope that she could be added to your page along with her other performances on TV such as her role in Hunter and many other made for TV movies. The skating feats are amazing and the dancing is well choreographed. I would watch this film again and may consider purchasing it with the first sequel for my personal library.
  • I cannot express in words how awful this movie is. Maybe if you gouge your eyes out, graciously overlook the ridiculously bad writing and acting, and try not to compare it with the infinitely better original you might walk away only moderately traumatized. Personally, I feel like I need a shower after seeing it. This sequel has all the silliness of the The Cutting Edge with none of the charm (not to mention none of the original cast). If I could give it a negative rating I would gladly do so; it's an unnecessary film that is so bad it almost goes so far as to ruin the original. I would rather see Kate and Doug get hit by a zamboni than believe that their union spawned this 'Jackie' creature. Horrible. Props to D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly for skating away from a clear disaster.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge fan of The cutting Edge (1)... and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel. This sequel was awful. Christy Romano was so awkward in skates, and the plot just plain stunk.

    She kept making these strange faces, and scrunching up her forehead into an ugly bunch of wrinkles.

    The only thing that was interesting in this movie was the guy that played her love interest. He was just plain nice to look at.

    The plot had so many holes, you didn't really care to keep up.

    During the interview included in the Special Features, Christy Romano said that this movie was better than the first.....who does she think she is kidding?
  • sk14725513 March 2006
    I didn't find this movie all that bad, especially for one that didn't appear in theaters. I saw it on TV and for a "made-for-TV" movie I liked it. The acting wasn't awesome or anything but Christy Carlson Ramano and Ross Thomas made the roles believable. At the end of the movie I couldn't help but smiling, I thought it was an adorable and perfect ending. I thought the overall plot line was pretty good as well. I really bought right into the whole movie, but maybe that's because I'm some teenage girl who likes sappy love stories and figure skating. Anyways, overall I liked the movie and would recommend it, more for young teen girls who like this kind of genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, I must admit that "The Cutting Edge" is one of my most favorite movies ever. Therefore, my disappointment of "Going For The Gold" might be a result of too high expectations, but still... I'm not happy with what I just saw. Anyway, first things first.

    Perhaps I should start with the performance of the two leading characters. Sadly, Joey Paul has done quite a terrible job with the casting. It was almost a nightmare to watch the uninspired and unconvincing Christy Romano, who played as if she didn't really understand the part. Yes, I do admit that Jackie is a somewhat complicated character but that's no excuse for not even trying to get the job done.

    And if there's something more disappointing than Christy's performance that would be the pathetic acting of Ross Thomas. What were they thinking? That guy not only had no understanding of the character he was playing, but his acting skill is also quite questionable after such a poor performance.

    Sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, here comes the good news. The script by Dan Berendsen is actually pretty good. There are lots of fresh ideas, directed nicely by Sean McNamara. He didn't really manage to catch the spirit of the big tournament, but this time the script's not all about the Olympics anyway.

    The rest of the cast did what they could and really deserve admirations for their effort. Very likable performance by Scott Baker and maybe even Christine Lakin, although her part was too small to actually appreciate the actress' skill.

    Well, looking at what I've written so far, I must admit that it sounds much worse than I thought it would. I did enjoy the movie, but I suppose I'm too much of a figure skating fan, so those movies come with some extra magic even if almost everything else goes wrong.

    -- Blady
  • I really wanted to like this movie. The original was so good. I saw this one on broadcast TV. It might have been TV editing that screwed it up but there are still too many flaws. It simply doesn't measure up to the original story. It lacks the spark and pizazz of the original. Contrary to what the previous critic said, if you are going to use the same title and the same character names in this sequel, you have to invite comparison. The movie just stumbled along right until the end. There was some very nice skating but even that was kind of pieced together. I felt that every time they changed angles they were simply cutting out another fall. (Sorry, just the way it looked to me). In the end I had to ask myself why I had wasted my time.
  • The featured comment that gives an "A+++ for good clean fun" to this film is written like a studio authored press blurb. I'm a little suspicious of the author as I just saw the DVD and I can say that this film competes with "Highlander II: The Quickening" as the worst sequel ever. I was a fan of Christy Romano until this movie. Mostly because she is hot, but also because she acts with so much energy. She had the acting breadth of a soap actress in this film. She projected three emotions; bemused, upset and completely blank, and used them over and over again, sometimes inappropriately. That would be fine for a half an hour TV show, but it was a snore here. It was like she took the Ren Stevens character from "Even Stevens", renamed her Jackie and threw her into this film. Ross Thomas did a good job of playing a "dude" character, but every non-skating scene between the two was dragged down by Ms. Romano's Jackie. As to the film itself, it played like an episode of "Baywatch" complete with montages of unrelated people and things used to transition to the next scene and pop songs in the background that drown out the actors dialog. It's "Baywatch" on ice. What a shame.
  • Jackie Dorsey (Christy Carlson Romano) is the daughter of Olympic skaters Kate Mosley and Doug Dorsey (from the first Cutting Edge film). She has been a singles skater, and a fine one but, during a competition, she falls hard and breaks a leg. Her parents are very concerned but doctors say the leg will heal and Jackie is determined to skate again. However, the young, very lovely ice princess decides to become a pairs skater, thinking that she can rely on the support of a partner, should her leg give her trouble. While continuing the healing process on a California beach, Jackie meets Alex (Ross Thomas), a hotshot surfer and line skater. A romance begins but he doesn't know who she is and she doesn't know that he might already have a girlfriend. When these revelations come to light, Jackie heads back to Connecticut, in a huff. Nevertheless, Alex begins skating lessons in a quest to become Jackie's new partner. Amazingly, he is a natural and, although Jackie is very reluctant, at first, they become a winning duo. Yet, complications are still present, for Alex and Jackie run hot and cold, on and off the ice, and Alex's old girlfriend re-enters the picture right before the Olympics. How will this mixed-up twosome fare in the most important competition of their lives? This is a nice film for fans of the first movie and of romantic drama in general. In fact, it echoes the original flick on many occasion, from Jackie's prima donna attitude, like her mother, Kate's, to Alex's wandering eye for the female sex, just like Jackie's dad, Doug Dorsey. Then, too, if the two main actors, Romano and Thomas, are not quite on par with Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney, of the first film, they are attractive and talented in their own ways. Naturally, the scale of the movie is not as grand, either in costuming, sets, or production but it is certainly adequate. As for the skating scenes, they are very nice indeed. A number of real life skating stars, including Oksana Baiul, make cameos so, dear viewer, keep a watch out. There are, perhaps, some viewers who may object to the fast-and-loose morals of Alex, with good reason. Therefore, parents might want to watch and discuss the film with their children before a joint viewing. But, really, this is quite a nice movie for lovers of skating and/or romance. Although it may not be a "gold medal" flick, it is certainly able to happily entertain its target audience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think this movie was good. There were some parts that I couldn't help but think were repeats of the first movie. Like when she says, "Toe-pick!" and the ending. In both movies, they don't get their feelings out until they're up for the medal-winning skate. Have you noticed that? Of course, in this one, Jackie tells her true feelings before then, but Alex waits until they're actually on the ice. Then, both movies end with them on the ice. So you're sitting there, staring at the TV saying, "Hello? Is that it?" But despite all this, the first one is one of my favorites, so I suppose it's alright for it to be repeated some in the second movie. :)

    I agree that this movie definitely should not be compared to the first one. Mainly because if it is, you'll be disappointed. But standing alone, it is a wonderful movie. I warn you not to watch it with expectations, however. If you watch the movie with an open-mind and not comparing it to the first, you'll find that this movie can pleasantly surprise you. All-in-all, it's a charming movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen Christy Carlson Romano act in other movies (Disney movies) with more passion than in this movie. This is basically a remake of the Cutting Edge, except the guy, Alex, is engaged this time rather than the girl. I hate when sequels are made and are an exact replica of the first. How about some originality? How about a different plot line instead? Okay, here's the storyline. Jackie is the daughter of the original CE skaters Doug and Kate, so we see that they have moved on to marriage and had a daughter who is the blend of them both, but with more of Kate's stubbornness. Alex, Jackie's new partner, has a fiancé when in the original Kate was the one with the fiancé. They of course have this passionate love/hate relationship and Jackie is too prideful and too fearful of getting hurt (hence the Kate in her) to tell Alex that she wants to be with him. He, of course, has feelings for her, but at the same time feels obligated to Heidi (like Kate did). I don't know, this movie left me feeling indifferent. The conclusion of the movie, which is supposed to be major drama and romance, was very dry! The climax, which should be this big overwhelming emotion, was like, "Oh, by the way, you can't get rid of me because I love you." Right there on the ice as they are waiting for the music to start...doesn't give her much time to respond, so they have to show it during the program; I just didn't feel the chemistry. I think From Justin to Kelly had more chemistry going on and that movie was pretty bad too. Ms. Romano has a wonderful voice, maybe like Kelly Clarkson, she too should stick to
  • The original Cutting Edge wasn't classic cinema by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a fun little movie in its own way. This sequel has all of the bad qualities of the original film, and absolutely none of the good ones. The actors barely "act", the skating is ridiculous (and haven't they figured out yet that competitions aren't done under spotlights, pairs don't skate to vocal music, and the music doesn't start until the skaters are out in the middle of the ice?), and the dialog is straight out of a high-schooler's fanfic.

    The overbearing use of soundtrack music is another problem with the film; it's used to tell you exactly what the characters are thinking, almost constantly. It rarely stops. And the thing is, they have to do this because the acting is so poor that the music is really the only way to get the emotions across. Music in movies can be great, but in this one it really seemed overdone and the lyrics far too literally connected to the plot. (It's not an opera, you know...)

    Currently there are a bunch of 10 ratings for this film; they have got to be shill votes, because this is just not a good movie in any sense. Also, the earlier poster who claimed that the original Cutting Edge was actually from 1980... um, no. You are probably thinking of Ice Castles (1978) -- and if you are looking for an ice skating-themed romance, try that movie instead. It's dated, but far, far better than this low-budget travesty.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    if they had ended this "movie" at the beginning, right after letting us know that yes indeed "that hockey player", and the b**** had won the gold in Albertville, this would have been sufficient. the original CUTTING EDGE, which is, by no means an art-house film, was so much better. i liked the original, and watch it again from time to time. the sequel did not have to be made. the writing was painful, the acting was painful, and the conclusion was painful. Jackie, the heroine and daughter, completes a triple axel in her repertoire at the beginning. i suspect that even blase figure-skating fans know that this is an exceptional feat by a female figure skater. but, alas, nothing is made of this. perhaps the writer felt we as film fans would not know nor care about this detail. but my suspicion is that there are very few film fans, or anyone, out there, that is as stupid as this film. when i examine why i bothered watching GOING FOR GOLD, it was 1) out of extreme boredom 2)to watch the skating, which, choreographed by Isley, could have had some promise 3)to find out what colour medal kate and doug had won in Albertville. now, there's the true fantasy. not that a hockey player, or an EXtreme skate boarder could convert their skills to figure skating, but that the ISU would allow an American pairs team to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • Once upon time, when the earth was green, an obscure and unambitious little young adult romcom was produced in Canada. The name of the film was The Cutting Edge. To the great surprise of everyone both in front of, and behind, the camera, the film was magical, a genuine phenom, and became (and still is!) a cult classic. If you have not seen it, stop reading this and go find a copy. NOW.

    (Yes, yes, I know, before the email starts, the official IMDb profile says that CE1 was a US production but if you read the fine print, you will see that all filming was done in and around Toronto. Which means that most of the production staff were Canadian. Which makes this a first-generation Canadian film. Understand this -- there is a reason that most first-gen Canadian films have never been seen or heard of again. To be able to say that CE1 actually became a classic is ... extraordinary.) OK, back to CE2, a direct to video production. The good news is the performance of Christy Carlson Romano. It is never less than good and often more than great. It literally sustains the weak script (in many places a copy of CE1) and forgettable performances from the rest of the cast. Not their fault though. Looks like it was produced on a shoestring.

    I read the IMDb reviews which tout that this film is good enough to stand on its own. Ugh! Listen, if not for the success of CE1, which started the franchise, this production would never have happened. At the end of the day, THAT is the acid test.
  • I was hoping that since the first movie was so good that this one would at least place as a good use of time. Boy was I wrong. This movie is a perfect example of the kind of commercially motivated crap that Hollywood is putting out these days. Nothing but shallow characters with smart mouth attitudes in a sequel that doesn't do justice to the original. The storyline was weak, the acting lame and the overall feel of the film made me feel sorry for anyone who has their name associated with this picture. This movie was filled with so many references to todays extreme sports culture that by the end I felt extremely sick to my stomach. If you liked the first Cutting Edge film, do yourself a favor and skip this one.
  • The movie was cute. I am a huge fan of the first and this one made one major mistake. It is not mathematically possible. Doug and Kate were in the 1992 Olympics together. Even if they had their daughter that year, she would only be 14 years old. In the Cutting Edge 2, I would say she is at least 18 and they have her competing in the 2006 Olympics. It just doesn't make sense. They should have had her competing in the next Olympics in 2010 so her age would be practical. Too bad also, the original Doug and Kate could not reprise their role! That would have been cool. The first Cutting Edge was so good, I guess a sequel 10 years later should have been better. It could have been way more creative. I think I would have also liked more of a story between Doug and Kate and not just the daughter.
  • sd_jays15 June 2006
    This is a bad excuse for a sequel. Moira Kelly & DB Sweeney should totally protest to such blasphemy! Who ever casted Christy C Romano was on something. Her little tantrum scenes were an agony to watch. I would have rather pull my hair out & scratch my eye than experience it all over again! The plot was lame, the script was oblivious & the editing was horrendous! Even with the untrained eye, it was pretty obvious when they switched from the stunt double to the real "actors". I mean, Alex could not even straighten his back with a little raise of his leg to the back, let alone all of a sudden to a triple axle?! The only good thing about this refund-stricken-movie was seeing a lot of the half- naked Alex. His little shower scene & muscle flexing moves was worth the 98 minutes of life wasted!
  • ...especially when the sequel is a virtual identical replication of the first! bummed out - was looking forward to something new that built upon the first. The original's a classic. Even Rocky and Austin Powers knew how to put somewhat different spins on their sequels. Heck, even Naked Gun, Teen Wolf, and Hot Shots had better sequels. It was misleading to tag a "2" at the end of the title. This is a remake. And not nearly as good as "Father of the Bride" with the legendary Steve Martin. My son-in-law and I somehow have been roped into this movie at 10:30 at night (while our wives wisely turned in for the night), a follow-up to the previously lauded original. After waiting for something new, we've given up hope. Don't waste your time - get "part 1" and just keep watching that one...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say that I liked only one aspect of this movie. I was pleased that it answered the question that probably many fans of the original were asking. That question is: "What ever happened to good old Kate and Doug?" This sequel does answer that. Being a die hard fan of The Cutting Edge with Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeny, I found this a pale imitation. I felt that it lacked originality and took many of the classic moments from the first movie and absolutely did not recreate them effectively. The chemistry and the rivalry between Kate and Doug in the original was something that simply could not be seen in the skating characters of this film. Let's face it. There will never be another Doug and Kate. They were created from a mold that was broken when the first film was completed. I would definitely recommend the first Cutting Edge, but I can't say that I would be able to do the same with the sequel.
  • I too watched this lame movie today and was sooooo amazed that whoever made this piece of crap actually had the gall to expect that the fans of the original movie could get past the fact that the girl in this movie was waaaay too old to be the daughter of Doug and Kate. And although it would be way too much to hope that D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly could reprise their original roles, the actors that DID end up portraying them in this movie look WAY TOO OLD as well! 14 years wouldn't age the characters THAT much!?!?! Thanks SO MUCH to the IMDb poster "coulombe" for your comment that describes in specific detail the glaring chronological facts vs. discrepanices of this poor flick. I couldn't believe that his/her comment and my comment seem to so far be the ONLY user comments that point out these gross chronological errors (in fact, "coulombe" should just copy and paste his/her whole comment into the "Goofs" section of this movie... if he/she doesn't, I'm thinking of doing so!!!). I can't believe anyone who would applaud this piece of trash that tries to purport itself as great family fare. And the review of poster "Lu-21" from the Philappines sounds like he/she got paid by the movie's producers to write all the positive stuff he/she did. I just don't get how someone could be so duped otherwise. On top of the movie's storyline being a poor copy of the original's plot, I just can't stomach the absurd suspension of disbelief that these types of movie makers expect us to buy just because they want to capitalize with these inferior "sequels." It insults the integrity of the viewer. I guess the movie's makers were simply hoping that any fans of the original movie wouldn't tune in and that they could capture an audience of teenage girls who wouldn't know any better. Well, I for one, am disgusted. This movie is hardly a "companion piece"--it should just be tossed into the bin of other straight-to-video or made-for-TV sequels to be FORGOTTEN. It's unfortunate too... I agree with "coulombe" in his/her observation that it would have been a way more buy-able story premise if portrayed at the next Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Sad, sad, sad! Dumb, dumb, DUMB! Don't waste your time!!!
  • On its merits alone it would have been a fine Saturday afternoon flick. It was rather predictable in storyline but anyone starting that could figure that out 2 minutes in.

    Where it falls shortest is in the rehashing of the toe-pick joke from the first movie, I was only hoping they would hint at it until she finally said it. The other part was the bad 80s music which is OK if you're watching a brat pack spin off flick from pre 1992, in 2006 it just feels like the director was still in torn jeans and a Def Leppard shirt.

    If you're just looking for something easy going, or a movie to watch while recovering from major head surgery then you're set. I know it sounds mean, but I just wish these people would give a damn when they make a film to have it look better than a high school production of Grease.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many movie fans fell in love with The Cutting Edge.D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly provided unforgettable characters as Doug Dorsey and Kate Moseley respectively.It has a great screenplay by one of Hollywood's most sought after scribe,Tony Gilroy.Finally,it was one great romantic sports film that many simply fell in love with especially when it was released on videos and shown in cable. Then the much awaited sequel - The Cutting Edge:Going For Gold - was released on DVD and many anticipated another great story just like the first film.Too bad that many were disappointed.Especially this reviewer.

    This sequel has many disastrous attempts to make it fun and entertaining just like the first film especially when it basically did a "re-write" Tony Gilroy's script by including many of its thematic plot elements.But the effect was truly disastrous. No question about it.

    Now,we are focused on Jackie Dorsey,the daughter of Doug and Kate,who made a transition from being a singles figure skater to a pairs figure skater.Too bad that Christy Carlson Romano isn't as talented and as gorgeous as Moira Kelly that portraying a bitch made her just as annoying especially with no reason to be one.Also,it just as frustrating that the new actor and actress that portrayed Doug and Kate were simply forgettable.What's worse,Jackie's love interest in Alex,portrayed by Ross Thomas,was simply a forgettable character as well that the viewer will definitely be not interested at all in their romance.Aside from that,the inclusion of Heidi as Alex's on-and-off girlfriend simply ruined it.

    As for the skating,the transition of Alex from an inline skater to becoming a figure skater was also not well told especially when he just trained with a group of six-year old kids and having Kate Moseley greatly admire him when he just showed up.I felt that Kate's high standards as a figure skater from the first film would have mellowed after few years especially with the way he threw Doug from her rink upon meeting him first. There was an obvious poor continuity over there.And speaking of continuity,do I need to say more about the flaw?Many viewers have already notice it after viewing it.

    With that being said,this is definitely the poorest sequel of the The Cutting Edge.But it had its moments though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold is a direct-to-video sequel that follows the romantic comedy,The Cutting Edge.It stars Christy Carlson Romano and Ross Thomas. Sean McNamara directs.

    In The Cutting Edge,the slightly arrogant hockey player Doug Dorsey and the snotty prima-donna ice skater Kate Moseley found themselves falling in love during a figure skating championship, while constantly at each other's throats.While in The Cutting Edge 2:Going For Gold,we meet the teenage daughter of Kate and Doug and singles figure skater,Jackie Dorsey.Ironically, Jackie finds herself traveling in the footsteps of her mom,when an ankle injury on the ice forces her to participate in double figure skating and take on a new partner. She soon teams up with Alex Harrison,an adrenaline-junkie surfer and in-line skater. And though Alex is officially tied to another girl, the partnership takes an intriguing turn when the two opt to go doubles for a skating championship, just like Jackie's parents once did. Soon, hints of romance between them fill the air. Could these two acerbic and bickering opposites end up in the end? Everyone knows the answer to that a hour before.

    The movie follows the footsteps of the original that includes familiar plot elements such as two incompatibles working together as a partner and the underdog theme in sports.Unfortunately,the leads - Christy Carlson Romano and Ross Thomas - does not have the same energy and chemistry of Sweeney and Kelly in the original to make it engaging and heartwarming.Added to that,the film could be quite overlong and boring unlike the first film which was definitely highly addictive that one could watch it many times and would not get tired of it.Aside from that,the sequel somewhat tries to copy many familiar scenes from the original film that one is very familiar with that one would accurately say that this is basically a rehash of the first film wherein it is centered on Kate's daughter,Jackie. The inclusion of the characters of Kate Mosley and Doug Dorsey,who are barely an interesting presence,as supporting characters made the movie only worse as the viewers familiar with the film would only draw comparisons on the two movies.It was a good thing that the original stars of the first film - D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly - rejected doing it and were not the ones playing those characters.The only good thing about it is that it has more realistic figure skating scenes to one would surely enjoy as even Sweeney admitted in a recent interview that the so-called Pamchenko twist in the first film is definitely very unrealistic and it could never be done in any figure skating competition including the Olympics as it was impossible to do so.This definitely does not hold a candle to the first film.No wonder it wasn't released in the theaters but only as a direct-to-video release.
  • This movie tries too hard to capitalize on the original, yet it seems as though the producer/directors didn't really see it. The interplay between the leading characters seems contrived, not at all as thoroughly charged and enjoyably funny as that from Doug and Kate in the first movie. Where there are clear parallels between the two, they come off flat. Where it really suggests to me that the producers didn't even study the magic of the first movie, is the casting of the new Kate and Doug. Who saw any of Moira Kelly's charm and fire in Stepfanie Kramer's character. In a word, she was wimpish. And does anyone see Scott Thompson Baker getting on the ice with DB Sweeney. And together they were just blah. Sequels always pale in comparison to the original, but this film could have been cute with a better script, and the two new characters contrasted with more colorful versions of Kate and Doug. A big disappointment!!
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