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26 July 2017 | lor_
Clever play on the IR genre from Aurora Snow
Unlike the either blatant implied racism of today's thousands of interracial-sex videos, Aurora Snow's "Teenage Chocoholics" is surprisingly humorous in its tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject matter. Sure, pornographers are simply exploiting the consumer's interest in such formerly taboo couplings, as "interracial" in the Adult industry is basically the big black dicks/little white chicks combo, but Snow rises above the standard insult approach.

She opens with herself and gal pals hanging out at a bar, where Devlin Weed and Julian St. Jox try to pick them up. The guys are filled with stagger and stereotypical street dress/mannerisms, and the heroines diss them severely, more from a class standpoint than prejudice against Blacks.

Back home, Weed has an erotic dream where he's dressed more conventionally, almost a Preppy look, and goes to bed with luscious jail-bait Veronica Jett (a terrifically sexy, underrated starlet of the day), well-directed by Snow with all options on the table, especially anal-sex.

When he awakes, the dream gives him a Eureka moment, and he plots with pal Billy (St. Jox) on how to pick up white girls. Next night at the bar both of them are slicked up, and getting razzed by other Black dudes for their phony appearance. But Snow and her girl friends respond favorably, as the auteur states, merely looking for guys who are "nice and sweet and proper".

Snow and Barbara Summer go home with our duo and Snow humps Weed while Summer is serviced by St. Jox. Later, Snow calls up to ask Weed if he has any other friends in need of companionship, and he delivers Julius Ceazher and Dwayne Cummings, who reluctantly have agreed to hold down the foul language and street slang, and appear presentable enough to get it on with the curious white chicks. Julius gets to service Vic Sinister, her dialog strictly in German (and billed under her preferable porn name of Victoria Sin), while Cummings interrupts lovely newcomer Myah Monroe while she's taking a pee, and they have sex in the bathroom.

This good-natured satire of the attitudes of contemporary folk of both sexes is well-made and believable on its own terms, unlike the ridiculous displays of IR "extreme penetration" that dominate the current scene and keep well-endowed Black males gainfully employed while their Black women are nearly invisible in Chatsworth videos. Sexual content is strong enough for the fans, though stopping short of the gonzo approach one associates with auteur Aurora Snow. In the BTS short subject on the DVD we see Jim Powers giving instructions and even yelling "Cut!", so he evidently was co-directing for star Snow without credit.

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April 2005


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