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  • lor_1 June 2018
    Director Jon Woods foists himself on the audience in the 23-minute "The Institution", appearing as Dr. Stephanie Kahn, from the nameplate on his desk. That's an unsubtle hint that the inmates have taken over the nuthouse.

    Lydia McLane is an inspector touring the mental institution, very poorly represented by the same sort of undecorated apartment used in these crummy Harmony Concepts shoots. We get to see tableaux of several patients that are tied up there, with extra footage as part of a nearly 2-hour video that is pure filler.

    Included is "The Ozymadias Awards", a self-serving bit of musing by woods and Julie Simone on whether their rope-tying skills will earn them industry honors. "Low Budget Lunacy" properly describes a mock-BTS segmentsupposedly on the set of "The Sister of Sue Machu". It has exotic model Deja Chan abusing busty Kelsie Chambers, with Woods again butting in on camera pretending to be directing them.

    This lousy video underscores the central fallacy underpinning the entire bondage/fetish Porn VIdeo cottage industry. Dating back to the Silent Era of Anna May Wong adventures or the proverbial damsel tied by some villain to the railroad tracks, audiences have had cheap thrills watching any number of fetishes, buried within a mainstream feature film. The schmos who thought it would be clever and lucrative to tediously focus just on the bondage or particular fetish, with the camera staring at a woman's feet or shoes, or her struggling to escape tightly tied bonds, hopefully topless or nude, is as ridiculous as the generic wall-to-wall documentary sex footage that passes off as porn in the 21st Century. Removing the context is self-defeating, and substituting an untalented amateur like Woods on screen pretending to be a comedian is atrocious.