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16 June 2018 | lor_
Nostalgia and camp porn from Chi Chi
Chi Chi used to signal for me the great golfer/showman Chi Chi Rodriguez, among the most entertaining athletes alongside Lee Trevino in his profession. But in recent decades it's the moniker used by pornographer "Chi Chi La Rue", a guy who in what's laughingly classified as "Mainstream" would be in the John Waters camp (hardly what I'd consider mainstream).

This Vivid vehicle for no-talent contract girl Tawny Roberts capture Chi Chi's preference for camp, as our star sits at her show biz make-up mirror and laments how the glamor and glory of Hollywood's Golden Era has departed. At times her one-note lament remkinds one of Gloria Swanson ("we had faces then") or other Silent Era icons looking back nostalgically with a bit of bitterness. But young and vapid Tawny's spiel never rings true, and in any event is just an excuse for Chi Chi to trot out a series of XXX vignettes with costuming and styling to suggest yesteryear.

The girls are beauties, like Monique Alexander (soon to become the face of Vivid in those awful product commercials included on every video and Katie Morgan. Despite the trappings, the sex is generic.

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