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  • Estudio 2 is definitely one of my favorite TV shows. I've been a fan of "E2" for about four years(2008) now. And I've also gone to live tapings of the show which is out in Burbank, Ca. for the past two years as well. The music is great, along with the comedy skits and the "Machete" singing contest. But the best part of the show, in my opinion, are the dancers. A lot of the dancers that have been on the show since I've been watching it till now, have come and gone especially some favorite dancers of mine. But only a few favorite dancers of mine such as Elena, Raven, and Tabitha have been on the show the longest. And since I've been going to live tapings the last couple of years, I've been given the opportunity to see and meet a lot of stars and comedians of Spanish TV, whether it be from Televisa, Telemundo, Venevision, etc. And I've also liked some of the music of the groups and artists such as Banda El Recodo, Banda MS, DJ Flex, etc that have appeared on the show the last couple of years too. I know that Estudio 2 has been on TV since 2005, I just hope that the show goes on for many years to come. And I've also had fun attending live tapings the last couple of years even though they can be a struggle to go through at times.