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  • lor_7 March 2019
    Private chose to reissue many volumes of this series on DVD as "Private Classics" but they don't hold up well. This set of six presents sex scenes with trivial set-ups that go nowhere fast.

    One chosen as title for the set is credited to still-quite-active director Francois Clousot, shot in South Africa. It's rather more elaborate than the others with a Rod Serling bent, as Monica Bella masturbates watching porn on TV and then seemingly becomes the porn lady trapped in the old cathode ray tube.

    Some prominent Yank talent is also on view: Mrs. Buttman - Tricia Devereux and Rayveness featured in "Beach Babes", sunning themselves and then humping Steve Hatcher and another stud in a Mexican-lensed Clousot short.

    British fetish expert (often working with greats like Tanya Hyde) Freddie Morse is alternately credited here as "Nobby Besch", contributing a dumb vignette named "Disco" and "River Island" with Nick Lang, both shot in Sweden.