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  • This is the most pitiful excuse for a comedy show I've ever seen. I'm confounded that this guy was given his own show. It smells of complete and utter desperation on the part of comedy central, trying to fill the void left by the talented and incomparable Dave Chapelle. He's a tip from Ned's bag of comedy gold: Is a punchline not funny? Need to give it that extra push into hilarity? F***ING YELL IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS. Simple, no? And as an added bonus....finish half your jokes with...THEN YOU'RE RE-TAH-DED!! or DUH-DU-DUUUUHHHH! Oh man. So....funny. Beaner...hilarious. Wetback....does the laughter ever stop?

    To illustrate my point in a more cerebral way, i'll cite an example. Mencia jokes about how "retarded" it is to rebuild new orleans, because it's so close to the water. Genius. The line of distinction between a great comedian and a hack has never been drawn so clearly. While a good comedian would find hidden humor in the tragedy, finding subtle ways of weaving a joke into something that we can all laugh at and take solace in, Ned goes for the obvious. Move the city. Great. Wait, is that funny? Ned doesn't have the intellectual capacity to find the deepest meaning of things. The hurricane didn't flood the city, ned. The levee project was underfunded and in serious need of federal dollars...and behold! They broke. I guess that's God's way of telling us we shouldn't be there. After all, he's got a seat in congress. What a fool.

    Chapelle was a master of turning a tired racial comedic spin on its head. He was effortless at it, and at all points, we were laughing with him. While mencia talks about black people not being able to swim *yawn,* Chapelle took it 300 yards further with the black and blind white supremesist. You don't have to be scathing to be edgy. You have to be original.

    Mencia and his legions of fans are like that closeted gay dude who laughs all too emphatically at gay jokes, thinking it somehow masks his own insecurities. Except of course, with Ned, he's laughing all too emphatically at the "retards." Du-du-duuuuh.
  • I thought "puppets making crank phone calls" was pretty low, but I don't believe that Carlos Mencia's show even qualifies as comedy. His main objective is to make the audience incredibly uncomfortable while using the word "beaner" as many times as he possible can. I have never felt compelled to write a review declaring the awfulness of anything on IMDb before, but I really do hope this show is never renewed or rerun.

    Mencia is trying to be the next Dave Chapelle, and perhaps he was only hired by the network because they hoped he would fill those shoes. It is obvious right down to the rip of Chapelle's intro (blues guys vs. mariachi band). However, Mencia has absolutely *no* attitude, and does not delve into popular views of the hispanic culture enough to come up with a creative poke at it each time. Instead he sticks to a small number of hardly-shocking nicknames for his fellow latinos and makes "jokes" about immigration. Every once in a while, he'll take advantage of the slight darkness of his skin to make fun of someone else, like middle eastern cultures. These jokes mainly consist of reiterating every joke or stereotype made against the culture, and perhaps some incredibly old topics (such as 9/11), in a watered down, stand-up style, while he laughs at himself to cover up the audience's style. I think he's too afraid of really offending anyone, so it just makes the viewer feel awkward. He also beats jokes to death. If you've ever seen "Why the f*** is this news?" you'll know what I'm talking about. It's funny at first, but he just rambles on and on and becomes Captain Obvious at some point.

    It's a trainwreck that is purely painful to watch.
  • where's my friggin trophy? I seriously expected a banner and confetti to drop from my ceiling for watching a full 30 minutes of that crap. Comedy Central is truly dropping the ball lately, trying to fill the void left by Chappelle with multiple seasons of a retarded man impersonating retarded men. Dah duh nah!! If you pay attention to the show, you'll notice that when Mencia isn't stuttering over punchlines and laughing at his own skits, he only makes exaggerated observations which seem to lack any sense of humor. You ever notice how people in Buick's drive really slow? It's like Dah duh nah! Not even the midgets and half naked hot chicks manage to distract from Mencia's distinct lack of talent. Furthermore, Mencia isn't even a "wetback" as he constantly and adamantly proclaims he is, which makes him a fraud on top of it all.

    If anything good could be said about Mencia, it's his effort. The man clearly has no talent, but like a wounded antelope in the mouth of a hungry alligator, god knows he's trying.
  • This is a great example of what happened at Comedy Central after Dave Chapelle left. Here's the problem with Carlos Mencia. Firstly, his birth name is Ned Holness, and was known that until he was 18, when he switched his name to Ned Arnel Mencia. He was born in Honduras, though he acts like he's from Mexico. He grew up in the United States, as well.

    I might be able to forgive all that crap, but...

    He's been caught stealing other peoples material. Joe Rogan has been his most vocal critic in this way. The Stereotype Olympics was an idea he ripped off a couple of DJ's from Miami. He has stolen jokes from Bill Cosby. He stole George Lopez's material in his own HBO special (13 minutes of it).

    He thinks what he's doing is so original, but Dave Chapelle and Lisa Lampanelli have been cracking on race for years before this idiot (amoung others).

    This show will crash and burn. The word Beaner can't last that long before it gets old. He hasn't done anything new since the first episode.

    "Wanna hear a joke? A Beaner jumping a fence!! That's funny for 3 Seasons!" Not.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I absolutely love stand-up comedy. I love to hear the raw thoughts of the stand-up on stage, as they are appealing to an audience of their peers different life experiences they have had, or things they have thought up or seen that they just thought were so ****ing stupid that they had to share it with someone.

    There used to be stand-ups who took on a persona that everyone could relate to (Rodney Dangerfield comes to mind) or were just so damn crazy that you couldn't help but laugh with them as they laughed at others (Richard Pryor). And then, there were the thought-provoking comics like George Carlin, who, despite pretending to be a loon, was the smartest guy in the room, who appealed to people to rethink things they saw when they walked around, and realize just how screwed up things were, and how easily they could change things.

    Now, this might seem to not have anything to do with "Mind Of Mencia," which, as I agree with most commentators here, is Comedy Central's horrid solution to the loss of "Chappelle's Show," but it does. Carlos Mencia spends half of the show doing stand-up bits for his audience, sometimes on popular topics, most of the time on just racism and racial stereotypes. He tries to be all three of the above types of stand-ups. He makes a stage character, an every-day Mexican named Carlos who, despite stereotypes, is just your run-of-the-mill normal guy. He then proceeds to try to laugh at others, people he calls racist or just those that disagree with his opinion. And then, finally, he presents skits to the studio audience and the viewer, telling them that it will help them see his point of view.

    Carlos Mencia always says he's showing a point of view that people don't see, yet what he is really doing is not only promoting racist stereotypes that already exist and have been joked about to death, but he stupidly encourages people to hear them and do the one thing that helps keep them around:laugh.

    Promoting stereotypes is usually the lowest, yet easiest, way to get laughs in stand-up. The best comedians, which, I fear, Carlos Mencia feels he is in good company with, don't have to resort to them. They talk universally, and ask you to laugh AT absurdity, rather than with it, like Mencia encourages. As he creates more skits or "real-life" situations that call for racism or the bashing of others with the use of it, he tells us, rather than asks us, to laugh, and actually presents these absurdities as truth, rather than just extremes of it.

    His show is an insult to the minds of those who watch it. Mencia doesn't give us comedy and ask us to digest it and take from it what we want (something that, as much as I hate to compare the two, was "Chappelle's Show's" finest quality) he tells us exactly how we should view it and react to it---which, according to him, is to make a stupid face and say "Dee Dee Dee!" This show is appropriately named. It is indeed a show about "The Mind of Mencia." It's Mencia's mind, through and through, and, as such, is nothing more than dumb entertainment. The show is tailor-made to give life lessons to its core audience, 14-24 year olds, about how stereotypes are bad, but that racial bashing is alright to Carlos Mencia, and therefore should be alright to you!
  • TOMNEL15 October 2006
    Carlos Mencia just plain isn't funny! His show is painful to watch because of that. His sketches/parodies are all very horrible, and this really just feels like a filler for the Chapelle Show, which while I'm not a big fan of that, it is much funnier than this trash. Carlos Mencia gives the stupid speeches and he all too often depends on finishing his monologues with a retarded voice and going "der, der der." It's just not funny. He often, when talking to others, makes puns. They are horrible and painful. When people don't laugh, he blames them...why would anyone laugh, he's not funny. He has an immature sense of humor in everything he does on this show, it's amazing that anyone but 3 year olds watch this. One of my least favorite things he does, is water down every topic and make it seem like a joke! I hope that this racist idiot gets taken off the air as soon as possible because he's dumbing down a station that doesn't need to be dumbed down anymore.
  • I'm surprised that the comparison hasn't been made yet between Mind of Mencia and the television program The Awful Truth, which ran a few years ago. Helmed by controversial director Michael Moore, the show would begin, in the exact same manor as this show, with Moore interacting with the audience, and introducing segments, namely short documentaries and skits, which had been put together in an attempt to provoke thoughts about current issues. The difference? Mencia rarely delves past the superficial and the reactionary. What he says and does is often pandering and rude, and insults the ability of his audience to make decisions for themselves. There's a difference between being "edgy", which I have no problem with, but Mencia tries too hard to accomplish this, and ends up coming off as arrogant, and with little backing. He does however, make points occasionally, but often in order to get to them, one has to sit through some pretty mind numbing attempted shock humor.
  • Yup, that's right folks, this is undoubtedly the worst show in the history of television. If you want to watch a sad, lonely and unfunny hack comedian attempt to entertain the masses with a half hour of pale and tired social ramblings that your mildly retarded cousin commented on at the Thanksgiving dinner table then this might be the show for you. This is billed as edgy comedy my friends but to be honest this makes Tim Allen look like Richard Pryor. Avoid at all costs. Unless you're a masochist.
  • What is it now-a-days that minority comedians feel its okay to slander their minority and expect to get away with it?

    Carlos Mencia is no George Lopez. There IS a difference. When watching comedian Carlos Mencia, I think he hates his own people. And more than that, I think he was forced to pattern his show as the "Hispanic/Latino/Spanish" version of the Dave Chappelle show. What a horrible mistake. (Note to Mencia: Please do not do a "Block Party" movie. As much as I would like to see Santana, Tierra, El Chicano, Christina Agullaria, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and the reunion of the cast of "Xica da Silva" on one stage, don't.)

    Carlos Mencia likes to use the word "beaners" as much as Dave Chappelle liked using the "n" word. Neither is funny and neither is acceptable, even if it's from 'their own people'. Carols Mencia also likes to say, "If you're offended, too bad". It's not the offense, it's the defense because of what is being said and asked to be accepted.

    Carols Mencia goes further - he disrespects everyone for what he assumes is comedy. It's not comedy, it's not funny. There is a finesse to being able to look at yourself and make others laugh out of comedy and not laugh out of enforcing stereotypes that other races believed in the beginning.

    Mind of Mencia needs polishing because Carlos Mencia needs polishing. Find out what is funny and not what will set more prejudices in motion and then - do it. Until then, the show, Mind of Mencia is a pass.
  • Nick Zbu16 April 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I think of Carlos Mencia, I see a man who probably bought into the illusion that a comedian is some sort of weird philosopher who offers slices of 'truth' in between making people laugh. In reality, Mencia is a sycophantic idiot who likes throwing out lines to get people to applaud and somehow mistakes that for his comedic skill. Instead of making genuinely funny and revealing facts about American life, he simply reinforces the bigotry of his audience and by doing so approves of it. It plays into the whole 'if they're laughing, it's not offensive' mentality that seems to be everywhere today and in vogue. Mencia likes to think his 'brutal honesty' is breaking down the walls of what he thinks political correctness is. The sad reality is that he's not stopping anything, but encouraging it to go on. The only thing he seems to genuinely care about is getting approval from the audience to continue playacting for them. As an entertainer and performer, he comes off as pathetic because he's not there to entertain but to gain some self-esteem which will never last. And compared to the far superior Dave Chappelle's ill-fated show, Mencia comes off as being incredibly substandard, pathetic, and a cheap knockoff. One gets the feeling that Mencia would do anything in the world to a Comedy Central executive just to get a camera on him.

    His reliance on racial slurs is also very interesting. Given the name 'Carlos Mencia' is a false one and he's presumably not Mexican, his attempts to fit into the Mexican/Chicano mold in order to make fun of it provides the basic hypocrisy of both him and his show. It seems he's trying to market his show on some kind of acceptance that relies heavily on ignorance (broadly proclaiming everybody accept themselves while bashing down people who break from the norm) while pretending that this schism of logic is a completely normal thing. But how can one accept everything and then bash it down? The only conclusion is that Mencia is a classic example of a bully: he bashes down to build himself up through his show, which reinforces his esteem to continue with this. And while bullying can be done to humorous effect (see Bill Murray), it also reflects on the bully itself. Mencia doesn't have the chops for this self-reflection. Given how the show is an example of his already poor self-image, what you get is a cheap Chappelle knockoff without the social commentary and is just meaner than the applause would have you suspect.

    In short, it's easy to slam any criticism of Mencia's show and label those who do as racist. The reality, however, is that Mencia's show is inherently racist without any insight, which is the true sum of any comedy endeavor of this nature. Furthermore, it showcases its host in a very poor light and shows him not to be a comedian as much as a person who needs more self-reflection to see what exactly he's putting out. Perhaps he could be a better comedian, but he just comes out as being a very sad and bitter individual who wants to bring the world down to his level.
  • The tagline for this show is, "He's speaking his mind. We're hiring extra lawyers." If you look back in time, any classic raunchy comedian never prided himself in being controversial. Richard Pryor's tagline wasn't, "I'm Crude, Racist and Daring." That's basically how Comedy Central is marketing this show - in your face, non-PC and "honest" - but how can a television show pride itself in being this way? Where's the humility and humbleness? And what suddenly has made Carlos Mencia this huge figure for Comedy Central? Let's start at the beginning - Dave Chappelle cancels his show (which became UNEXPECTEDLY popular and controversial) and Comedy Central is looking around for someone new to push. They hire this guy named Ned who claims to be a Mexican, even though he isn't. They splatter his face on a few TV ads and make it look like they're being "daring" by unleashing him upon the public.

    I've seen a lot of hateful topics on the forums for this show, and I don't agree with "Mencia's" detractors. This is not an awful show. It had me crying in laughter a few times. When it's funny, it's very, very funny. Yes, it's juvenile - but so was Chappelle's.

    The problem with Carlos is that he uses a lot of the same material over and over. And he's too obvious. The overt marketing put aside, "Carlos" has now said beaner so many times I have lost count. He's trying to make it the next famous line (like "I'm Rick James, b****!") but it's way too obvious.

    In terms of repeating himself, Carlos uses many of the same jokes over and over. For example, on one episode he said he'd love it if all Mexicans disappeared from America overnight. He'd wake up and an American guy would be saying, "Room ser'vuce!" in a southern accent.

    He used this exact same joke - verbatim - when he appeared as a guest on Adam Carolla's talk show. It was a great deal less funny the second time around, because he seemed more desperate.

    Is "Carlos" funny? I think so. There are some outrageous moments on his show. But he focuses too much on TRYING to be controversial rather than just going with the flow and letting his comedy naturally progress. Repeating silly little catchphrases over and over again coupled with goofy faces and loud vocal screams does indeed get old quite fast...I just hope Carlos - or his writers - can give a new edge to this show, because right now it's starting to dwindle in repeat hell.
  • This may appeal to you if you enjoy a guy screaming "beaner", and "wetback" at the top of his lungs. He will tell you he is controversial. He thinks he is funny and original, but he's just repeating what other comics have been saying for a very long time. Apparently he doesn't get "Maddonna" jokes and "black people like chicken" jokes are outdated and dare I say it, unfunny. Comedy Central used the same formula for the Chappelle's Show. They got a minority, marked him "controversial", and then gave him his own stand up/sketch show. The only difference though, was that Chappelle's Show was funny. I laugh at the fact that he thinks he is offensive, he fails miserably. He stole Lewis Black's delivery, but he can't even do that right because he just ends up screaming the punchline like an idiot. Does Comedy Central really think this guy is funny? I think I would rather watch sausage be made then sit through another uncomfortable episode of this. He doesn't mind people calling him a racist, say what you will though, a racist (Black, Asian, White, or Hispanic) is still a racist.
  • Da_Piscator21 February 2006
    I'm sorry but this guy is not funny. I swear I've heard heard 4 year olds come up with better jokes then some of his. "Dee dee dee" for instance is possibly the worst catch phrase I've ever heard. It lacks any creativity at all, and to be making fun of mentally challenged people when you've reached level of having your own show is incredibly dim-witted on Mencia's part.

    Though every one compares this fool to Chappelle, their is no contest. First off they had very very different shows. I think all in all Menica's show on average had only about 2 short 5 minute skits in between his 10 minute rants about god knows what. Chappelles show came off more as sketch comedy, with 2-4 skits that occupied all the show. All chappelle did was a short summarization of each skit before and after each one. This is where Mencia fails even more. What would make Mencia think having a show which consists of the same standup comedy that he talks about on his standup specials would be a beneficial idea? Does anybody really want to listen to a bit George Lopez pioneered years before Mencia, but just dragged beyond belief to the point where its dead? Snowflake's chance in Hell.

    My point is even though most people hate this guy for his rascism, I just cant stand him for his imcompetence. Comedy Central was looking for a minority they could brand as "controversial" and then leave him to follow Chappelles path. The problem, is this guy made it very clear he doesn't want to be Chappelle. So instead he conducts his crappy show like a burning trainwreck right into the ground. Does anybody want to watch a weekly standup about the same stuff every thursday, I know sure as hell I don't.

    I cant express my gratitude to Comedy Central though. This idiot's show is done. Personally after watching his standup, I don't know how he got his own show in the first place. There are so many more deserving comics like Jim Gafigan, Zach Galifinakis, etc... In fact anyone is better than this fool.
  • There's been a whole lot made about Carlos Mencia's (Mr. Holness, excuse me) theft of other comics' material. Heck, even before Joe Rogan had a blowup with him on stage I knew that Carlos Mensteala was swiping material from Cosby and Kinison and a host of others.

    To compound the crime of his theft, he retold these comic geniuses jokes BADLY.

    And that is a crime he continues to perpetuate on this show. I'm sure the series writers have to share some of the blame - it's got to be hard to write jokes day in and day out... but that's why people get paid so darned much to do it! These series writers need to go back to their day jobs of flipping burgers or whatever it was they were doing before they decided to embark upon a career of intellectual theft.

    Not to say that he steals all of his material. You can tell when he has devised a joke on his own when what you are watching transcends the merely awful and goes straight into the territory of horrifyingly bad.

    Because he likes to call people b***h on his show, ten year olds call him a genius. They're gonna grow up one of these days, Carlos, and when they do, you're gonna dry up and blow away.
  • Carlos Mencia isn't exactly the guy I'd give a show to. Mind of Mencia is supposed to be the replacement for Chappelle's Show. I don't think there is one living human being who could get there own sketch comedy/stand-up comedy show and be funnier then Dave Chappelle. Dave is comic genius. Carlos is just repetitive and limited and does more complaining then jokes. I've been reading these reviews saying its such a fantastic show and all. Its not that great. There wouldn't have been anybody who could do better then Chappelle, but there are people out there who could just as well or close. Lewis Black should have his own show. Now that would be successful. Maybe even have A. Whitney Brown on with him. Hopefully this show won't last more then one or two seasons.
  • I used to like him until he started imitating retarded people. Then I realized he really isn't very funny. He's just obnoxious. He should be off the air soon enough, but the sooner the better. I can only assume the reason he chose to appeal to teenagers is because who knows why, but his Mind of Mencia show will hopefully be gone and forgotten soon enough. And his little "Dee Dee Dee"... real smart Carlos, make fun of retarded people. He is full of hate, and I hope he swallows his little half cup of pride when his show gets canceled. He is a sick dude.

    Go away Carlos...

    Go away Mind of Mencia.
  • Did you find the title funny? Oh, you didn't? Well that's because you're uptight. Learn to laugh because if you're not laughing, you're not living. So please, lower your standards regarding to what you believe is funny to that of a mere infant. Now do you find it funny? Still no?! OK, that's because you're full of yourself and get offended too easily. If you're not laughing, you're not living. And if you don't like me then send me hate mail so that I could write another review and state how much hate mail I get and try to twist this into making it seem as if I am a bad ass. Are you laughing at my hilarious title yet? Still no?!?! OK that's it! You are a racist! You HAVE to laugh or else you are a racist. Why else would you not laugh? Oh, It's not funny!?! No, this can't be why. I want it to be funny so therefor it is!! Laugh damn it!!!! Please!!! Deedeedee!! Durdurdur!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK that's it. Where's my notepad and pen? And where's my Richard Pryor DVD's? I need to write some jokes for my show.

    And...... scene. Thank you, thank you.

    This is basically what you'll get from Mencia for about 23 minutes. Please, do yourself a favor and change the channel when this bum's show comes on. Even basic cable channels have things 100x better than this. I'm not even saying this because I hate him. I'm for real. This show is like watching grass grow. Not sure though, at least grass doesn't steal jokes. I'm honestly trying to save YOUR time. I even tried watching his show. I told myself "maybe he isn't THAT bad.". But no, he is. I completely zone out when I watched his show. I tried to collect myself during the commercial break and focus on the show but I couldn't. I zoned out again, I think I was thinking of something more interesting like re-making my bed, vacuuming or folding my socks. Before I knew it, the show was over. Yeah, it's that bad.

    Here's my final thought - There's so many things you can do with 30 minutes besides watch this guy shout about nothing for half an hour. Don't watch a show that tries to shove racism in your face in vain. I can support shows that try to ease the tension of the race wars but this guy just provides more racism rather than stop it.
  • Occasionally I accidentally leave the television on after "South Park" and I end up catching some of the train wreck of middle school humor that is "Mind of Mencia". It's the only time I wish my room was cleaner because I'd be able to find the remote that much faster. The truth is Comedy Central was in need of a replacement "Chappelle's Show", and what they got was a show that appeals to idiots that either miss Dave so much they'll cling to any minority variety show, or are satisfied with the plain "Mexicans love tacos" jokes that Carlos Mencia shovels in every week. I am to understand, though, that there are some people out there that actually find Mencia *shudder* funny. I firmly stand by my words when I say I believe these people to exist only in myth. However, if you are indeed out there, I ask only that you never enter into my housing district, and read these major differences between Carlos and "Chappelle's Show":

    1) Dave was funny. You may want to highlight this one.

    2) "Chappelle's Show" was FIVE TIMES as edgy as Mencia could ever hope to be. Yet every time a promo for his little show airs, it's all about him, tooting his own horn about how he's nothing we've ever seen before. You've got that right, Carlos. And not in a good way. Chappelle didn't need to tell people he was edgy and funny. We all just kind of stuck around to watch the show to find out for ourselves.

    3) Chappelle actually had race jokes that dove into some depth of the different cultures- things that some people didn't know about. Like his "I know black people" game segment. The grand prize was some hair cream that black people use. That's deeper than Mencia would ever dare to dive. So how dare he call himself edgy? If Mencia were writing that sketch the grand prize would have been fried chicken and kool-aid. And my accusations have some merit. I saw a promo for his show (which I have affectionately come to call 'My T.V. Monitor Taking A S--t For Thirty Minutes') a few days ago and it was some stereotype olympics sketch, which i admitted to myself was a pretty funny concept. Then I saw that the Mexican that won received a green card as a grand prize. That's it?! That's as close to the fire as you wanna get? Who COULDN'T think of that- back in 7th grade? For you fans of the show, if you're ever watching and you miss one of his punchlines- perhaps because you and your friends were discussing how "Duh-De-Durr" never gets old and is in no way the part of the joke where someone funny would have something clever to say- just remember that there are only five possible choices for punchlines anyway: green card, tacos, border jumpers, lawn mowers, and of course, duh-de-dur. Just remember-whichever it was, it was screamed. Enjoy!

    4) Kind of relating to number two. Every time he says something that gets a laugh, he'll pause to tell people (while laughing at his own joke) that he thinks he "went too far with that last one". Then don't say it for God's sake. Or let the people decide by themselves. He and Comedy Central keep shoving this tripe down my throat that he's this tell-it-like-it-is show that is more controversial than "The Da Vinci Code". You're not. You never will be.

    I've never been offended by the show's content. I would never give it that much credit. I'm offended that Carlos Mencia is given thirty minutes to scream unnecessarily. Yeah... I'm literally offended by that fact.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Thats right I can't watch Comedy Central anymore just because I can't bear to watch the repeated commercials for this show. I'll tell you the truth, this is a terrible show not because I'm offended by it, but because Carlos Mencia is one of the worst comedians I have ever seen. I rather watch Carrot Top do a George Bush impression than watch this no-skill hack. And to believe he calls himself the greatest. Even if he didn't steal the jokes, he is still bad at telling them, he's way off-timing and unoriginal. I remember in one joke he said "Why do white people go camping? to pretend there poor for a week?" Now what is that suppose to mean? That all white people are rich? Another one I didn't understand was when he did a skit of the Price is Right and he told some fat guy "You should know how much a fridge cost, you're fat" and the fat guy had the saddest look on his face. But what does that mean? That "fat people" are always looking for refrigerators? Those are just the two I seen in his commercials, God knows what his show is like..

    This show falls in the likes of Epic Movie and Date Movie..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't see why many people think that this show is unfunny and/or an inferior fill-in for the departed Chapelle show. Chapelle had his way of attacking current American culture. Mencia's is different, and, perhaps, dare I suggest it, even more effective when regarding certain issues. His take on the dumbing down of America, eroding of standards, and generally stupid people are dead on. No one else has the balls to pursue these subjects as accurately as he does. Granted, some skits are uncomfortably crude (i.e, "Butt Pirates of the Caribbean") or odd (the character "The Ghost of Johnny Cochrane"), but most of them are entertaining. Some are even insightful. To his detractors I say, "Go fark yourselves!". If you don't get that line, you missed one of his best skits.
  • Okay, I like to give the benefit of the doubt. I watched his show.

    It isn't funny to me. All I remember was a lot of "weird" noises and yelling. I don't think I even cracked a smile. The only thing that somewhat resembled humour was his Anjelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston bit. I think you can get dumber by the minute watching it though.

    Also, what's with the "Ask Whitey?" section? Is that a ripoff of "Ask a Gay Dude?/Black Man?" from Chappelle's Show? Isn't it that obvious? But when Chappelle did it, he was exposing the ignorance of the subject. Like Borat. But what's up with picking random white people and yelling stuff at them? That's not funny, its just plain dumb.

    And I'm pretty sure I heard certain "jokes" of his somewhere else... it seems abit like he's 'plagerising' bits & pieces, throwing in some "loud" yelling.

    Anyway, it wasn't funny. Seriously. Don't even waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a half hour stand up comedy show mixed with some skits. Carlos Mencia, never heard of him but I find some of his jokes funny and why not because they all carry some hint of truth in them.

    Yes he makes a lot of white jokes but then again so do Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Tommy Davidson and other comedians. One thing that Mencia does do well in my opinion is show the racist country that we still live in. Like for example his opening skit of the show I watched had him as a Mexican astronaut, but before he was picking up illegals in a truck asking for tile help. lol Well lo and behold when he is on a spaceship as an astronaut what does he do? Yes put it right on the wall. It's extremely funny because it shows how the white society still practices racism on minorities including Latino people of which I am and can verify with many experiences. In this scenario, Mencia's joke while being politically incorrect drives it home that even our country brags about everyone being free and everyone has an equal opportunity to go far, deep down that's a bunch of crap because people are still being discriminated even in 2005.

    Other skits that I liked were a couple of skits involving dogs , yes anime humor is old but it works.

    He also tells jokes to the audiences, this also does foreplay on the audiences as Mencia pushes the envelope of good taste but again he battles and makes fun of issues that that do arouse laughs.

    For instance the significance of slutty tattoos on women which seek only to attract the unwanted attention of disgusting men and pigs. "This tattoo on my lower side is to hold a drink" Mencia says making fun of the whole issue and he's right because what he's trying to say (which people who are too busy bashing the show)( miss is why get a tattoo in the first place and then bitch later about it? Simple.

    True he does get into his audience and this is something he definitely must tone down but for the critics who say he ain't as good as Chappelle, please Chappelle is a joke, doing jokes that have been done before him. The Rick James jokes for examples have been done many times on In Living Color with Keenen Ivory Wayans before little Dave came along.

    Anyhow this is a somewhat funny and I would recommend it if you need a quick laugh or two and for those who don't like it, just don't watch it simple.
  • The first time I watched this show, over dinner, I was laughing so hard I almost choked. This guy is a scream! I would like to think of him as the Hispanic Mel Brooks, because he makes fun of everybody and everything, though mostly he makes fun of the stupidity of the world around us. And you have to realize that he does have a point. He totally kicked the Chappelle Show out of its place in my book. Many people want to get on to him because his stuff is "politically incorrect" and "offensive" but what good comedian isn't? Yes there are people who are offended by what he says, but those people are just too conservative for their own good. As he says, if you ain't laughing, you ain't living. Totally enjoyed the show and will definitely get his new DVD.
  • MENCIA, a poor man's Dave Chappelle, produces some very funny moments on racial issues in America -- plus a lot of filler. When this stand-up comic hits it right, there is no funnier TV host. But all too often, he can be seen straining for laughs. Of course, the real joke is that this "Beaner" can get away with all the Beaner jokes he wants. Imagine a white man delivering these ethnic put-downs; he'd have to wear a white hood and robe. Mencia makes fun of his own, and everyone else, and it is somehow acceptable because he is not white. And he gives the camera a look of incredulity after each punchline that is priceless. It's just too bad he doesn't have better writers. His routines get repetitious all too quickly.
  • navyman-213 December 2006
    This show is an awesome show very funny. The only reason some stupid people don't like this show is because they are either retarded or they are just big babies and cant take a joke about their race, mental retardation problems, or they are extremely fat and don't like the fact that Carlos Mencia says its their fault. The last guy who left a comment and said this show is garbage and even his retarded cousin says so DUH!.. Hes retarded of course he thinks its stupid he cant tell the difference between something good and retarded like him. Don't listen to him this show is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! You guys have got to watch this if you haven't already. He is really good at making fun of people and he doesn't make fun of one race he makes fun of freaking everybody. Beaners, Crakers, Black People, Fat People, Retarded People. Extremely funny and should have a much better rating then 4.4 stars. It usually comes on weekdays comedy central around 10:00 or 10:30! REMEMBER THIS IS A GREAT SHOW AND YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!!
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