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  • lor_15 June 2018
    Paul Thomas signed many a Vivid Video as "Chuck Lords", an indicator that a quickie on the level of a 1-Day Wonder was being made to fulfill commitments as a contract director (the leading one in fact) for the label. This junker consists merely of exotic dancers dancing, being interviewed and then f*cking.

    They're led by Tawny Roberts, contract star and uninteresting performer. The other girls are randomly cast, while the studs, including two Euro imports who very closely resemble each other (Jay Huntington and Jerry) that I used to confuse them and other muscular types like Grant Michaels.

    I speculated that PT finally retired from Adult when his narrative/character driven films went completely out of style in favor of gonzo/all-sex junk, but this video proves he was capable of wasting his time on the latter.