Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Hunt (Paul Rudd), Lozo (Ken Marino), Jack (Ron Eldard) and Cons (Josh Hamilton) are clam diggers on Long Island in 1976, where the bay is being taken away from them by a corporate clamming outfit. While each has his sideline -- Hunt is an amateur photographer, Cons deals drugs, Jack is a relentless womanizer and Lozo specializes in procreating with his wife (Sarah Paulson). Their dead-end existence is shaken up by the death of Hunt's father, who worked himself ragged on the bay, trying to make a living. After the funeral, Hunt starts hanging out with Zoey (Lauren Ambrose), a rich kid from "The City" who's slumming it out east, while Hunt's sister Gina (Maura Tierney) gets involved with Jack. After a night spent in jail, resulting from a bar fight, the four guys finally decide to move on, in their fashion. They give Hunt's father (well, his boat, actually) a proper funeral, Lozo gets a "real" job and Hunt packs up and heads west, chasing Zoey and his dream of becoming a professional shutterbug.