Dustin: It's all about the night.

Clinton: It's all about the night.

Rain: I don't think I'm ready to have a baby.

Dealer: They bagged old boy out in Vegas. It's on the B-logs.

KJ: I mean, you try and get ten crack-heads out of an after-hours club at 7am, trying to coordinate where you're trying to go and get everybody on the same page when you've been doing drugs all night... It's like pulling teeth man.

Brent: Alright, well... gotta find another source. Lets get your shit together.

Summer: What about your fire breathing people? I'm sure people that breath fire for a living will definitely have some spare drugs.

Clinton: What do you want me to do, drop trou right here and now?

EricBerson: Yes!

Berson: Dude, Clinton, just take the pill and stick it up your ass. It's not brain surgery.

Dan: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Lexa: No.

Dan: I think I do.

Lexa: We all look alike in the dark don't we.

KJ: That guy was an asshole. That's the last time I listen to you when you say you've got it covered. This whole night's startin' out to be a shit sandwich and I end up havin' to eat it.