Karen Tunny: Sarah, stop it. Okay, it's enough, Sarah. God, you've been fudging with the radio for like an hour now.

Sarah Tunny: You can say "fuck," mom. I've heard it before.

Lisa: If you ever wanna get in my pants again, you better start the car and get my ass out of here right now!

Karen Tunny: [after the Tunnys first enter the old house] I wonder how old that Christmas Tree is?

Sarah Tunny: At least they had a Christmas.

Aaron Hanks: As you sow, so shall you reap!

Sarah Tunny: Aw c'mon Mum, you think it's another imaginary friend like Frizzy?

Sean: Land of the zombie miner geeks!... I gotta piss.

Mr. Carlton: [about his friend] I... I saw them tear... PIECES... from him...

[notices Sarah]

Mr. Carlton: Eh! You pretty little thing, you were in my car, weren't ya?

[laughs hysterically]

Sarah Tunny: [horrified gasp] Mum, he's CRAZY!

Mr. Carlton: Hell yeah I'm crazy, they FUCKIN' ATE HIM!

Sarah Tunny: [after seeing Sean, Tim and Lisa get butchered by the children and speeding away in the Thunderbird after getting it un-stuck from the mud] It's not happening! It didn't happen! It didn't happen! It didn't fucking happen!

Karen Tunny: [frozen in fear upon seeing the children; quietly] Run.

Sarah Tunny: What?

Karen Tunny: Run.

Sarah Tunny: Where?

Karen Tunny: [pause] With me, RUN!

[they take off running with the children in pursuit]

Sean: Whose little girl are you?

Emma: It's alright, Mum. Mary said she wouldn't hurt you...

[then, solemnly,]

Emma: ... but she isn't sure about the others.

[Mrs. Tunney stares off into the woods nervously]

Sarah Tunny: [drunken laughter] My mother has to get her shit together first... she sorta had a nervous freak-out after my dad died.

Lisa: [sympathetic] Were you close to him?

Sarah Tunny: [surprised at Lisa's understanding] Yeah... real close. I miss him a lot.