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  • KurtEvans6 October 2007
    I'm not sure what these other yokels are going on about, but Captain Flamingo is a great cartoon! It's very cute and silly, somewhat in the same manner as Powerpuff Girls, with a touch of Fairly Odd Parents thrown into the mix as well.

    The basic premise of each show is that Flamingo - who became a hero to help "'lil kids everywhere," must come to the rescue of kids with typically silly problems, rather than serious ones. Flamingo must use his wits to solve the problem at hand, often aided by his best friend Lizbeth Amanda, who has a secret crush on him.

    It's just a cute little show that doesn't take itself too seriously, and if you have any kind of silly sense of humor, you'll enjoy it. With Captain Flamingo, silly often takes the day, and as a huge fan of the show, I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • patrycja-215 May 2008
    It's one of those Canadian cartoons that make me forget about the whole world. The production is brilliant, each episode is different and it's just crazy funny. The whole idea of a kid superhero dressed as a flamingo is so absurd that it can't stop surprising you. The characters of Milo, Lizbeth and other kids are very well written and the visual side of this show is just perfect.

    I'm just waiting for a DVD version of this, because it's amazing that in this whole world of cartoon debris where one show looks exactly as five others there's still something that won't bore you to death. And out of all the cartoons my daughter watches, this and Iggy Arbuckle are the only two I want to have on my DVD shelf.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Obviously each episode script must take 4 minutes to make. This show is stupid. It's about this kid called Milo who thinks he can become a "super-hero". So he dresses up in a stupid flamingo costume (a disgrace to the majestic birds) and goes around his town trying to solve these idiotic little kids' problems. And always by luck, he somehow solves it. The worst is probably the voicing (those squeaky , annoying voices), plot (I've got gum on my face!) and the fact the Milo sees everything messed-up through his visor. A monkey is a warrior monkey. Litterly, YTV and Canadian made cartoons have going "way" downhill lately. Actually most cartoons period are doing pretty bad. Do me and yourself a favour and watch something decent on YTV like Invader ZIM (cancel Flamingo bring back ZIM!). So please, don't watch this and rot your brain.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I went to Niagara Falls with my grandparents, there was only one kid channel, called The Zone. It had a few shows on Nick like, Spongebob, Martin Mystery, Fairly Oddparents, etc. Then, there were other shows like some show where a little girl named Lou who lives out in the woods, with her grandparents. Also a show called The Garden Truck. Were a guy named Al buys a Chevy Soltace, and turns it into a garden vehicleand finally, Captain Flamingo. Don't watch this!!! PLEASE!!! I saw the pilot and two other episodes and they never made me laugh! The kids are so stupid! It made me mad. Nothing was funny! Just stupid. Reel kids are not dumb! THANK GOD It's only in Canada. I can't believe it passed the pilot! The network executives musts be Idiots. They also chose Kappa Mikey. . 0\10 for this show.

    DEBRIS!!! Twister