• Continuity

    The white dress Ava wears where she is getting a human appearance in the house is different than what she wears when she arrives to the city.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    When Caleb is locked in, he tries to use his key-card to access the computer and devise a way to escape. However the key-card, rather than giving him access to the computer, shuts down the power. Either this was a part of his plan, meant to stop Nathan from escaping, or it was an amendment by Ava. It is not an error.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    Although Ava is leaving behind the system by which she recharges herself, it does not follow that she will run out of power and shut down: Considering her demonstrated intelligence and problem-solving capabilities, to say nothing of her access to information, there is no reason to doubt that she would be able to find or create any number of means with which she can meet her needs before her current charge is used up.

  • Revealing mistakes

    Near the end where Ava is putting on the skin of another machine you can clearly tell that the pubic hair style from the inert machine is different from Ava's.