Deidra Fennigan: [referring to Danny Roane] I haven't seen him since he went into rehab for I think about, DINK, the fourth time.

Nathan West: My mind is made of Hitler.

Leslie: Okay, sure... I'll just do it like this because I'm dyslectic and sideways.

Danny Roane: When I think of Hell I think of the Devil dancing in licks of flames with lost souls behind cars and in cages. Can you get some of those by the way?

John Imbagliado: Oh yeah, I'll just go out to the prop store and pick up some lost souls.

Danny Roane: At least get some flames coming out here.

John Imbagliado: You mean real flames?

Danny Roane: Yeah.

John Imbagliado: No.

Danny Roane: It's just gas, get some tubing it'll be easy.

John Imbagliado: No, the whole thing will go up like a dinner box.

Danny Roane: Well you just make sure the whole thing is flame retarded.

John Imbagliado: Excuse me?

Danny Roane: Get some stuff on here that makes it flame retarded.

John Imbagliado: Retardant.

Danny Roane: What?

John Imbagliado: It's not flame retarded, it's ...

Danny Roane: Well make sure it's flame retarded that's my point.

John Imbagliado: No there's no such word as flame retarded, it's FLAME RETARDANT.

Danny Roane: No.

John Imbagliado: NO.

Danny Roane: No, it's retarded. Like it's slow to the flames. Flame retarded means it's slow to the flames.

John Imbagliado: You know I wish you wouldn't do that. My cousin is retarded, he's forty two years-old and all day long he eats mayonnaise with a spoon. So just stop with those jokes, I'd appreciate it.

Paul Gunderson: Is a line producer important to a film? I don't know, let me ask you a question - are your feet important to you walking?