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  • Tower Heist is Ben Stiller's latest comedy where he plays the building manager of a New York high rise tower block. He regrettably invests him and his staff's pension money with a smooth-talking crook who lives in the top floor penthouse. Naturally, the crook wastes their money and they're left without a cent.

    Therefore, Ben and a few other disgruntled employees, enlist the help of small time crook Eddie Murphy to break into the penthouse and steal back their money.

    It's a decent enough premise and, again, all the cast to a decent enough job. There you have it - it's a decent film. Not quite funny enough to be a comedy through and through. Not quite dramatic enough to be a straight drama. It even throws in a bit of a high speed car chase into the mix to add an element of 'action' into the genre.

    It's a bit of a mixed bag. If you go into it without any expectations, you should find it an okay watch.

    Not great, but not bad either. Fans of Stiller and Murphy should find extra things to enjoy about it.
  • "Tower Heist" is a movie that's never going to win awards. But if it's playing on your television during a rainy day, you will find it is an acceptable way to pass the time. And you'll find the movie has some positive features. Alan Alda makes for a good slimy villain, and Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and Matthew Broderick (as well as their co-stars) make a likable bunch of people with a goal that you hope they will be able to reach. The actual heist has some unexpected twists as well as some genuine suspense. Certainly, the movie is not perfect. There are some parts of the movie when the movie seems to be missing footage, especially at the end where not all the plot points are resolved (though the two alternate endings on the DVD have this missing material that was for some reason removed from the theatrical print.) While I wouldn't say this is a movie to seek out, if you stumble upon the opportunity to see it, it will probably give you an acceptable amount of entertainment.
  • It's a magnificent comedy movie that picks up right after 25 minutes of the start. Both actors including Ben Stiller were excellent and the movie was amazing through out. Crime + Comedy + 2 great actors is definitely gonna be the thing you're looking for.
  • "Tower Heist" is a fun comedy, action and crime thriller. It's a chess game of life. The opponents are a band of employees who run a high-class apartment building in the heart of Manhattan, and the pent-house tenant who takes their pensions and savings to the cleaners. But, one caper deserves another, and the employees are on the rebound after the FBI get into the picture.

    It's all about decorum, money, position, working for a living, trusting others, greed, fraud, getting even and justice. That may not sound like the elements of comedy, but they all add ;to a very good and entertaining movie. Ben Stiller is the lead character. Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda, Judd Hirsch, Tea Leoni and a host of other actors add to the fast action, bedlam and smiles in this film.

    Most adults should enjoy this film. Just be prepared for city street language and some vulgarity. The end is an especially nice surprise.
  • Josh Kovaks (Ben Stiller) is the perfect employee. Managing a high end apartment skyscraper in New York, his team look after and cater for all the foibles of their rich charges.

    Living in the penthouse suite with a rooftop swimming pool emblazoned with a Dollar Bill mosaic is Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), a wealthy financier with Steve McQueen's Ferrari in his living room.

    How did it get up there, they took it apart and moved it piece by piece, subtle this is not.

    Josh plays online chess with Arthur, likes him and entrusts the employees pension fund to him to "double their money", unbeknown to his work colleagues.

    With a story ripped from recent headlines, Shaw is soon in trouble with the FBI, notably pretty detective (Tea Leoni). Subsequently, the employees are left searching for their lost pension funds turning the movie into a "let's get even" escapade.

    Josh is largely loyal but when rattled he can and does takes matters into his own hands, vintage car aficionados should look away.

    Following subsequent events, we are left with a larcenous but incompetent gang of six. Likable and nominally in charge Josh, Charlie (Casey Affleck) who is not much good at anything but has a pregnant wife and extreme motivation. New boy Enrique (Michael Pena) who is not the brightest bulb, Slick (Eddie Murphy) supposed criminal mastermind but none of the above. Odessa, a chambermaid with a bizarre Jamaican accent and a handy sideline in safe-cracking (Gabourey Siibe) and lastly, Mr Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick), depressed, straitlaced, crumpled ex-banker and ex-apartment owner.

    We are all set for a decent farce with elements of drama, however the movie is set for fun and mostly delivers.

    This a rare Hollywood comedy that is actually funny. Whether the group are planning their heist using Lego, getting distracted with Female Sexuality issues or breaking off mid heist to walk a residents pet dog.

    Overall of course it's all very silly and preposterous but it is good to see Eddie Murphy funny again, his sequence with Odessa, as she teaches him the in's and out's of safe-cracking is well done. Stiller largely plays the straight-man, allowing the others to bounce their comedic lines off him. Matthew Broderick is perhaps the standout, managing to make Mr Fitzhugh both sad and funny at the same time, Broderick's comedic timing used to great effect.

    It is good to see Judd Hirsch on the big screen, getting a few good scenes as the overall building boss. Alan Alda also lifts the film with his considerable talents bought to bear on the smarmy Mr Shaw.

    Like any comedy caper, the tone needs to be right and the project is very much a light soufflé but Director Brett Ratner manages to pull off the various elements, to make this a fun night in.


    That rare event, a Hollywood comedy that manages to both entertain and provide a light sprinkling of social commentary.

    The film is largely designed to be a crowd pleaser and largely fulfils that role admirably
  • I didn't expect too much from this movie after watching the trailer. Judging from the cast and the trailer I thought that it would be at the very least a little entertaining or just an okay movie. It is actually very entertaining and the performances from the entire cast are solid. I laughed a lot and more than I expected. It also has quite a few twists and turns which I wasn't expecting and which should keep you interested. The chemistry between Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy is very good too and they both provide a couple of very memorable scenes. If you are looking for something to pass the time this movie would be a very good choice.
  • I hadn't seen a good Eddie Murphy movie in some time and when I saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a very predictable story line. But on the was fresh and very entertaining! The beginning kept me guessing how the plot was going to set up. Then, when it all came together, their plan started to unravel...It was nice to see Matthew Broderick acting again and in full quirk mode...He played a great nerd! Alan Alda was a joy to hate as the bad guy and Ben Stiller was his usual perfect lead man! The casting was perfect and the music kept the excitement going until the end! If you are looking for a fun, "feel good" movie with good acting, then this is a must see! Long live Robin Hood!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tower Heist is a comedy. I know it just by looking the casts, especially Eddie Murphy. The real tipping point of the comedy is when Eddie shows up a lot and join the group. Other casts like Ben Stiller usually plays comedy with serious faces and as I predict, also in this movie.

    Indeed, this movie brings so much comedy in it that I can't stop laughing so many times. Clever comedy in dialog , scene and even when the action began, totally brought me to a fresh moment. It's a refreshing comedy. I like it.

    There are several twists in this movie which makes the story even better. In things I even didn't think of, the story bends a little bit and make a slight confusing moment. But not in the end, I don't know why but I knew that the car must be in the pool. I knew that because it's typical. You see the pool the very first moment of the movie but then you didn't see it a lot till the end. The director surely gives clue but in the end He didn't want it to be seen clearly that the pool is the key where the car is hidden.

    I thought it'll be more tougher than that to break into a tower's penthouse. With all that security camera and protection explained before, I don't think it'll be that easy to break in. I think it'll be more interesting if there was more tension in it.

    Great story. Didn't get bored at all. Perfect plan for a robbery. Good ending even not the best.

  • Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Judd Hirsch, Tea Leoni, Stephen Henderson, and Gabourey Sidibe star in "Tower Heist" from 2011.

    It's a caper movie, and it's a light and fun one. Stiller as Josh Kovaks manages an exclusive apartment building, The Tower (like Trump Towers). He finds out that he and the other employees have fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by a tenant, Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda). After Josh nearly destroys the incredibly expensive car that Shaw has on display in his apartment, he and everyone else are fired.

    Determined to take Shaw down, they learn that he kept about $20 million mad money and decide it's in his safe. They decide to rob him. Kovaks recruits a thief he knows, Slide (Eddie Murphy) to help. Meanwhile, the FBI, in the person of Tea Leoni, has arrested Shaw but it looks as if they might have to drop the charges.

    Caper movies seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but there's always room for one more good one. The cast here is super talented and while it's not the most original script, there are some fun things in it.

    Matthew Broderick, Gabourey Sidibe, and Eddie Murphy are especially funny. It's a shame Eddie Murphy's career took a nose dive; he's no less talented than he used to be.

    With the Macy's Day Parade, particularly Snoopy in the background, Matthew Broderick hanging by a rope, Gabourey Sidibe running her trolley into a guard and knocking him out, you'll have a good time. Just don't expect Citizen Kane.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first heard about this motion picture, I was somewhat impressed at the cast - Ben Stiller as you may well know is a world famous actor, playing main roles in popular films for years, but that was not the reason I was impressed. I was surprised at the fact that Eddie Murphy was starring in a film where he doesn't play the leading part - but nonetheless it worked very well.

    Boom. Three pound fifty. I had purchased 'Tower Heist' on Sky Box Office and got my movie slippers on - lets do this. The opening scene was one of sheer rambunctiousness, echoing through my mind like a ball in a vacuum; It showed a man swimming in a rooftop pool and then getting out only to get in his lift to transport himself to his Penthouse suite. Immediately I was hooked, like fish to the deep wreck of the titanic, so it was a very interesting and inventive start to the picture.

    The rest of the film however did not have quite the same effect. Eddie Murphy played his role well and rather convincingly as the thief and the main actor from Feris Buller was also very good adding to the well roundedness of the film.

    The only downside to the film I felt was the unrealistic scenes involving the car 'made of gold'. Many different things happened in the film involving moving the car such as balancing it on top of a lift; clearly in real life no metal/plastic roof of a lift could hold over a ton of metal and gold - well certainly not on this planet.

    Overall it was a fairly decent film, not one to last in your memory and quote with your friends, but more of a middle of the road picture that occasional brings a smile to your face when viewing - for this reason I am scoring the film a modest 7/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Anyone looking for well thought out crime and cool, confident characters should steer clear of this movie. The title obviously labels it as a crime movie, which it is, but its focus is much more on comedy. Going into it with no prior knowledge, one would think that it is similar to Ocean's Eleven considering the crime element and the star cast. The crime element is really more of a subplot of emotional tension between the protagonist Josh (Ben Stiller) and the antagonist swindler Shaw (Alan Ada). Josh's feelings toward Shaw go from friendship to distrust to complete averseness as he gains more information about Shaw's escape/abduction. There are a lot of minor roles in this movie since the heist is being made for the benefit of the apartment's staff. Each of their parts develop slightly and you have a good sense of every one of them by the end. Like most crime movies, there is a stronger motive than money to the robbery. It is a motive of revenge against Shaw for scamming all of the workers and for Josh to right the wrong he made in giving Shaw their money in the first place. The main roles, played by Stiller, Casey Affleck, Mathew Brodrick, and Micheal Pena are members of the apartment staff. Ben Stiller's character Josh is the manager of the Tower, and we see much of his usual style of humor (personally I felt like he did better with this than in Night at the Museam). Casey Affleck's part of Charlie is Josh's brother-in-law and another member of the staff who becomes a double turncoat. He is very nervous throughout and his comedy and role are very different from in the Ocean's trilogy. Mathew Brodrick plays a Wall Street man whose home and family are being figuratively stolen from him by the bank (this predicament brings in a few laughs). His character is more similar to his role in the Cable Guy than in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Michael Pena plays the new elevator operator, who starts off as rather stiff with his new job, but gradually turns into a slightly irreverent and natural crook. None of the four have any idea of how to steal so much as a box of crackers, so they employ Josh's recently jailed friend Slide, played by Eddie Murphy. Although he shows up high on the cast list, he doesn't actually become a big part until more than halfway through. Some of the best scenes come when Slide tries to teach the others how to be criminals, though some of the typical Murphy language gets a little excessive at times. The other three main roles come from the Jamaican maid and safe-cracker, and the FBI agent that kind of half assists Josh and his team, and finally the doorman Lester who becomes the main motivation for the heist. In terms of the comedy and crime balance, I would say it is primarily comedy, but there are some pretty good twists of criminal nature near the end. Only in the climax are both elements really combined. For most of the movie, the progression of the robbery and the humorous situations are kept separate. The high-stakes heist is not done very professionally, but is nonetheless plausible. Most of the comedy is verbal, but there is some situational humor like the scene at the mall when Slide meets the others. If you liked The Other Guys, this is a good fit for you. Watch it for a good laugh, but not with a group that's going to chat away the whole time since there are some serious moments where you need to pay attention. Overall Rating: 8.4/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Josh Kovaks is the manager of an exclusive residential skyscraper in New York and Author Shaw is the most valued resident; he may live in the penthouse suite but he hasn't forgotten his roots and is well liked by the buildings staff. Then one day Josh witnesses what he thinks is a kidnap attempt; he gives chase only to discover that far from being an kidnapping Shaw was trying to escape before the FBI could arrest him! He is accused of swindling people out of millions of dollars… this includes the building's staff who trusted their pension funds to him. Kovaks takes it well at first but when he learns that the doorman attempted suicide because he had lost his life savings to he loses his temper and pays Shaw a visit. This leads to him losing his job after he attack's Shaw's prized Ferrari with a golf club. Seeking revenge on Shaw he and a few others plan to break into his apartment where they are convinced he has a hidden safe containing millions… they just have to get past the FBI guards; find the money then get it out!

    Advertised as a comedy I was surprised how serious things were at first; people losing their money and attempted suicide aren't exactly hilarious… thankfully once they decide to rob Shaw things get much funnier. It isn't a gag-fest but there are plenty of laugh out loud moments which are funny precisely because they are played straight. Ben Stiller does a good job as Kovaks; a nice but essentially ordinary guy; Eddie Murphy is funny if unsubtle as the thief they get to help them and Alan Alda is delightfully unpleasant as Shaw; the sort of man who would be polite and proper while stealing from your grandmother. The rest of the cast, which includes some well known actors perform well too. The heist itself is fairly thrilling; it should keep acrophobics on the edge of their seats as the group try to get away with their valuable haul! The way the money is hidden is rather far-fetched but that is part of the fun and if you don't think about it too hard it should be possible to suspend ones disbelief and have a good laugh.
  • djensen15 December 2011
    Not as dull as its title suggests, but still somewhat flat caper flick. It has a consistent string of laughs, but never quite hits the heights. Brockerick's down-and-out businessman is a good start but lands few jokes, and the plotting seems to meander. Stiller is a highlight, and Affleck and Murphy are good solid, but Aldo is a standout.

    With that much star power, you'd think the comedy would make itself, but the actors feel confined. Weirdly, I think the movie could have been better if it had foregone the heist and explored the Stiller character and his buttoned-down-but-flexible managerial style. More tower. Less heist.
  • ntennan21 October 2011
    I was able to see one of the first screenings of Tower Heist last night. I went in just happy to see a free movie two weeks before its release, but at the same time I was not expecting this movie to be that funny. With that said, it was a lot better than I expected.

    Eddie Murphy's character was an over-the-top funny type of guy and Ben Stiller had his moments of over-the-top humor too. The plot itself is obviously not that believable, but let's be honest, if you go into this movie expecting an "Italian Job-like" heist plot then you might as well not even go.

    The supporting roles in this movie were really good and the film is filled with great one liners. There were a couple of lines that didn't really turn out as funny as the writer probably thought, but all that said it is worth the watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's been a while since we've seen Eddie Murphy... do anything decent. Sure, he was in Imagine that, an okay kids movie, but it feels like he has sort of given up. With Meet Dave and Norbit, it was just getting sad. So that's why Tower Heist, the new film from director Brett Ratner(Rush Hour, Money Talks) brought a big goofy smile to my face.

    Josh Kovacks(Ben Stiller) is the film's main hero. Josh has been a faithful assistant, basically, for his boss, a billionaire named Shaw(Alan Alda) for a long time. So, after Shaw gets involved in a money scandal, which causes all of his employees to have trouble with their pensions, Josh decides that enough is enough.

    Josh hires a group of employees(played by Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Michael Pena, and Gabourey Sidebe), along with a convict(Eddie Murphy) to rob Shaw. Meanwhile, Josh sort of develops a crush on a cop(Tea Leoni) who is on their side, but at the same time trying to hunt them.

    There is most likely a ridiculous movie at the center of Tower Heist, but I was having so much fun I couldn't notice it. Tower Heist is an Ocean's movie with more of a funnybone, mostly brought out by Murphy, who for the first time in years, steals the show. The scenes where he is barely in it even steal the show, and they leave you wanting to see more of him. And I'm glad that we did.

    The cast all works in their goofy way. Stiller is an underrated actor, and i've always admired him. Affleck and Pena are clumsily lovable, and Sidebe is hilarious as the Jamaican maid... good to see her back too. And Leoni is always likable. She could be playing a mistress and i'd still like her. She's just got that charisma present in every movie.

    I wasn't really looking forward to this film, but i'm glad I saw it anyways. If the advertisements misled you, don't led them. Tower Heist is a fast, funny, and engaging blast that never lets you go, and will leave you talking long after it's over. It's not Oscar material, but it's still a very enjoyable movie.

  • Tower Heist is a great movie with a well written storyline with a great comedic cast.I was certainly disappointed by this movie,it teams up two comedy actors who I am huge fans of,Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy,and on top of that it also stars Matthew Broderick and Casey Affleck,and while it is an enjoyable movie,I gave my hopes up on this being an outstanding comedy,because I expecting nothing more with a comedy cast like this,also it was Murphy's first adult comedy on years.It still is a really good comedy however,and the best performance certainly has to be Eddie Murphy,it was a great comeback to characters like his Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop characters,the much better and way funnier Murphy that I really missed,and this movie is certainly much better than the movies he's done in recent years (Meet Dave,Norbit,etc.) and I hope he realises after doing this film that these comedy suit him much more than family friendly ones.Tower Heist is a very enjoyable comedy that I would recommend to all fans of comedy,Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller.

    After a group of men discover they have fallen in to a Ponzi scheme,they hire a professional thief to help them break in to his residence at the top of a tower.

    Best Performance: Eddie Murphy
  • pvmpro11 February 2012
    Great Cast , and direction. Eddie Murphy shined in this movie even though his frame-time was less when compared to Ben Stiller. Still I would've thought you could've made the plot even more

    interesting by adding a car chase/action sequence which could've put the cherry on the top. Since the movie was shot in New York , one could've added cameos by the icons of New York like Donald Trump , Diddy , Jay z etc .One other thing that is lacking is the spontaneity in the Movie , This movie could learn somethings from movies like Ocean's Eleven Franchise where the pace is never dropped . I would say the lack of pace was easily masked by the dialog delivery of Stiller and Murphy. On the whole , your money is well spent nevertheless.
  • Heist movies have hit the screens with regularity in every language and generation. You know how it all ends: the smart thieves get their booty despite all odds and twists. But, very few are actually smart and slick enough like an 'Italian Job' or an 'Oceans Eleven'. On a comparative rating, 'Tower Heist' doesn't even get close.

    'The Tower' is a luxury high rise apartment (actually filmed at Trump International Hotel and Tower in Manhattan) where the hard working staff led by Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) make sure that its high profile tenants are pampered.

    In the backdrop of difficult markets and people losing jobs including one of the Tower's tenants and Wall Street trader Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick), FBI arrests the wealthiest tenant Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda).

    Just then, Josh realizes that his pension along with that of his staff have been wiped out in Shaw's Ponzi scheme. To make matters worse, Josh and two others are fired for their outburst at Shaw. When the drunken FBI agent (Tea Leoni) reveals that Shaw could be having cash hoard in his penthouse, Josh resolves to steal it.

    For all practical purposes, a film starring Ben Stiller cannot be an action flick. Thus, comedy is written into it. And Josh's conspirators aren't professional thieves, but a concierge, Charlie (Casey Affleck), an elevator operator, Enrique (Michael Pena), Fitzhugh and Odessa a cleaner (Gabourey Sidibe). So, they hire Slide, a small-time thief (Eddie Murphy) to teach them to do the job and Murphy adds a few laughs.

    How the bunch of simple folk handle the heist forms the rest of the story. Contrary to other Heist flicks playing on the difficulty of the job or employ 'Mission Impossible' style technology or stylish actors, 'Tower Heist' tries to differentiate itself as a comedy where amateur thieves bungling up on something or the other. But, comedy is forced and feels as if someone is holding an 'Applause' or 'Laugh' board for the audience.

    Going by the star power that 'Tower Heist' had, one would at least expect a decent comedy. But alas, such is not the case and you don't see concrete stuff till it gets to the end, which, in contrast to the rest of the movie is smartly written. Well, you won't mind watching it on Cable TV; but coughing up bucks for a movie ticket is a no-no.
  • Saiph901 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is what you get when you have excellent actors, a decent script and an actual plot. This film has an ending and just does not simply end, it is also funny, I laughed out loud at Ben Stiller with the line "...the elephant in the room" and Gabourey Sidibe "what your saying", Plot Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) is the manager of a residential apartment in New York. He is close to all the tenants, especially Arthur Shaw (Alan Alder), a financier. One day Shaw is arrested by the FBI for fraud and from there the fun begins, Eddie Murphy is back to his best. I know everyone has an opinion but the 1 star haters need to lighten up, treat yourself and watch this film.
  • Brett Ratner's Tower Heist is a much better film than anyone could anticipate. Brett Ratner is a critically-panned director so I never thought the ratings would be high as it is. This film has a stellar cast which provided great chemistry and over-the-top humor, a plot that actually has some relation to real-life, and just some cool stunts that you would have to suspend your beliefs of reality. In other words, it's a fun popcorn film to entertain amongst the award movies.

    This film is about how the owner of a hotel pulled off a Ponzi scheme and left the employees all in debt. These employees gather together to get revenge and take all the money he has in his office.

    It's really nice to see Eddie Murphy come back to form. I haven't seen this kind of Eddie since his days of Beverly Hills Cop. The Shrek series aside, Eddie has been a disaster for a long time. His trademark fast-talk has come back stronger than ever. Ben Stiller has his lovely moments as well. It's nice to see how much fun these two guys were having. Alan Alda makes one creepy bad guy and he was very convincing.

    Overall, this is a fun movie that goes for brawn over brain. I loved that one scene that involves a Ferrari dangling out of the top of the Tower. I don't know how they can do such amazing stunts. Amongst films of the awards season, it's always nice to see these pleasant popcorn films. I rate this film 8/10.
  • This film is about a group of employees in a luxury apartment building who tries to take back what a rich financial guru in their building took from them.

    "Tower Heist" tells a bunch of dedicate and hardworking people who lost their pensions because the financial guru lost all their money in a fraud. The subsequent heist may be funny and implausible, but the film is certainly watchable. Describing the greedy and unscrupulous behaviour of some people in the finance sector surely brings back memories of the financial collapse a few years ago. Getting revenge from them is likely to strike some heartstrings among the public. The action scenes include a rather cool elevator shaft scene, and a very scary scene involving aerial action which made me on edge throughout. "Tower Heist" is like a modern day Robin Hood story, with a heartwarming ending. I enjoyed it a lot.
  • djderka8 March 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, if you love heist films, this is another must see, as it carries on the tradition of fun heist films along the tradition of Topaki, Hot Rock, A Simple Plan, Italian Job (1 & 2), Oceans 11 and a host of others.

    The characters all had their own identity and quirks from Josh, through the hotel crew to the top Arthur Shaw. That is, Stiller through Alda, and including Broderick, Henderson, Hirsch, Leoni, Pena, Sidibe, Arianda, Kurtz and Herandez.

    The film really establishes all the characters before the heist, shows how they convince themselves to pull it off, and with some twists and turns they pull it off.

    I thought Slide (Eddie Murphy)was a bit of a standard stereotype of a punk pug type.

    In a heist film the crew is of most importance in keeping the audience alert and interested in the progress of the heist. Towering Heist is kinda of a retribution heist because of Shaw's greed and corruption with their money and not a simply action heist like Heat and others.

    There are some funny and clever lines and well as entertaining character interaction. They are all Tower employees so naturally know everything there is to know about the Tower enabling them to pull this off.

    Some reviews point out micro points about weight of gold, Victoria Secrets panties and such, but overall this is a fun, entertaining movie which you will enjoy.

    Nice editing, lighting, sound, music track keep you absorbed in the goings on. Nice editing of the boxes towards the end.
  • Sometimes it's fun to make a topical movie out of fodder from the current headlines. While not naming names, Tower Heist makes light- hearted fare out of a nasty situation in the financial world, where a certain somebody in New York made millions scheming movers, shakers, and celebrities.

    So someone said "What if the little people fought back?" and we now have the movie "Tower Heist."

    While not a critical success and barely breaking even at the box office, it's a fun movie to watch and watch again. The script has been criticized as "unfunny" and "illogical" but the tangled web characters weaved by the writers is outstanding and well-thought. The best example of this happens when Josh Kovacs, the "Tower" manager confronts Shaw, the master schemer, after the jolly doorman Lester, has attempted suicide. Shaw says "Of course I care what happens to Lester." Josh replies "Well how come you haven't asked whether he lived or died?"

    Overlooked in the discussion about the movie has been the character Mr. Fitzhugh, played by Matthew Broderick. His character is the flip side of Shaw, as he was once a financial field high-flyer brought down to earth by possible bad decisions and bad luck. Yet even he is initially reluctant to join Josh Kovac's gang until he hears about Lester. Later, he has some of the funniest lines in the movie, and when he wrestles a gun away from the rogue Slide, does a hilarious attempt at trying to be a bada**.

    Speaking of Slide, the Eddie Murphy character, this is Eddie Murphy getting back to his roots. The "Slide" character hearkens back to Reggie Hammond from 48 hours, 25-30 years later. Yes, it's a somewhat stereotypical character, but Eddie plays it well. His best scenes happen when Josh (Ben Stiller) bails him out of jail to ask for his help with the "Tower Heist." Slide: "Soooo, seizure boy wants to try to steal something. What you trying to steal?" Josh: "Twenty million dollars." Slide double takes and says "Let's go get something to eat!"

    The producers originally wanted Robert Redford to come out of semi- retirement and play Shaw the schemer. Yet Alan Alda was a great choice and one of the high points of the movie. By and large he has always played good guys in his career, but his Hawkeye on MASH, the role for which he is most well-known, always had an edge. He shows that same talent in fleshing out Shaw, who tells chess match anecdotes to drive his points home.

    Tea Leoni is almost unrecognizable as a brunette but does a competent turn as a tough FBI agent assigned to Shaw's case. Casey Affleck and Michael Pena round out the major cast as a whiny expectant father and a slightly flaky electronics school dropout, respectively. They all work together to make "Tower Heist" a fun way to spend an hour and a half at the movies.
  • You work all your life in the service industry with the hopes of a comfortable retirement 25 or so years down the road. Meanwhile, the money in your paycheck earmarked for your pension has evaporated into thin air. While this might be enough to make anyone snap, imagine being at the beck and call of the man responsible for bankrupting, not only your retirement fund, but that of all your coworkers.

    The Tower is home to the most expensive real estate in New York City. But the real draw of The Tower is not the location or the amenities in any of the individual apartments, but the staff which is on duty 24/7. The penthouse apartment is occupied by The Tower's wealthiest resident Arthur Shaw (played by Alan Alda) who is the CEO of a high-return investment group. When his fund is exposed to law enforcement and in the press as a Ponzi scheme, it falls to building manager Josh Kovacs (played by Ben Stiller) to inform the staff of The Tower that he'd invested their pensions with Shaw and that said pensions are most likely lost. And during all this, Shaw (Alda) is under house arrest in The Tower. But when a doorman just shy of his retirement becomes despondent and attempts suicide, Kovacs resolves to find the rainy day fund that FBI Agent Claire Denham (Tea Leoni) assures him Shaw is hiding. All in the hopes of retrieving what's rightfully theirs Kovacs, Charlie Gibbs (Casey Affleck), the building concierge and Josh's brother-in-law, and Mr. Fitzhugh (played by Matthew Broderick), a former Merrill Lynch employee who was evicted from The Tower after losing his job, savings, and marriage, join forces and begin devising a strategy for the caper. But knowing they're in over their heads, Josh enlists Slide (played by Eddie Murphy), a thief and Kovacs neighbor who he once went to school with.

    I've never been a big fan of Ben Stiller and while I have great appreciation for Eddie Murphy's early work (the Beverly Hills Cop series, Coming to America and even The Distinguished Gentleman) I've long-believed his best years as anything but a voice actor were behind him. That said, I enjoyed this film a great deal and anxiously await the home video release.
  • mcbently14 June 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have not seen an Eddie Murphy movie in some time, and frankly I have been disappointed in some of his recent stuff. This movie was a nice change. His character was funny, and a great addition to this film.

    I am not a Ben Stiller fan, but this film was very entertaining with him in it. His role was the commander of this band of thieves made him appear to be a better actor than I thought him to be.

    While this film seemed to be a knockoff or spin off of The Sting, I found it entertaining. The idea of hiding the money in the car was very creative. I never saw that until they exposed the car for what it was.

    I enjoyed this movie, and would recommend it to others.
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