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  • Most of this bonus feature turned out to be actors praising each other. That can get tiresome but here it wasn't bad since you have one of the strangest actors of our generation being discussed. It's usually interesting to hear what people have to say about Johnny Depp.

    "Working with Johnny Depp is like working with a fifth child," commented co-star Kate Winslet. "I have the four children in the movie...and I have Johnny."

    Director Marc Foster said, "He (Depp) ultimately represents the man who never wants to grow up. He has this child within him which is still alive and you can see it in the choices of roles he makes. Like the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' stories, he carried those films."

    Not only does Depp act young, Dustin Hoffman couldn't believe his looks. "When you stand next to him, you can't believe he's over the age of 20," noted the veteran actor.

    There was high praise for Winslet, too. Listen to the some of the comments:

    "A consummate actress. Whatever she attacks she attacks in the most original of ways.....One of the more important actress of this generation....Reminds me of Meryl Streep," etc. etc. Joe Propero, who plays one of the Barrie kids said Winslet "was as funny as Depp, and she's very kind and motherly."

    Depp was thrilled working with someone of Hoffman's stature. "Going to work each day with Dustin Hoffman is an amazing gift. He's really a funny, funny guy. very quick, clever and creative."

    Depp also was awed by his real-live character, J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan. "Barrie's famous book is he work is pure genius; a masterpiece."

    The filmmakers were most nervous about casting the boys. It was hundreds to choose from at first, then narrowed down to 70, and then observed how well the boys got along with each other. The final four fit the bill.

    Depp commented, "These boys were so good, so well-behaved it was amazing. I love those kids." Winslet said the same. "They are intelligent, gifted, easy to work with."

    In the formal dinner scene in the film, to loosen up the kids, Depp and Foster rigged "fart machines" under the table and it served its purpose, getting the kids to laugh and relax.

    A nice finish to this feature was the reminder what Barrie did, meaning all the profits from Peter Pan went to the Great Ormand Street Hospital - the biggest gift the hospital has ever received.
  • "The Magic of 'Finding Neverland'" is a making of featurette for the film "Finding Neverland" and for the most part, it's a 'hooray for us' sort of film where the actors try to convince the audience how wonderful their fellow actors are. I understand why they did this, though to me this makes the film a bit bland and ordinary--which the feature film is not. I also was a bit disappointed that so much of the featurette was spent with the actors congratulating each other and very little time was spent talking about J.M. Barrie or the play and movie versions of "Peter Pan". Only a TINY bit about the movies is tacked on to the end and it only mentions the silent version (which is marvelous) and the Disney cartoon (also marvelous)--but no mention of "Hook" (NOT at all marvelous) or the many other versions of the story. So, if you are looking for background information, then I suggest you look elsewhere. Overall, very ordinary.

    Finally, perhaps it's just me, but I felt sad when the children in the movie were described as being 'very well behaved' and 'almost like adults'. Isn't it creepy that a film about childhood has, in a way, been created by taking a bit of it from these young actors? Shouldn't they be described as being 'just like any other kids' or 'mischievous'?