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  • Mr. Bell's script is a real triumph! It is a true unique treasure, not simply to be boxed into an Action-Adventure genre. His direction is visionary and tells a remarkably complex story with clarity, gritty and realistic character definition, expert use of tension and rich sentiment; and marvelous framing, camera movement and editing that weaves a subtle yet effective uneasiness into the looming point- of-view of an astounded witness to all. Across the board, the performances are strong, detailed and memorable. The audience will not forget this rich tale easily. "Nanny and The Professional" will stun and move-- and will easily rise into the big-budget arena as an already power-punching player.
  • dargray14 September 2005
    Mr. Bell's "Nanny and the Professional" is an enchanting tale, told low-budget style with big-budget BANG. The story, an excerpt from a feature length script, stands on its own as a powerful, fast-paced journey into the lives of a killer and a nanny forced together by deadly circumstances. The dialog is flawless and the performances are strong. Viewers should pay particular attention to the stand-out performances of Maya Gilbert as Jerri (I Wanna Be a Soap Star) and Felicia Walker as Vanity (Something New). Maya's performance transcends traditional 'micro budget' fare; she went deep and she engaged her emotions. She was simply awesome! One can easily see that Felicia sunk her teeth into her role as the sociopathic huntress -- she had fun with it.

    For what the film accomplished with its micro budget I give it a 10/10. I can't wait to see the feature!!