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  • Big names James Avalon and Nick Orleans stooped mighty low for this fellatio exercise better made but on the same level as a score of Scores' "Tits & Tugs" junker. Yes, POV camerawork may be the last refuge of a lazy porno hack, though Kevin Moore (and before him Rodney Moore) and Mike Adriano laugh all the way to bank.

    The fetishism that Orleans fans know and love seems absent here, as a dozen femmes give blow jobs for an hour and a half, nothing more, nothing less. Some have more personality than others, as is the case with Alicia Rhodes, a true icon of the Brit Porn movement of the time, yet given an insulting (and 100% meaningless) AVN award nomination for her interracial sex with the BBC of Leo.

    I liked seeing cutie Sunny Lane in action, and both Tory Lane and Shy Love give it their all. But a parade of blow jobs is just that, repetition ad infinitum. It's billed as a James Avalon production, with Orleans unwisely taking a co-director credit (or blame) alongside one "ZeeRo", pseudonym for the show's editor.