• himaank16 July 2008
    Jaane Tu... Young, restless and rock solid!
    How about feeling good even if it's something obvious? How about walking not to reach somewhere but just to hold hands and feel good? Well, I felt the same while watching 'Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na'. The debut director, Abbas Tyrewala, is well-known for his script and dialogue writing. But here, there was no actual story! Jaane Tu… is about a group of normal friends with common issues, simple feelings and obvious set-up. Still, you'll love the movie! Is it some magic? I think yes. It's the magic of crisp narration backed by superb acting from the young lot of Bollywood.

    As I said, the set-up is simple. Story revolves around 2 close friends- Jai and Aditi. They are so close that everyone else thinks they are in love but they don't feel that way for each other. They even go ahead and decided to choose right person for each other and that's where the problem begins. Seeing each other with some one else sparks jealousy and missing factor in both of them. So what are they going to do now? What will happen? Will they be together again as lovers? Yes, you are damn right! This is so typical, too filmy but here's the catch. Beauty of this movie lies in a simple way of narrating it.

    Now let's talk about the star cast which can be bucketed in to three parts: 1- The leading pair Imran Khan as Jai Singh Rathore and Genelia DSouza as Aditi, 2- The group of friends of Aditi and Jai and 3- All other characters with small but strong presence. Imran and Genelia are so vibrant and full of colors that you clearly see actual CHEMISTRY between them. While Genelia is bubbly and true to her character Imran has shown the substance of becoming the next superstar. First impression is the last impression and both of them have filled in so much in to the character that it's tough to figure out Imran and Genelia in them! To match their caliber, all 4 friends have done a good job. The Fantastic Fours are true to the characters and have given right shades required for their roles. The interesting part of this movie is the group small characters that will keep coming through out the movie and make it very interesting. Abbas did a good job in fitting such characters in the movie. Aditi's mom & dad, her boyfriend, Imran's girlfriend, Pappu at the party all are short and sweet characters. Paresh Rawal as corrupt cop was the good refreshment as seeing him doing doing same standard comic characters in all movies was getting too much. Though he was funny as a corrupt cop but here, he didn't make funny faces or done some stupid stunts. Its his crisp dialogue delivery and expressions stealing the show. Ratna Pathak Shah as Jai's mom and Naseeruddin Shah as his father was the highlight. Ratna played the role with required simplicity and charm both at the same time. Impressive! Naseer as a dead photo who talks to Ratna on his bravery and glorious rajputana family was unexpected but interesting. Though I felt his role could have been better or at least lengthier. Point to note that its not just Naseer's acting but the concept of 'talking photo' clicking the funny button and making all of us to laugh and enjoy. Sohail and Arbaaz Khan as stupid playboys riding horses was too stupid till we get to know the reason behind all this at the climax. Very filmy but funny and you'll enjoy watching it. Again, kudos to Abbas.

    The other best part of the movie is its music. AR Rehman- Mozart of Asia has done it again. Songs are very peppy, romantic and full of energy. Kabhi kabhi Aditi is a clear winner but I also like Pappu can't dance and jaane tu. There is one more romantic ballad Koi to as well. I can go on and on but to sum it up, its about beautiful numbers best for this kind of movie. hail Rehman! There will be lot of people cribbiing about this movie in terms of no story etc which i think its coz of the perception of such audience. Though its about young college guys but its not about their college life. Its about their life as friends and beyond college drama. I understand that no movie will work only because of star power (Rajnikant is an exception!) of halo publicity. Its about the story which is the substance of any movie. But here, the outline of the story is very simple and focused more on developing characters who will take it forward. So better enjoy it that way.

    If a movie is about characters then go watch it that way and appreciate it. Movies like 'Yuva' , Dil Se, 'Dillagi', 'Swades', 'Saawariya' will never be in my list of excellent movies if I start looking all of them just on the basis of story or script. Kudos to Abbas to give us a simple movie with strong characters. He has a talent to pull out best from its cast.

    Well, that's what I think about this movie. I strongly suggest this movie to every one. It'll be worth watching at least once!
  • Sathwik Sriram4 July 2008
    A fresh film that you could even smell it!!!!!!!!!!
    A movie which displays the Love and Friendship in the way it is just hard to come by in bollywood and here Abaas Tyrewala comes up with a wonderful script and screenplay and the audience will have to just sit back and enjoy the magic getting unfolded on the screen.The movie has many One liners which hits the chord with the Young and Old of the audiences.A.R.Rahman with the music is simply flawless as usual.Imran Khan is sure to be the next lover boy in Bollywood he simple effortlessly gives the performance of his lifetime you think that He is born for this role,Genelia rocks and gives an mind blowing performance after Bommarillu.Editing could have been little bit good.

    Coming to the story Jai and Aditi are very good friends and the journey in which they find love for each other is the movie.Its completely filled with numerous sub plots which doesn't live you with a dull moment.The entire proving of Jai as an true Rathor is fantastic.Cameos by Paresh Rawal,Sohail and Arbaaz Khan is just as ans icing on the cake.

    Go watch it otherwise you will miss things in life........
  • big_malique8 July 2008
    Fresh, Fun & Filmi
    rarely do we see, a movie filled with freshness that feel real

    The main leads, Jai and Nandini, Jai is a middle class charismatic guy who always has the right and peaceful answer for any situation. He's not Mr popular nor does he wants to be, but yet still he is because he just that charismatic. Nandini is not a conventional heroin, she's loud, rude, obnoxious, not the type of girl you'd wanna go for but yet grows on you and eventually makes you fall in love with her, because she's not polished.

    Imran Many question are asked about the acting abilities of these youngster. Does he stand a chance in this cruel industry. Is he a contender against competition like Hritik, Ranbeer,... and others? He can give this industry a sure run for it's money with this performance he pulled off and he can surely be satisfied to be launched in a way that many newcomers dream about. Has he inherited his acting abilities from "aamir mamoon"? Well I'm sorry to break this to you, but no he hasn't. He might become a great actor, that depends on future projects, but one thing is for sure. This guy sure packs the goods to become a great actor.

    Genelia This is a far more interesting review for me to write about, because before long there has been a more fierce competition between heroins in the industry then there has ever been between their male counterparts. When the elegance of Sri Devi, Rekha, Madhuri faded fresh faces like Karishma, Kajol,... came in when the seemed to have settled Rani and Pretty took their shine and nowadays it's an open invitation for anyone who wants to compete for the crown of Queen Bollywood. The requirements? Not just conventional good looks, a great voice,international presence and charisma is also required together with an acting ability that blows away any competetor. Genelia isn't any of these but that makes her so special, her unconventional approach to acting is just a joy to watch. She lights up the screen with her charisma yet her differ to all the sonam kapoors or the deepika's in the industry seems not to be out of place. She's looking at a bright future in this industry.

    The movie Boy loves girl or the other way around, the typical "Bollywood" formula. Or is it? This time around it isn't because what makes this movie so special is it's reality, rare do we see characters utter words we recognize from conversations with our friends. Mostly it's actors having dialogue with each other which comes over extremely unnatural and forced. We are taken into the world of youngsters where life is all about "masa, party our pyar". What's important it's the freshness and the appeal of the youngster world in general. Things like colour pallets, fashion and style is extremely important to achieve the main goal. SRK & Kajol portraying youngsters in KKHH seems so unreal, yet Aamir and Saif pulled it off great in DCH.

    What makes Jaane Tu... another great experience is the background music and score composed by the legend A.R. Rahman. From Kabhi Kabhi... to Pappu can't dance he's succeeded to put his stamp on this movie. The direction surely has it's flaws but doesn't every movie.

    The Aamir Khan Factor Wel AKProductions has delivered yet again, in my opinion. It's very pleasing to see this company take shape into this industry finest production houses. Aamir has managed to create a company which has his persona and integrity all over it. Now what more can we ask for as movie-goers.
  • Abhijit Kalyane5 July 2008
    Feel good - all the way
    Its been a long time since we've had a good bollywood movie. Well, JTYJN did a good job breaking the bad spell. I could go on about how good the movie is and how well it handles the tricky subjects of love and friendship and their wild interactions. But its not just about these, the film touches various other subjects with amazing expertise. We rarely have films which have the masala for the masses as well as being well made without too many clichés. JTYJN is one of those rare wonders. Imraan does a fair job for a debutant. Jenelia settles in as Aditi with total comfort, its almost as if she were really Aditi. The supporting "friends and co." do a decent job as well. I'd say, go for it - twice. Take along your friends, lovers, neighbors, and whoever you meet on the way to the theaters. Two thumbs up to this one!
  • Neel D3 July 2008
    Aamir has done it again with his production house rolling out another super hit. The casting of the movie is just perfect as the roles fitted all the characters precisely. Imraan has made a fantastic debut on the likes of Hritik Roshan in Kaho na pyaar hai...though the genre of the films are different. Ratna Pathak has made a stupendous comeback to main stream cinema ...The story is the usual love story but the theme made all the difference. Abbas, known for his witty scripts has dished out a simple ,sweet but digestible love story. There are no airy flairs in the movie but the characterization made all the difference. Genelia has acted well and deserves the an equal accolade as Imraan. There are no scenes in the movie when you say to your self " God! How much of this do i have to take ? ". The Music is beautiful and matches with every emotion in the story. This is 'Definitely' a thumbs up for every movie goer and deserves a second watch . Rating :- 4.5/5
  • Unborn P5 July 2008
    Riding High with Imran Khan!!!!!
    Some guys make a movie that looks like a bomb but splashes on screen like just another pebble in the water, but jaane tu yaa jaane naa is definitely not that type of movie. Its a movie everyone can connect with but cant predict at the same time, totally down-to-earth yet entertaining. There's been a lot of expectations from the movie as everyone was wondering if aamir khan the producer could deliver another movie of the kind after a spectacular feature presentation called Taare Zameen Par.

    What seemed really likable to me was the unique story telling experience where you get the feeling that you are listening to your own friends telling you a story. Its difficult to retell it without the help of these friends who blended so well with the story. The complex nature of the relation between a boy and a girl, their bonding, separation and other aspects of the story sound like a typical love movie but there is freshness in this approach. All characters fall in place and don't seem to dominate each other. The dialogues are very memorable...my personal favorite is about the "Violent Streak"

    Ratna Pathak who plays the protective mom and Naseerudin Shah who plays the royal father have taken funny scenes to the best possible level.

    Ginelia looked convincing in her role but she needs to work on her voice a bit. She has her shining moments and delivers well.

    Finally this movie was about Imran khan and like its ending the best part is reserved for him. He is bound to become the next chocolaty hero after this movie but its a long journey for him right now which he has started with a big leap. His simple next door boy looks combined with good comic timing and right kind of acting will win him a lot of fans.

    This movie is good to watch with friends preferably college friends because it brings out a lot of shared fun moments one has had in the past. Please don't miss it or you will be sorry. Thanks Aamir Khan for making this movie!!
  • Chrysanthepop12 July 2008
    Jaane Hum Ya Jaane Na
    To me, 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' surprisingly felt refreshing. I mean, from the looks of it (in teasers and trailers) and from the synopsis it seems like the clichéd love story with supporting friends and families. And you know what? That's exactly what it is. So what's new? Hmm, well it's the charming supporting characters who are wonderfully brought to life by the actors. But more on this later...

    Let's start with the cons: 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' starts off with a group of friends telling the love story of Jai and Aditi. That's pretty much how the rest of the film proceeds (in a sort of flashback format). It could have easily done without this entire sequence. Not only does it resemble Aziz Mirza's 'Chalte Chalte' but the actors are simply annoying. At several points, the movie moves at a lethargic pace and this friends-narrating-story-outside-the-airport sequence only further slows things down.

    Tyrewala does a fairly decent job with directing but an even better job with writing. For example, I loved how Meghna's character was written especially how Tyrewala cleverly shows the truth behind Meghna's 'What's this?' game. Initially, to the viewer, it looks like a silly game of visualizing one thing as something else but one realizes that this is Meghna's way of seeing things in life. There are many other scenes that I really enjoyed watching such as Aditi's relationship with her brother, Jai's relationship with his mother and many more and the sequences with Jai's parents were laugh out loud funny. But at the same time, here too, there are some flaws for instance, Aditi's boyfriend is portrayed as the typical violent insecure NRI. The scene where he slaps Aditi looks forced.

    The background score is quite interesting as it varies from jazz (I liked that), to rock (seems a little out of place at times), to other things. I would never have thought that A.R. Rahman composed the soundtrack because this is totally different from anything he's done. Unfortunately, it's also one of his least memorable albums.

    Imran Khan makes a confident start. I'm glad that unlike many of the newcomers who pump up themselves with steroids (perhaps to cover up their lack of talent), Imran with his simplicity allows his acting to speak. Let's see what the future holds for him as he's already made a fine start. Genelia D'Souza is loud and hyper in the beginning and her diction is quite awkward but her acting gets better along the way. Perhaps Tyrewala wanted to show her character transform from the bratty child to a mature young woman. It's just that the 'child' was a little too loud. Manjari Fadnis delivers quite a natural performance. Though her screen time is limited, she has a strong presence. Pratiek Babbar is quite likable as the goofy brother. Ratna Pathak Shah is simply amazing. What a comeback to the big screen!

    Apart from that, there are some very welcome cameos. Naseeruddin Shah is hilarious. 'Just loved the interactions with his wife and he's talking to her from a painting! Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan are actually more than tolerable here, yes they too provide some fantastic comic relief. Anooradha Patel, this woman does not seem to get old, has a great presence. And, Paresh Rawal is back as a villain but this time with a pleasant touch of comedy.

    The central love story feels a bit like the Rahul-Tina-Anjali story (of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) meets Akash-Shalini-Rohit angle (of 'Dil Chahta Hai') but it is the little moments that show the relationship between the mother and son, the brother and sister among other such fine moments that make 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' a refreshing experience. Overall, among the recent crop of films, this is quite a pleasant welcoming surprise.
  • pranav_parekh20005 July 2008
    Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na....... Reinvigorating Bollywood.
    You just need two words to describe the flick. Truly Amazing! It's a movie which has already carved its own niche on the first day of its release as a very low budget movie getting an opening the superstars can also dream of. This is the advent of the new age bollywood where superstars don't matter. What matters is performance.

    The performance is surely above the par in all sections of this project. The highlights of the movie are script and music. The fundamental story is not new to the bollywood cinema-goer but the treatment is truly unique. The urban, youthful and honest adaptation reinstate your faith in Hindi cinema. It is the perfect combination of friendship, love, and comedy bollywood has long forgotten. Abbas Tyrewala must be applauded.

    A R Rehman continues to prove himself. The music has a simplistic honesty to every tune and suits perfectly. "Kabhi kabhi Aditi..." and "Pappu can't dance.." will be remembered.

    Every actor/actress is appropriately cast in their role and is fantastic. Imran Khan in the role of Jai Singh Rathore is believable and does complete justice to the role. Genelia D'Souza is fresh, beautiful and natural in every frame. Both the lead actors have surely secured a place in the industry. Naseeruddin Shah in a cameo is excellent and takes the movie to a different level. Ratna Pathak Shah should surely replace the bollywood mother. Everybody else has given an up to the mark performance.

    Amir Khan is setting a new benchmark in bollywood. This is maybe the best movie to come out after Dil Chahta Hai in last seven years in that genre.
  • biplab-das9 July 2008
    Aamir Khan lives up to the expectations
    Aamir Khan lives up to the expectations of the new generations of Hindi Cinema goers again. Before this movie was released, there was a lot of suspense in the media that Aamir's new release would be mocking the muscle stars of Bollywood like Salman and SRK. And Mr. Aamir deliberately took joy in such speculations like a true professional. I believe all those channels who succumbed to the theories must be feeling embarrassed now as the movie has no element which can be considered offensive or insulting to other stars.

    The movie is great in all parameters, from the selection of casts to the presentation of the story. Everything has been perfectly knitted to keep the audience occupied in the seat without a yawn (which often the latest Bollywood releases are doing). The title of the movie is very well selected. Rahman, as always has done great job for Aamir and seems if he was not the music director of this film, something would have been missing.

    All in all, this is another good work yet by Aamir's production house and the money you spend won't pinch you.
  • 7/10
    Lovely romantic flick to watch with someone you love.......
    Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is a film that I have been wanting to watch ever since I saw the first promo with Imran Khan posing behind a cardboard cutout to make us believe that he is the next big hunk of Bollywood. That, until the lovely Genelia D Souza comes prancing in only to reveal that Imran is not much of a hunk, but rather cute. Seeing the Pappu can't dance promo was rather weird (did NOT believe that it was an A.R.Rahman composition), till I listened to it a thousand times in a row and absolutely fell in love with it! That said, I shall get to the point..

    We've seen the rather unsuccessful launch of Ranbir Kapoor (No game, just fame! - so far). There's one more out this week itself - Read: Harman Baweja in Love Story 2050. Plain creepy if you ask me! (Well, so far - again). In comes Imran Khan who no one had ever heard of (Aamir's cousin who??) till we saw his chiseled face in the promos. And, to put it straight - He is indeed the pick of the lot (I don't even want to watch 2050! - Don't judge me by that).

    Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is another one of those mushy romantic films - yes. It's predictable - absolutely! It's boring - Not even close. Is it worth it? - Drop your books, dishes, whatever and run for the theatre! After Jab We Met, this is probably the movie that EVERYONE in India is going to watch. It's not only because of the launching of another 'Could-be' star, but also because it brings a whole package. Awesome music! Great looking people. All the sweetness that not even a chocolate cookie can give you..

    Here is a movie that deals with stereotyping in its own way. You have the old 'boy and girl can never be best friends without eventually falling in love' bit. You have the 'boy will find girl boyfriend and girl will find boy a girlfriend' bit. You have the father (played brilliantly in four short cameos by Naseeruddin Shah!) who is wise, preachy, fun, and also dead (sorry about that). You have the mother who is simply trying to protect her son and ensure that he does not become the rebel that her husband was (Read: I quote - 'That was my husband's son!' - you will know exactly what she means, and how effective a line that is when you hear it for yourself). You have the brother who is a git outside, but very very caring on the inside (Great performance from the guy who played that part!). Then there are the villains who are made to be hated by everyone (Recall Ishaan's father from Taare Zameen Par - same technique used. I hated that man enough to start abusing in the theatre!). The fiancé (a lesson in how to be a creep!), and the police inspector (Paresh Rawal is still the most hilarious man in Bollywood!). It's saluting stereotypes when it comes to predictable Bollywood movies. However, it's the way it is done that deserves all the credit..

    The slow, yet never boring pace of the film; the songs, added in at the right moment; the background music, absolutely engrossing; all add up to two and a half hours of great fun! Don't go for this one alone. Take someone you truly love with you to watch this. Preferably your best friend or your partner! You'll find yourself wanting to comment about a lot of things in it. The film shows events which you can criticize and relate to very straightforwardly. That is single-handedly the best thing about the movie (Don't get me started about the music. I could literally write a full scale review like this one on the music itself. It's only THAT good!). However, the film, like Aditi herself, suffers from extremities. It does not take much to make you feel the good part. The comedy and love is done wonderfully. The sadness and pain needs extremes to get you believing. A slap or a punch! The performances from the youngsters is, however, not a strong point in the film. Imran is good. Genelia overacts in parts. The girl who is listening to the story is just not believable. They could have picked a rather BIG actress to fill those shoes. The group of friends are just too cute to criticize. Be it Jignesh (Heaven knows how he transformed from spiky hair dude to moustache village-lookalike! Yes I'm stereotyping, I know), or Rotlu and Bombs who fall in love under the most relatable circumstances. Naseeruddin Shah is the pick of the lot. From the moment he turns real from his painting, he makes you pay attention to him.

    Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na is probably going to be the biggest hit of the year so far. Both commercially, and critically; Jodhaa Akbar being the runner up. Whether it is the witty dialogue (Bond, James Bond), the friends (Rotlu, Jiggy, Bombs, Shaleen - you'll love everyone!), Pappu - who really cannot dance, or even the horse riding eve teasers - Sohail and Arbaaz Khan(with a whole 'other' story!); the predictability factor simply disappears from your mind once you listen to the first song. You'll be enjoying it thoroughly. That is a guarantee! Here is a movie made with a lot of care by Abbas Tyrewala. A great directorial debut written with the utmost attention to detail. The camera-work, the settings of the songs, the comedy.. It's a well spent 150minutes that redefines what Bollywood is all about! 8/10 for technique. 7/10 overall! - They should have given 'Tu bole, main bolu' a slot. That song is a gem!
  • vaibhav_bhandeo6 July 2008
    Mein Bhi Jaanu Tu Bhi Jaane
    I knew her from really long, we were best of friends for all these years. People talked about both of us as a pair but we didn't care for them and went along as the best buddies. A boy and a girl both "Friends forever"! Does this really exist?

    Before watching the movie I was well aware of the very fact that two protagonists of the movie can't be friends forever, I just wanted to see their interception of this fact. It's official that Jai and Aditi are now the new heartthrob for the Youngistaan, a refreshing movie having blend of "Socha Na Tha" and "Dil Chahta Hai" and does the same magic. It also reminds me the story telling plot of "Chalte Chalte" where the story is being done by the friends! Story goes along smoothly with no unexpected twist and turn and ends on a happy note.

    Both Imran and Genelia have done justice to their roles and with lack of acting skills they were able to show the immaturity and confusion these two characters should have. Other characters also played their roles convincingly. Paresh Rawal is refreshing in his new role (I am fed up of seeing him playing type casted roles in Priyadarshan flicks). Comic timing is the life of movie which makes it watchable. Even with the cameo of Arbaaz and Sohail makes it hilarious especially at the end of movie. The small bits and pieces of such well crafted scenes make this movie a fun to watch .The idea of three conditions to be fulfilled before becoming a Man of Ranjhore's Rathod is hilarious.

    The life of movie is the music, the tunes let you stand on your feet and move your body with the characters, brilliant cinematography which also tells you it doesn't take an abroad trip to shoot an eye catching song. The pace at which the movie runs will always keep you on your seat just like the character (well written) in the movie that the story is being told. The girl Mala (The airhostess girl friend) does an amazing job to show her emotions and involvement in the story just as the audience would do while watching movie. This shows and confirms that it's up to the story teller to let you involve or get you of your seat the very next minute (Great story telling by the writer and director Abbas Tyrewala) . Nasir and Ratna's pair steals the show whenever they come on screen, again reminds me one of most popular pair on silver screen Ashok Sharaf and Priya Tendulkar (in Hum Panch). All in all it's highly recommended to those who like good music along with soft romantic movie. At the end,

    Question: Which movie did I see? Answer: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Meghna's Answer: On a silver screen Romeo and Juliet playing "Comedy of Errors"!!
  • jeetrana12 July 2008
    Very Highly Recommended !!
    I saw this film tonight in London and the theatre was packed. Within the first 30 minutes I could understand why.

    What a wonderful Indian film after a long long time!! Very well made.

    Very punchy, funny and realistic. Good performances by everyone especially Imran Khan and Genelia. The character casting is excellent. Arbaz and Sohail Khan in a cameo are great.

    One of the rare Indian productions where the jokes were effortlessly funny.

    Music is great and so are the songs. Songs are panned out well and do not stand out as in most other Indian films. Another wonderful production from Aamir Khan's stable.

    Very touching and refreshing film. Very highly Recommended!!
  • jSk5 July 2008
    Nostalgic... common but unique!
    OK... let me start off by saying HATS OFF AAMIR!!! YOU ARE GR8!!! Now for the rest. VERY IMPRESSIVE! Imran has left me stunned. Genelia has improved her performance a hundredfold since Mere Baap Pehle Aap. Ratna Pathak Shah was brilliant! She was at my school directing a play 2 months ago, and I never expected she was so good! Naseeruddin unexpectedly looks gr8 in his small funny role. The few new characters introduced also gave a decent performance! The story is simple. The name says it all - two people are in love, but they lack the sense of maturity and the guts to face it. Both are into finding each other a life-partner, and the whole thing is how they realize the truth...

    The climax is like many other films, but in a very unique manner! New characters are introduced till the end, which keeps you involved. The characters successfully cast a charm on you and you can actually feel as they do. Some parts will really make you smile and laugh, while others will make you feel great.

    The music also adds to the fun, friendship, and fun. The touchy script succeeds, cinematography and editing could be better, choreography pretty good, and, all-in-all, one must-watch performance. A great start for Imran and a great No. 2 for Genelia. Way to go Aamir, I wonder what will happen to the industry without YOU! And of course, well done Tyrewala! Your first and amazing!

    Easily an 8/10. I wonder why the Times of India gave it a 2.5 while it easily deserves a 3 or 3.5...

    Go for it!

    And I assure you, there's no heavy display of sad emotions. So you won't be crying at any point of time!
  • Murli10 January 2010
    A fresh beginning that rapidly goes stale after the interval
    After reading some of the glowing reviews from some of the users and the high rating I thought I couldn't go wrong by slotting the DVD in my player and sitting back and enjoying the evening away.

    The movie starts slowly and rather tediously...and I was on the verge of switching off the movie...The development of the group is brief but good though I wish they had employed the rest of the group more effectively and given them a few more moments rather than being background filler and fodder for the two main characters, both of who are neither interesting nor very engaging. Aditi is loud, annoying all over the place while Jai is sickeningly oversweet...the all round "nice" guy that the director and script writers try to force onto the audience. As a group it was fun to watch them and it would have been nice to see them have some more comic misadventures.

    The story is nothing new but at least it looked interesting...the two main characters are so close that even a blind man could guess they would end up together but the script takes them on a round trip to nowhere and back. It was fun to watch Jai and his new girlfriend and Aditi's increasing anxiety and jealously. If this had been handled better there would have been more jealousy/comedy moments written but then this is bollywood...

    The story definitely takes a nose dive after the interval with all the usual clichés being reused...The two find that shockingly they are in love with one another but neither wants to admit it...Aditi's boyfriend turns out to be a villain (gasp, I didn't see that coming!!), Jai's girlfriend is a little nuts (what a surprise there). Even the climax is a cliché where the two star crossed lovers are going to be separated and the hero has to do something herculean and heroic to save the day. The scenes at the airport are blindingly stupid...given what's been happening lately there is no way Jai would have gotten through the x-ray machine...not with ten guys holding machine guns in their hands... The three codes of a rathore is stupid and annoying. I found myself forwarding most of the second half as the movie had effectively ended for me.

    Acting wise Genelia aka Aditi is as bad as they come. I was surprised and shocked to discover that she is a bit of an acting veteran given her tender age. And she still sucks...She had no scope and brought nothing likable for the character of Aditi...She was loud and annoying. Imran Khan is average and showed nothing different than all the other new comers. This movie was just made for him to make his big entrance and look good. Well, he wasn't very impressive and the sad thing is that it won't matter because of whose nephew he is and his connections. The rest of group acted better than the main two. The main song Pappu can't dance is annoying and horrible and that's going to keep me up for a night or two...

    So who should watch this? If you're used to a big group of friends who are always together, share laughter and tears together then this is the movie for you. If you really don't care about anything and want to be distracted then this is the movie for you. If you've ever had a crush on someone in the group and had to hide it from that person then this is the movie for you (to a certain extent). The script could have been handled much better to deliver a standout end result and make this a cult movie on friendship like Breakfast Club did. But it didn't happen and that in itself is a big letdown...
  • Raj Doctor7 July 2008
    Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
    Aamir Khan's Production, launching of his nephew Imran Khan, A.R.Rahman's music, superb songs – I was too eager to see this movie. I had written a year back to Aamir in his blog to release his movies in Europe, but for strange reasons he does not do, and thus had to see it on DVD rip. Anyways… The story is about Jai (Imran Khan) and Aditi (Genelia D'Souza) – very good friends. Jai belongs to Rajput family, but is a non-violent person; whereas Aditi is a tigress by nature. Everyone around them – their friends and parents - knows that they love each other – but they do not recognize or agree or know that they love each other. Both find a suitable partner to fall in love; that is the time they realize that they love each-other. Is it too late by then? Aditi is about to go to US – can Jai stop Aditi at the airport? Go and see it for yourself what happens in the end.

    There are small cameos from veteran actors and actresses – Naseeruddin Shah plays Imran's dead father – who speaks from the photo-frame wanting Jai to become like a Rajput; Ratna Pathak plays Imran's mother; Paresh Rawal plays a bad cop; Arbaaz and Sohail Khan (Salaam Khan's brothers) play Rajput brothers who rescue Imran from the jail in the end; apart from them – there is Rajat Kapoor, Kitu Gidwani, Anuradha Patel, Jayant Kriplani and a bunch of young boys and girls who play friends of the main lead. A special mention here of Smita Patil's son Pratik Babbar - as Aditi's brother - he looks and acts well. Nice to see him here.

    This is a launch pad of Imran Khan, and he is the star and the biggest bright spot of the movie. He gives a very natural and casual performance – and does not look like this is his first movie. He plays this next door college guy - Jai with ease. Genelia D'souza (Actress Harini of South Indian Cinema) plays Aditi with equal conviction.

    Apart from the lead the biggest selling point is the movie's music by A.R.Rahman – especially the song - Kabhi Kabhi Aditi… is just mind blowing (comes within the first 15 minutes of the movie – so do not miss the beginning). During the first 1 hour of the movie – 4 out of 6 songs are over.

    The first half is mostly musical, fun and cheerful – and the story really takes hold after the first hour. Many critics have written that the first half is better than the second half. I found the first hour very irritating (except the songs); if you can bear the first hour, the movie is good and enjoyable.

    The first hour of the movie – all the characters (except Jai and Aditi) look over the top, artificial and very annoying – may it is the characterization, that the first Director Abbas Tyrewala wanted to stress. Luckily he sidelines the stress in the second half and that makes the movie enjoyable.

    The ending is so crap that we have seen it innumero times on Indian screen. Could not Abbas and Amir or Mansoor (Producers) think of a better one – please! The most irksome were the five characters who are sitting at the airport telling the story of Jai and Aditi – whenever they appear on the screen, I just wanted to pull my hair..Uh… Overall a good movie – if you can bear the first hour and those irritating friends of Jai and Aditi.

    I will go with 5.5 rating out of 10 and thumbs up to Imran Khan, a great debut..!
  • shiva-pillai-112 July 2008
    Reminds me of Dil Chahta Hai....
    JTYJN is truly amongst the finest movies made... Everything was perfect; the writing, screenplay, direction and characters.

    Rats did a great job as a newcomer... Kids got a great talent and will go a long way.

    Meow is the good old 'girl next door' chick... Her character was somewhat similar to what she'd played in 'Boys' (Tamil movie).

    Boms... was the cutest girl.. with the cutest smile throughout the movie..

    Rotlu played a fine role... Jiggy ruled

    The good thing about this film was you were not able to predict what will come next and when it came.. you were shocked :P

    Guest characters in the movie were like icing in the cake... Sohail, Arbaaz, Naseer and Paresh

    This movie truly deserves a standing ovation and all the applaud.

    Recommend it to kids and adults of all ages.. GO watch it with your friends, family, and loved ones...

    ARR's music was undoubtedly amongst the most important ingredients in this recipe which made this feature film very delicious.
  • Rahul Ojha5 July 2008
    Delightful and Entertaining!
    Let me start off with the negatives first. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is an old wine served in a new bottle as the storyline has nothing new to offer. The old age question whether "A man and woman can remain JUST friends?" has been addressed in far too many films. And that Airport Climax has become 'Oh so clichéd!'. It could also have done without those irritating narrations by the four friends as it interrupted the flow of the story(remember the movie Chalte Chalte?).

    But having said all that, this movie is refreshing and zestful. It strikes a chord and takes you down memory lane and remember those college days -- the gang, the parties, the crushes, the heartbreaks, the lovable friends you lost touch with. Débutante Imran Khan's portrayal of a middle class, peace loving boy - Jai, is natural, effortless and flawless. Certainly one of the best debuts in recent times. Genelia is expressive and charming, though she still needs to work on her acting and Hindi speaking capabilities. (Well, lets give her credit, as she at least dubbed her own dialogs unlike this bollywood actress from London.) What really works for Jaane Tu is its ensemble cast which is new, believable and likable. It has some sparkling performances by the seasoned Ratna Pathak as Jai's mother and Prateek Babbar, who plays a loving but possessive brother to Genelia. leaving a deep impression in this small but meaty role. Cameos by Naseeruddin, the Khan brothers -- Arbaaz & Sohail, and Paresh Rawal are hilarious, adding 'tadka' and lifting the movie from some low points. Addictive music from A.R. Rehman and a wonderfully picturized Bombay makes JTYJN a delightful and entertaining watch.

    It is not a film which is ground breaking, or without any flaws. Yet, you will leave the hall on a happy, feel good note, maybe even humming -- Pappu Can't Dance Saala!

    ***&1/2 out of 5
  • iceage74 July 2008
    Smart Film-Making!
    Very simple story, very simple characters and very simple dialogs. Abbas Tyrewala (Director) has done a wonderful job using simplicity to create this magnificent cinema experience.

    The use of carefully chosen scenes makes this films stand out from other typical Hindi movies. Not only main characters, but also supporting cast is also playing a major role within a particular scene. The climax is not something you haven't seen before, but the smart way of presenting it definitely makes it unique. Abbas Tyrewala has the well understanding of the visual language and the components of film-making. For instance, cinematography and right choice of the music converts the dumb, typical horse riding scene at the climax into a touching, "never-experienced-like" feeling.

    Cinematography is excellent! Manoj Lobo (Director of Photography) has captured the every bit of the Abbas Tyrewala's imagination perfectly.

    Like always, A.R Rahman (Music Director) has done a tremendous job in a way that you would remember forever. And the background music completes Abbas Tyrewala's scenes by adding a new dimension it lacks.

    Imran khan is a new face but his acting skills are build into his genes. Genelia has done her job wonderfully by adding correct essences of her life into Aditi's character. All the credits should go to Pakhi Tyrewala (Casting Director) who has done a brilliant job by selecting right face for the right character. Supporting cast is also plays a major role throughout this movie. (For instance, Aditi's Brother.)

    Jaane Tu Jaane Na is a fun, fresh, energetic and romantic Hindi movie which is a good example for SMART FILM-MAKING.

    Best film in year 2008 so far!!!
  • reubenthegreat8823 June 2009
    Over-Hyped Movie...nothing Special
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was expecting a movie like Kal Ho Na Ho. One I would love instantly.

    I was disappointed.

    It started off weird. The airport scene was indeed very boring and overused. The friends very robot-like.

    And then we FINALLY see him and her. The stars. The one we know will win all the best debut awards this year. Imran Khan and Genelia D'Souza.

    Imran Khan surprised me. I was expecting another mediocre, here in the industry because of relations but he is indeed good. Genelia is decent but needs to work on her accent. She also looks very similar to Sonai Kulkarni, who is a much better actress than she.

    The story was average. It had its moments. There were times when you were laughing very hard and times when you wanted to go hide under the seat because of the syrupy sweet, totally unrealistic lives and dialogs and story.

    It tried to teach parents some things as well. The situation with Imran's girlfriend's parents was a very good example and a bit believable as well. I hope parents learn from it.

    Had I not heard so much about it, I would not have been so disappointed. It was that I was expecting so much, so, so much, that I was so sorely disappointed. It could have done so much better. There were times when it could have shined. But it failed.

    I think that it is watchable, but only if you have no expectations.

    A cute romantic comedy, masala movie.

  • Miss_Weasley_Potter10 August 2008
    I had too many expectations.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Perhaps I was expecting TOO much.

    See, I watched this movie really late, almost when the theaters were empty. I saw SPARKLING promos, amazing songs and heard really good things about this movie.

    I was expecting a movie like Kal Ho Na Ho. One I would love instantly.

    I was disappointed.

    It started off weird. The airport scene was indeed very boring and overused. The friends very robot-like.

    And then we FINALLY see him and her. The stars. The one we know will win all the best debut awards this year. Imran Khan and Genelia D'Souza.

    Imran Khan surprised me. I was expecting another mediocre, here in the industry because of relations but he is indeed good. Genelia is decent but needs to work on her accent. She also looks very similar to Sonai Kulkarni, who is a much better actress than she.

    The story was average. It had its moments. There were times when you were laughing very hard and times when you wanted to go hide under the seat because of the syrupy sweet, totally unrealistic lives and dialogs and story.

    It tried to teach parents some things as well. The situation with Imran's girlfriend's parents was a very good example and a bit believable as well. I hope parents learn from it.

    Had I not heard so much about it, I would not have been so disappointed. It was that I was expecting so much, so, so much, that I was so sorely disappointed. It could have done so much better. There were times when it could have shined. But it failed.

    I think that it is watchable, but only if you have no expectations.

    A cute romantic comedy, masala movie.

  • tramman9 July 2008
    Bollywood bombshell
    This film is great and Imran Khan has star quality written all over him. It is one of the happiest, cleverest feel-good films Bollywood has come up with in a long time. If you are not a romantic this film might not thrill you but it won't bore you either. And if you are a romantic (I confess) then you have got to treat yourself and go see this. The musical numbers are very good-- especially the Can't Dance number at the birthday party. The writing of the script is first rate and has several clever touches like the throwaway literary joke at the very end in Bombay airport. I watch Bollywood film reviews on local Saturday morning TV and when I saw the reviews of Jaane Tu I knew I had to see it. It is 100 miles to the "local" cine mahal and entails an hour long drive to the ferry terminal, a delightful half hour voyage to San Francisco and a 45 minute train ride to SF's Little India. It was worth every minute of the trip. Don't miss it.
  • Dhruv Aghi9 July 2008
    'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' is a very common story...but has been portrayed very differently...its a simple love story with instant comedy...and no complex or over the top scenes..Imran has played "Jai Singh Rathore or RATs'..he has a family history in rajhasthan which plays its part in the movie while Genelia has played 'Aditi or MEow'..she has done justice to her role..nice acting...amazing songs....

    Don't Expect to be shell shocked or awestruck by the movie...Its just fun to watch and enjoy... This movie ends at the airport like most of the films...but the way the imran breaks into the airport and does his part is very cute!!...Its also flashback stuff...but don't judge it by this...its really nice...It doesn't contain total freak comedy..its just instant..u may not laugh out loud but u will definitely smile...

    'Naseeruddin shah' has played as the dead father of imran . He has been shown talking to ratna pathak (Jai's mother ) through the portrait...both of them (jai's parents) have strong roles..and have added more fun to the movie...

    All character in the movie are strong but towards the end i loved when arbaz khan(bhaloo bhaiya) & sohail khan(bhagera bhaiya) showed up in the jail..and revealing the legacy..as u want to say it..lol..is aw-sum...

    The film doesn't have any social message..its doesn't have any hot item babes and stuff...top actors of the industry ..but its just realistic in some cases and simple!! the film which would most probably be loved by us"youth" & other also..is a must watch for this year...Best viewed with friends....
  • 8/10
    Superb overall
    A very simple, sweet and quality movie. The right casting - all the actors fit their role superbly and have delivered great performance. I went with high expectations and wasn't disappointed at all!

    Imram Khan is too good for a newcomer. Genelia is adorable. The supporting actors as well have done a good job. The bit between Naseerudin Shah and Ratna Pathak is quite funny.

    Comic timing is awesome (Director Abbas Tyrewala is also the dialog writer of Munnabhai MBBS). The direction is very refreshing. The plot might be a little cliché but has been packaged very nicely. Overall a fun and sensible movie, you'll be laughing and giggling throughout.
  • imad5720006 July 2008
    Amir's Midas touch
    Amir's production house has did it again.First with Taare Zameen Par and now Jaane Tu Ya Jaane NA. JTYJN proves to be the best launch vehicle any actor would dream of. Imran and Genelia exhibit excellent chemistry and keep the viewers glued to the screens till the very end of the movie.In some parts of the movie you feel that your watching the younger days of the chocolate hero Amir Khan. Abbas Tyrewala leaves no stone unturned with his amazing directing skills giving the audience what they expect.Sohail and Arbaaz share a special bond and that shows on screen. Naseeruddin Shah brings in a few laughs and Ratna marvels. A sweet romantic love story that leaves a smile on your lips.Describing the movie in two words, a must watch.
  • piyush_mehrotra200130 August 2008
    Jaane tu ya jaanu mein-The movie rocks
    Its no surprise that this movie carries u away to a different world of "meon" n "ratz". The producer himself is Mr perfectionist, Aamir Khan and the music by the music maestro Rehman.. And if this wasn't all then the brilliant acting done by Imraan and also by Genelia D'Souza makes this movie to deserve 10/10... i wonder if anybody can point out to any scene and say "this could have been better" I real lyf Pappu(as described in the movie as non dancer) will also not be able to stop his feet on the tunes of the movie. The youth is no doubt liking the movie and so the children and the adults. In the end as everyone knows-The movie ROCKS!!!!
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