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  • lor_15 February 2018
    Michael Ninn has his alter ego Halle Vanderhyden (whose actual existence has not been proven to my satisfaction) create this series of repetitious, pointless jail-bait videos, constituting wall-to-wall sex simultaneously pretentious and pointless.

    The backgrounds are a blinding pure white, with a colorful piece of furniture present for each actress to pose at and then get humped on. The set swivels, like one of those dumb cable softcore exercise videos popular about three decades ago.

    Best-looking actress is Sunny Lane, her peaches and cream complexion, pink nipples and ample natural tits belying her usual casting as an underage sweet young thing type. Ninn & Halle cranked out dozens of these junkers, all seemingly identical on purpose. They did not make the big splash of say an Andrew Blake fetish video.