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2 October 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Not bad, but not great either...
This porn movie is made up of 5 scenes. 4 of the scenes are boy girl scenes and the last scene is a threesome with one girl and two guys. The movie starts out with Angela Stone having sex with one guy. Out of all the girls in this movie Angela is definitively the least attractive. She doesn't have a attractive face and her body isn't anything special. The scene wasn't anything special either, except for one part. Angela gets a really powerful orgasm when the guy bangs her pussy and she ends up squirting all over the place. This happens when she rides the guy in the reverse cowgirl position and gets her clitoris rubbed by the guy at the same time. Angela totally loses control over her body just before she starts squirting and her moaning goes off the chart. At first it doesn't seem like she's going to give us a real big squirting because the first three times she squirts, there is quite little juice coming out of her pussy. But then the show really gets going. This girl squirts 3-4 times in a row with only a really short brake between the squirts. And we are talking really big squirts here. It actually looks like this girl is "pissing" herself while she's having an orgasm. You could really tell that this girl was enjoying herself when she got her orgasm. There simply is no way to fake pleasure like that.

In the second scene we have Lita Lynn going at it. This girl is better looking than Angela, but she's still far from being a real looker. Lita gives really good head in this scene. You can tell that the guy likes it too, because he keeps pulling out and letting her suck his dick every now and then during the scene. In the third scene we see Hillary Scott have sex. This girl is one of the biggest sluts in the porn industry. Too bad she isn't one of the hottest sluts in the industry, because if she was, there wouldn't be many girls who could compete with her. I mean this girl is really nasty and she looks like she really enjoys herself in every scene I've seen with her. And talk about someone who knows how to suck cocks. this girl gives some of the best head ever. This girl totally loves it when a guy shoves his big rod full force down her throat. She also uses some dirty talk during her scene which is always nice. The scene with Hillary in this movie was quite good. I liked the camera work during the scene, because they tried to show us as little as possible of Hillary's saggy tits. Thank god this chick got fake tits later on, because if anybody needed fake tits it was this girl.

In the next scene we get to see the lovely Vanessa Michaels. This girl is by far the most beautiful woman in this movie. She has a natural voluptuous body with big and beautiful natural tits. Her face might not be the best looking in the business, but it's still way above average and beats all the other girls in this movie. Vanessa doesn't give as good of a performance as Hillary or even Lita, but her beauty makes up for that and more. In the last scene we see Vanilla Skye take on two guys. Vanilla is a attractive looking girl with a nice body, who would have probably looked way better with the proper makeup. Vanilla really seems to enjoy herself during the scene which is a nice thing. There is also some double penetration during the end, but unfortunately they use a bad angle for this so it's not that enjoyable. They just shoot from behind, either with a close up or with a view of the guys sticking it to Vanilla. We never get a good shot of Vanilla's body with the two big cocks sliding in and out of her pussy and asshole. The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads on Vanilla's face, and you can see that Vanilla has had a good time, because she has a big smile on her face after the guys have blown their loads. All in all I would say that this isn't a bad porn movie, but it's not great either.

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