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  • jackfan9327 December 2006
    I disagree it is an excellent game its been 11-12 years since the movie and you expect it to be perfect? I doubt. The graphics and levels are well done too. The music is very nice and they have made it interesting as a child i always wanted to go there and then i could is a fabtastic awesome game with a lot to offer. And i would make people who thought it wasn't any good to think again and perhaps reconsider they're thoughts. The characters on the game are very good and have good personalities! The voices where perfect the fact it has hard easy normal options also really helps! And saving the day in Halloween town is also very nice its a bravo game ! And.. beautiful and heroic game... not for the faint hearted! Excellent game *****
  • I am an enormous fan of the film. I usually do not enjoy games made based on films, so I was VERY worried about this one. Lucky for me, it was a VERY far cry from the original story. It takes place one year after the movie (despite being made more than ten years later (and in my head it also takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II)) and we're not "taking Christmas" this time around.

    The game play is wonderfully thought out and original, perfect for the world it takes place in; there's singing, dancing, battle banter, and it's genius.

    The difficulty of the game is on par as well. Even on easy there are certain levels that are decidedly frustrating and daunting. When played on hard, it becomes downright impossible (especially of mediocre players like me)

    The dialogue is, like the movie, wonderfully cheesy and full of camp. It's all spoken at a heightened sense of drama, perfect for such a theatrical character as Jack Skellington. The voice work was a little patchy; Jack's speaking and singing was performed by Chris Sarandon, and though I was saddened by lack of Danny Elfman involvement, he does a wonderful job and has a more than adequate voice. Sally, Lock, Shock, and Barrel bugged me for a while, but the characters were done right and the actors owned it.

    The animation is a little dodgy, but it's beautiful. Everything I loved about the look of the movie can be found in the game, and it's amazing to explore it.

    There are a lot of hidden goodies in the game, and many things that make me think that this is the best Nightmare game we're going to get. Awesome game.
  • I was utterly disappointed with the voices of Sally as well as others in the game, I loved Cathrine O'Hara in the movie but was upset when I herd someone else doing Sally's voice, Jack Skellington's voice stayed the same except for the singing part, I also loved Danny Elfmans voice singing for Jack in the movie, but did not hear it in the game. The game was nice and had a good storyline to it, but was weighted down by the very different, and disappointing voice talents, no- offense to the people who replace the original cast but I think the Original cast just "worked" and that no one could ever replace them. Overall: Great game terrible voices.
  • nicky914 April 2007
    The game is fantastic, fun, mysterious and a bunch of other great things...I can definitely say that this is a "must-have-game". Thestoryline is great and the graphics look good. The music is warm and nice as always, and the control system only takes about 10 minutes to figure out. One minus however is that i think the game is too short. If it were about maybe 2 hours longer i would have rated it 10. there is also something that could be changed in the game, like the voices. They seem very real, but i really got used to the voices from the movie, Ally's voices is different but not really in a bad way...It's just an updated voices for her really. But it still is fantastic! Go buy it already! :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this game surprised me because i thought it would be just another game brought out to fill empty spaces on shelves. to start off i just want to say that i played this before i saw the movie, so you don't have to worry about seeing the movie to understand the game. the animation in the game isn't as it's best at the scenery looks like 2D. The game is easy to control and is not as easy to complete as i thought as it is quite a challenge. I have played various games which were spin off's of movie's but none as good as this one. the storyline is completely different to the original movie as in this Jack has been away and returns to find Halloween town almost empty and bleak and Oogi Boogie is behind it. A good game in all but the animation is ...meh!