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  • I have huge admiration for ad-film makers for they pay great attention to small details and more importantly they dare to be different. "Sarfarosh" was a "cult" movie in its own right. When "Shikar" was announced, the audience were expecting nothing short of another "Sarfarosh". John M Mathen should be lauded for the venturing into a path-breaking territory and make a full-blown movie addressing the environmental issue. Sadly, was well-ahead of its time and hence the audience failed to connect. With the "green" talks gaining momentum and Copenhagen hogging the lime-light, perhaps today the audience can realise the importance of Mother Nature.

    Ajay Devgan:: It was the stage in his career where he was full-on experimenting roles of grey shades and this was one of them. As usual, he is dependable.

    Shahid Kapur:: Had the movie got its due recognition, he would have been greatly benefited.

    Bipasha Basu:: She hardly any scope or requirement in the story.

    Amrita Rao:: Just about OK.

    Javed Sheikh:: Played the role of good Samaritan quite well.

    Well, John M Mathen needs to bounce back and surely will.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 1999,When I saw the promos of the movie Sarfarosh,The 1st thing that caught my eye was that it was by a débutant director.At that time,I wasn't much into movies and never heard much of the movie again.Couple of years later,The movie premiered on TV.Since Aamir was hot at that time due to the stupendous success of Lagaan(which went on to be nominated for the Oscars) and Dil Chahta Hai which many consider to be one of the coolest movies ever made,I felt that I must watch this movie.And was i stunned or what!!!!A tight screenplay,a relentlessly fast pace and a realistic scenario made this movie an immensely pleasurable watching experience.

    Fast forward to 2005,When i heard that John Matthew Matthan was announcing a new movie,I was excited.Part of it diminished when I heard that it was not a Cop movie.But when i heard that it was a business thriller,i was curious as not many movies have been made on this theme,barring Kalyug which was excellent.The movie's synopsis sounded good on paper,but I had no idea how it would sound on screen.Then the movie released,the reviews said that this movie was average.I was disappointed thinking that maybe John is also a 1 film wonder like Mahesh Manjrekar who's been struggling to find his feet in Bollywood after his stupendous directing debut Vaastav.

    Today,My disappointment has turned into amazement after i saw the movie on DVD.It is a poignant story of how an innocent person can be misled down the path of greed,but if his values are strong,he can get back to the right path.

    It is the story of Guruji(Javed Sheikh)who left the reins of his vast business empire to his friend and started an ashram in the sylvan and tranquil village Songarh for the people to help the poor and downtrodden.He is an idealist to the core and believes that wealth is of no use until it is used for the greater good of Mankind.He also advocates the fact that the blessings of people and the goodwill that you gather is the true wealth.He tries to instill this values in his son Jaidev(Shahid Kapoor) Jaidev is a naive young man who hasn't seen much of the world and the little he's seen is the goodness of his father.So when Gaurav Gupta(Ajay Devgan)shows him the enjoyments of life such as Wine,Women etc,he's completely enticed.

    Gaurav Gupta or GG as he's better known is a ruthless businessman.He believes that Money is the only thing that matters.He plans to build a city like Las Vegas in India.But Guruji stands in his way.So he uses Guruji's weakness i.e Jaidev against him,Guruji is left watching helplessly.But his greed leads to his downfall as he doesn't take enough care in hiding the shadier aspects of his character.

    The movie is a real stunner.It's been shot well and has a good story.And for a change,It's a clean movie without any skin show and double entendres.

    Its only fault lies in the placement of songs and the slightly slow pacing.There are way too many songs and they act as speed breakers and slow down the movie.The slow pacing of the movie may act as a deterrent to people.But,If you are the kind of person who likes to watch thought provoking movies,this is for you.

    Trust me on this one;)
  • All the reports of the movie were pretty dull. I decided to go against all odds to see the movie, solely because the director of the movie had proved class in his first outing (Sarfarosh).

    Let me tell you, this was really a very directed movie. The pace of the movie is definitely not as quick paced as Sarfarosh was, but the story is refreshing, and is only made better by some fabulous acting by Ajay Devgan and Shahid Kapoor (who has by far made his best performance till date).

    It is an intelligent movie, bringing out all the games played in politics and in the cut-throat business world. The only drawback of the movie is its slower pace, and addition of unwanted songs which really serve no purpose in the movie and neither were melodious. Had the edited the songs, the impact of the movie would have been much more.

    All in all, I would say this movie is trying to bring out a social message to all the people in the world. My final comment is, if you liked "Swades", definitely go watch this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film was unfairly panned by critics and equally unfairly shunned by movie goers. It actually carried a powerful message and the theme was beautiful played out by the perfect cast and subtlety of the director.

    Ajay Devgan in mean ambitious mode yet again, plays a business man with a big dream. He wants to build a Las Vegas in India. He assembles quite a team of skeptical investors, who throw their money into the project even though they hardly believe in it. Devgan's mean character with the help of his equally skeptical concubine (played by Bipasha Basu) narrows down the perfect spot of land where the resort is to be built and offer the owner of the land some "go away nicely" money but their proposal is refused (the significance of the land and the people who inhabit it is explained later on in the movie). Shahid Kapoor plays Jaidev, the son of the land's Guruji (Javed Sheikh) who has just completed a study of Horticulture and is about to take over some lucrative business when he bumps into Gaurav (Devgan) who is able to temporarily sidetrack him by leading him astray. Amrita Rao in yet another angelic role, plays Madhavi the object of Jaidev's affection, and tries to help him see past the glamour and glitz that Gaurav and Natasha (Basu) are offering.

    As you may have already guessed it, Gaurav uses Jaidev nearly to the point of no return but the boy is able to realise what is going on sooner than later and bounce back to try and save the land that is about to be devoured by the evil doers headed by Gaurav and his investors. Jaidev's actions must also be resounding and powerful enough to bring his father out of a self-imposed exile. A great coming of age tale! Look for a stellar and cool cameo by John Abraham, he plays himself in a scene that helps Jaidev wake up and smell the coffee.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw the promo of the movie, I knew this is one movie I should not miss. Because this is my kind of movie. But then not everyone is like me. This movie was not made for masses, hence the movie flopped. The story is very different than the present days movies. I am sure Ajay Devgan will always be remembered as one of his best performances.

    This is the movie which shows the Games People Play to achieve their interest chopping common man's head. This movie is about Green revolution.

    Ajay Devgan as Gaurav Gupta is very ambitious and lives like there is no tomorrow. His life is a gamble which he need to own at any cost. His dictionary has no words called sympathy, kindness, nature, tribal, environment, loser etc.

    Shahid Kapoor is a man full of conflict, he hasn't seen much of life. He follows his father's principle. He is simple, down-to-earth and hence falls into the trap of Gaurav Gupta. His life changes drastically & started gambling, drinking. But then he hasn't lost his values completely.

    Bipasha Basu is Gaurav's girlfriend can do anything for him but then she has humanity too. Amrita Rao is a simple girl who is devoted to Shahid. She would stand by her man by all means, but then won't tolerate if he goes wrong.

    Guruji is a man, who is very rich but leads a very simple life because of some tragedies. He has dedicated his life to the tribal development.

    If Shikhar as a movie is about good deeds and thoughts, it also is about greed and ambition. Which one we choose is left to us. The Good or Bad.
  • pranjalsaxena17 January 2006
    I am a serious movie goer. I saw the film and found it really different. Personally John could have done better but can give him credit for attempting a different film. The point of disappointment is that the film came a little late. It would have been really nice if it had come out a little earlier. Ajay is good but Shaid has a long way to go. Also,here I would like to bring in notice of all that the credit for Shikhar's dialogues has been wrongly reported in this site. Its not Hriday Lani but Dr. Bodhisattva and John M Matthan. It even appears in the credit roll of the film.Everybody please wake up to such misleading information.

    Pranjal Saxena
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Its a waste of time even reviewing such an amateurish, forgettable piece of work but I thought I would do it for two reasons: 1. John Mathew Matthan is a powerful director and we have waited patiently for over 5 years since Sarfarosh, wondering what he was up to and therefore there should be at least a reasonable curiosity value to his second venture to merit more than just one review 2. I found the film has received a rating of 8, which I believe is way too high and probably a result of a very small sample size of voters and I wanted to correct this a bit The film meanders along predictably and painfully, through a done-to-death Bollywood formula and JMM does not even attempt to be subtle about it.

    The good are extremely good and the bad are absolutely bad; the hero has a golden heart but is rustic and naive enough to get sucked into the glitzy and glamorous nexus of corrupt builders-politicians; his eyes suddenly open up and he immediately unearths this nexus before you could bat your eyelids; the village belle wins her "phoren returned" fiancé back, the baddies go to jail, the father forgives the son and everyone lives happily ever after.

    Haven't we seen all this before?

    There are no twists, no suspense and, in fact, not even an iota of earnestness or intensity that had made Sarfarosh so memorable. The corrupt politicians and businessmen here are almost comic - a far cry from the spine chilling characters in Sarfarosh. Scenes like the hero's mother's death (her hands trying to touch her husband's) are so clichéd that they evoke more of a chuckle than any other emotion.

    Non-actors Shahid and Bipasha lend nothing more than 'face value', Viju Shah's creativity is not at his best and the screenplay, dialogs and cinematography are all absolutely average.

    Looks like JMM might head towards becoming a one-film wonder unless he comes up with something seriously different next time which is...2011?
  • kas275 December 2006
    Though the intended message delivered by the movie is noble, the actual presentation isn't that good. In the sense, that at times it becomes too didactic. People don't go to theaters for getting lectures on Moral Science. It has to be more subtle. Shahid Kapur is no match for Ajay Devgan. The protagonist and the antagonist sides are not evenly balanced. In fact, Ajay Devgan's character is not jet black, its a shade of grey rather. And one reason why I didn't like this movie is that throughout the movie, I was on the villain's (supposedly) side, who lost in the end ! Also, expectations from John Mathew were sky high after the amazing movie called "Sarfarosh(1999)" by him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The director John Mathew Mathan had gone into oblivion after his directorial debut 'Sarfarosh' that came in 1999. Everybody remembers the film simply because it was a fantastic film. As one watched the socio-political thriller unfold, not even once did the audience remind itself that this was a greenhorn director and perhaps if need be, not to be too harsh on him. So after 5 years when he decided to make Shikhar, it's not an exaggeration to say that the same audience expected the film to be if not more, at-last 5 times more powerful and impact making than Sarfarosh! But to make a film like 'Shikhar', seems nothing but a crude joke on the sensitivities and patience of the people. The memory of Sarfarosh is as fresh in the minds of people as it would have been after ten years, in other words, had Mathan taken even an eternity to bring to his loyal audience a quality film, they would have welcomed it with open arms. But Shikhar…just seems like an execution in Mathan's worst nightmares! There is nothing redeemable about the film, except Shahid Kapoor who has a reflection of youthful Shahrukh Khan when it comes to projecting honesty, passion and dedication. So when you take portions of 'Swades', 'Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai' and possibly scrapes of 'Guide' or 'Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman' and churn them together, you would have manufactured Shikhar! Not produced, created or even re-created, purely manufactured! The film has not even an iota of pseudo-realism in its theme, plot, characterization and is exceedingly synthetic. The music is uninspiring, dialogues are sloppy and even the premise of the film seems insincere. Story: Shikhar revolves around the issue related to builders, landlords and their tenants who are being pressurized under the superior people of society. How far can greed take a man? Ajay Devgan portrays the character of 'Gaurav Gupta' (GG), who is highly ambitious builder (not to mention-dresses like an MTV star) who wants Guruji (Jawed Sheikh) to evacuate Rishivan-the orphanage to build a magna city called Golden Gate. This shall have multiplexes, golf course, housing, amusement park etc. Guruji actually is an industrial magnate and believes that wealth means nothing if not utilized for the betterment of the society. He wants his wealth to be utilized for the upliftment for the tribal in the area. In the tug-of-war between GG and Guruji, Jaidev Vardhan (Shahid kapur) a fresh graduate and the only son of Guruji, falls in the trap designed by GG and his girlfriend Natasha (Bipasha Basu). Madhavi (Amrita Rao), who genuinely loves Jaidev observes her love being carried away by the world of wealth, wine and women. Will GG succeed in his vicious plans? Will Jaidev discover the fiend behind the mask of friendship GG wears? Wait for the DVD release to find out, this one is definitely not for tarrying away your time at a theater.
  • Yes, it's another product of genius John Matthew Mathan. But we should not even compare with his earlier record Sarfarosh. I read in an issue of Filmfare magazine that before his venture to Shikhar he was supposed to make another movie with Aamir Khan based on the lifestyles in metropolitan cities. But due to uncertain circumstances it was canceled and instead concentrated on this. Shikhar refers on some social, political and humanitarian issues concerning with today's world of corruption. It narrates the background reasons of intention created by many personalities in support of bribery.

    I enjoyed the movie with the impressive performance by Shahid Kapoor (the best role he has chosen till date). Although the movie has strong screenplay and storyline, but its moving motion goes below today's mainstream cinema. Ajay's role and screen presence is too irritating with his boring gestures and indications. Perhaps he is one of the many reasons for the fall out of the movie at the box office. We couldn't expect such parts from an award winning actor. Taking leading role in hands, Amrita did her natural presentation with support from Farha. But sexy Bipasha was just a trash in the movie which was totally unnecessary. She must have been given just a guest appearance role as John Abraham is in the movie for a while. Back to Shahid, he may not be as gorgeous as Aamir but he has the potentialities to be someday. And I realized that just simply after watching this movie. Imagining on this might John have selected him for this naturally cool and bold role.
  • aditya1119 February 2006
    I agree with last comment. It is formula movie with copy of western songs and dances in the hope of appealing to NRIs who may be nostalgic or those who aspire to be an NRI. This is obvious when Devgan talks in terms of $ instead of Rs to explain the exchange rate.

    Every one seems to be overacting and insincere. Devgan is not only a builder but suddenly he is shown to be expert in every business so that he can send Kapoor to Thailand instead of Singapore for horticultural research. Thailand is shown to be a technologically advanced while India is still so backward.

    You may watch it if you have nothing better to do.
  • iampavan-9216618 September 2016
    Shikhar movie just like a business type movie rich persons chop the poor peoples own demand.

    Ajay Devgan as Gaurav gupta is a ambitious type character and live like there is no tomorrow his life is a glambe which need to own at any cost.

    Shahid kapoor is a full conflict man in this movie he has not seen much of life, but he always follows his father principles and got lots of things due to his father steps.

    Bipasha Basu is gaurav's gupta girlfriend she can do anything, for him but she has humanity also she don't want to hurt anyone and try best for it. And never say no for gaurav help.

    Amrita rao is a simple girl who is devoted to shahid kapoor she don't tolerate if he goes anything wrong, she always good take care of him.

    Giru ji is a chahacter who is very rich person but expand simple life because of some tragedies, he changed his life to the trible development.

    Overall movie is so so watch a time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the success of SARFAROSH(1999), John Matthew Mathan came back after 6 years with SHIKHAR which bombed. The film brought together Ajay Devgan with Shahid Kapur, also starring Bipasha and Amrita Rao. The film is similar to Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen, Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai.etc and follows a similar route. Ajay plays a businessman who wants to build his own city, yes right!! Shahid plays a son of a rich businessman who left his business and started an ashram. The film has a decent plot but the execution and writing play a spoiltsport. The situations are clichéd, also there are too many songs Some scenes are well handled but overall the impact is missing Ajay-Shahid scenes are well handled but why does Shahid follow him looks hard to digest, all of a sudden he treats him like a guru. Also the climax could have been better, things look rushed

    Direction is ruined due to the writing Music by Viju Shah is ordinary, the songs are nothing great Fitna Dil is a decent song rest are okay

    Ajay Devgan plays GG superbly, he has played negative roles before but in this yet again he adds a sheen, Surprisingly Govinda was signed by John before due to his comic nature but Ajay suits the role to the T However his styling is below par Shahid Kapur excels in his role too, lending it the right amt of conviction Amrita Rao plays a typical coy actress and she is okay Bipasha Basu gets to play also a typical clichéd role and she too is okay Farah is as usual, Sushant Singh hams in his shudh Hindi role Manoj Joshi is okay, Javed Sheikh gives a decent account of himself in his debut rest are okay