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23 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Kaline really saves this movie...
This is a really short porno, only 75 minutes. During these 75 minutes we get to see 5 different scenes. Four of the scenes are threesomes with one girl and two guys, and one scene is a orgy with 6 girls and 5 guys. That sounds really great, but unfortunately 4 of the 5 scenes disappoint.

In the first scene we see Blondie daydreaming that she's being "tag teamed" by two studs. Blondie has a good looking face and a nice natural body, but despite that the scene falls flat. We get way too many close ups and although there is pretty much double penetration in this movie as a whole, there isn't any in this scene. The second scene with Mercedes (Eva Black) is better, but it's still far from great. I expected a lot from this scene. Considering the fact that Mercedes has a really great body, especially her tits, and the fact that this girl likes to be double penetrated, I expected a really hot and steamy scene. Well, first of all I didn't like the outfit she was wearing. Then we had the terrible angles and close ups so we really couldn't see much of her body. Mercedes didn't seem that into the scene either and that really killed the scene for me. It wasn't until the end, when the guys started DP:ing Mercedes that she started moaning like she liked it. Too bad they used a bad angle for the cumshots as well. From the angle that they show we don't get a good look at the cum on her face.

The third scene was an orgy with Bettina, Kata Lynn, Monique Covet, Gili Sky, Wanda Curtis and Cassandra Wilde taking on 5 guys together. This scene wasn't anything special. This scene had way too many close ups. There were no good shots of the girls bodies and that is a real crime if you have two of the hottest natural beauties in the history of porn, Wanda Curtis and Cassandra Wilde, in the same scene together. The scene was also quite dark and worst of all none of the girls seemed to be that into the sex. Also, we only get to see Monique Covet get double penetrated. This scene is also way too short to be a good orgy scene. If you have an orgy with 6 girls and 5 guys, you need more time than 15 minutes to give a good amount of screen time to all 6 girls. This scene is really a textbook example of how not to shoot an orgy scene. Well, at least they didn't cast any really ugly women in the scene.

After three scenes that disappointed me, I didn't have much hope left for this movie. But that all changed with Kaline. Kaline is a lovely blonde girl taking on two guys simultaneously. Kaline has a nice face and a really good natural body, but what I really liked was the fact that this girl seemed to really enjoy having sex. It looked like this girl was in heaven when she got to have sex with two guys simultaneously. These guys give Kaline a real good pounding and she has a big smile on her face the whole time. It was really nice to see this girl get double penetrated. Too bad the double penetration didn't last too long, thanks to the fact that the guy "fucking" her ass blew his load prematurely. Well considering the way this girl was moaning, it's no surprise that one of the guys came too early. Well it didn't seem to bother Kaline, because she continues to ride the other guy while the guy who was "fucking" her in the ass is blowing his load all over her ass. Kaline and the other guy just keeps on "fucking". It's sad to watch the guy who blew his load, when he doesn't understand to get out of there after he has ejaculated prematurely. While Kaline keeps riding the other guy in reverse cowgirl like crazy, this stupid guy is fondling her pussy and tits while he's trying to get his limp dick hard again. Kaline finish off the guy by jumping of his cock and jerking it like crazy. Well it doesn't take long for the guy to blow his load. It's a shame we didn't get to see Kaline's face covered in cum, because both guys were packing bigger than average loads. This scene really reminded me of why I like to watch hardcore porn so much. Sometimes it's hard to remember why, because of all the bad and mediocre scenes that have come my way. But then some really beautiful girl comes along, who really enjoys sex and isn't afraid of showing it, and then it all comes back to me.

After this scene we still have the last scene with Noemi taking on two guys. While Noemi is quite attractive this scene isn't anything special. Noemi has this unnecessary lingerie on during the scene and we once again get the bad angles and close ups. There isn't much help from the double penetration either. The only thing good about this scene is the cumshots. One of the guys is packing a huge load, so this girl gets quite a lot of cum on both her face and tits. Well it isn't enough to save the scene but at least it's something.

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