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  • For years this long running political series has been a "CNN" mainstay as it's breaking news about elections and political campaigns and it shows the latest polls to support it's facts. And plenty of interviews are given with political and news world leaders as the show is also a focus on how the political game is tied around both domestic and international issues. And the top news and political reporters around the country give their take and commentary on the latest happenings and opinions are also provided about political leaders. Really if your a political news nut this is the show to watch it never lets you down as you the viewer will stay well informed with the culture and happenings from the president, congress, and state governments.
  • Excellent news and discussion, with an outstanding panel and host. The program really gets beneath the facade and the nonsense of tweets, insults, and ignorance. CNN continues to be an effective counter to the fake news being spouted from the White House and followers of the resident demagogue.
  • At a certain point the partisan poltical drivers of certain news shows producers, editors, show runners and reporters matters. If you want to understand how Inside Politics and other DC based shows have gone from relatively non partisan to highly partisan demagoguery of the type spouted in "Inside politics" do some reading, not from right or left sources, but dispassionate ones like Mark Leibovich's book "This Town."

    When a shows gatekeepers are married to DNC operatives, when "reporters" themselves are in a revolving door of news media and partisan Democrat politics, you start to have a problem evidenced by "Inside Politics' unhinged and quite partisan coverage of late.

    If you want to really understand take a look at Inside Politics' coverage immediately preceding the 2016 election and coverage nd commentary by tis principles during the actual election day in 2016. You would be certain Hillary was a shoe in, and certain on election night that she had won. That tells you something about this show airheaded.

    By the way some of the show's participants have the nastiest nonsense of tweets, insults and ignorance possible. But I guess if it is from the left, that is ok and above critique.