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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Silberhochzeit" is a German television film from 10 years ago directed by Matti Geschonneck and writer Daniel Nocke adapted a work by Elke Heidenreich, one of Germany's most known writers these days. It is basically all about a bunch of people reuniting for a day or two and we find out who they are and what they think of each other. The outcome is here that basically everybody hates everybody and the longer their time together lasts the more it becomes obvious that they just despise one another really. The cast includes quite a few famous names, really more big names than you usually find in small screen films here. So it should come as no surprise that this film that runs for slightly under 90 minutes garnered a decent share of awards attention. But I personally do not second the praise. I must say I have seen most of the actors in other films already and none of them delivers anything extraordinary, anything they have not show us before. I would say the majority of the cast here are people who are a lot more famous than they deserve to be looking at their range. The prime example is Iris Berben, who plays the female main character. She has been a household name in Germany for a long long time and is widely considered among the finest actresses from her generation, but I believe this is just due to her charisma and picking roles that fit her style. She has little range and this movie here is another example of her limited talent. She looks pretty good for her age, still today 10 years later, but that is it. Admittedly everybody else in here is not much better than she is and the script also has weaknesses. Sometimes it feels credible, then there are moments when it is painfully over the top and lacks authenticity altogether. Not a good film. watch something else instead.