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11 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| A good one from Private's xxx series
I usually like Private's xxx series. The xxx series is usually made up from about 5-6 small scenes with a story of their own. The sex scenes in the xxx series offer something for everyone, but they usually don't have that many boy girl scenes. The sex scenes usually tend to be group sex scenes, many times featuring two men or sometimes more "making love" to the same woman. The private xxx series usually also contain some really hot double penetration action.

This one is the 23 in the series and contains 6 different scenes. The first scene starts out with Vera, a sexy blonde who is dancing in a club. She looks incredibly hot in her skimpy dress. One guy comes up to her and they start dancing. Soon it gets really hot and Vera starts blowing the guy right there on the dance floor in front of everybody. After a while one more guy joins in. The three start having hot sex on the dance floor and the scene ends with the two guys giving Vera a DP.

Jessica Fiorentino also has a hot scene in this one. In her scene she goes to the beach to swim and enjoy the sun. Instead she gets tag teamed by two guys. The scene is really hot and the guys give Jessica a good pounding. Even Jessica gets to enjoy a DP at the end. Tiffany Hopkins also gives a good performance in her scene. This is the only boy girl scene in this movie. In this scene Tiffany takes on a guy in a warehouse. The scene in incredibly intense and I must say that Tiffany probably receives the best pounding of all the girls in this movie. I like the way that the guy just picks up Tiffany and has sex with her in all crazy kind of positions.

Francesca Felucci also gives a good performance and I really thought that this would be my favorite scene in the movie. The scene starts of as Francesca is bowling with two guys. The three start having sex and Francesca looks very horny as she gets her holes stuffed. Then the scene just ends with the guys blowing their loads on her face. We never get to see Francesca DP:ed! This feels like they totally robbed the audience of a great thrill. Especially when I know how good Francesca looks while she takes a DP. For anyone who feels disappointed with this scene I recommend looking up Backdoor Blondes 2. There you get to see Francesca DP:ed really good for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The last scene in this one is really good. There we get to see Thalia, who works in a bar, take on three guys at once. She takes on the bartender and two customers. The scene begins with Thalia blowing the bartender. She stop and delivers the drinks to the two customers. After she delivers the drinks she starts blowing the customers as well. The bartender joins in and we get to see Thalia take care of all three guys at once. Thalia looks really great while she's having sex and I really enjoy her long and sexy legs. Luckily we get to see Thalia DP:ed in this scene. The cum shots disappoints as I would have liked to see her take all three loads on her pretty face. Instead we get two on her ass and one on the table.

There is also a bonus scene on the DVD that is quite nice as well. This is a photo shoot scene with Cindy Lords as a biker chick getting tag teamed by two greasy mechanics. Too bad that this is a photo shoot, because that really takes away from the intensity. Must bee hard on the guys too, because they must keep their dicks hard but they can't bang the girl like they want because they must stay still for the photos. Well, they do get a brake once in a while so that they can bang this chick like they would do in a normal movie scene. Cindy also gets a taste of the double pleasure at the end of the scene when the guys DP her. Too bad this wasn't a normal scene because I would really have enjoyed seeing these guys bang the living "shit" out of Cindy.

All in all this porno movie is really good despite some disappointments. Every scene feels a little bit short, but that doesn't affect the film too much. I rater have the feeling that a scene is a little short than get bored while watching a overlong scene. When you get to see a scene that feels too short, that means that the scene has been really good.

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